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Yes judge the show for yourself, you might like it. I have some issues with it, but I know its just the pilot ep, they might be making changes in the coming eps.

That's my view as well. There's some of the usual "pilot" problems (unnecessary exposition/narration, characters that aren't 100% well-defined yet, etc), but it's definitely got potential. It's pretty clear, though, that this isn't meant to fit into the iconic DCU.

Oliver is much darker than normal here, and he has no problem killing goons left and right.

Personally, I think the take on Ollie, while different, is well-done enough to be enjoyable on its own merit. Its drama isn't quite masterful, but it's pretty good. And for a TV series, the action is pretty incredible.

I liked it a lot, but admittedly I'm giving it a bit of slack because it's a pilot.

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I'll just quote one of my Facebook friends on this:

"I think I would have preferred Oliver Queen to come back as a philanthropic environmentalist determined to turn his city around than as a generic jerkass partyboy who murders anyone who suspects he's only pretending to be a jerkass partyboy while he exacts murderous vengeance on some rich dudes.

But gosh, what would I know."

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Last night's premiere of ARROW was right on target with the network's goal of broadening out and bringing new viewers to the network - it drew 4.02 million viewers, the most watched telecast on the network of any show, on any night, in three years (11/12/2009).

ARROW was the most watched premiere on the network since THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (9/10/2009).

This was the most watched show in the Wednesday 8PM time period in more than three years (5/13/2009)

Versus last year's premiere of H8R in the time period, it more than doubled its audience (4M vs. 1.3M) and was up 57% in A18-34 (1.1/4), and 117% in A18-49 (1.3/4)

The ARROW premiere also gave SUPERNATURAL a boost last night, it was SUPERNATURAL's most watched episode (2.6M) since 10/15/10, and was its best A18-34 rating since 3/4/11 (1.0/3)

Last night was The CW's best Wednesday night in total viewers (3.3M) in more than two years (5/12/10) and in two years in A18-34 (1.0/3, 12/10/10) and in A18-49 (1.2/10, 10/13/10)

ARROW tied NBC's original comedies in the 8-9PM hour in total viewers (4M) and in A18-34 and A18-49.

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Well, I watched it - thank you internet fairy - and... it wasn't that bad. I think I will give it another couple of weeks to see if it continues to grab me.

Is it wrong to hope that Laurel (Dinah) gets The Scream? Because I wouldn't mind seeing her in the Black Canary costume.

And why is it that out of everyone its the asshole party-mad friend who seems to know Ollie's up to something?

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I'm not trying to insult the homosexual population, and I'm very sorry if it came off that way. It's just that, from every trailer I saw, it looked like the producers were trying to pander to the young female market as much as the gay market.

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Have you seen the episode yet? (it's free online at the moment)

It's got quite a lot of shirtless scarred-up brooding insanely-cut Oliver, though I don't think it ever crossed the line and became odd or ill-fitting for the story.

One thing about the CW's ads is that they always push romance and sex appeal, even when it's not actually important to the story. There was an episode of Nikita where a romance subplot lasted maybe one or two minutes tops in the actual episode, but the "next time on" teaser took those two minutes of footage and made the episode out to be one giant epic romance story, when it was actually more of a serious espionage thriller.

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Applied Sciences. Check.

Showing up to an event with 2 women. Check

Pretending to be drunk to fool a large group of people. Check.

Felt like whoever wrote the ep saw Batman Begins just prior to writing the episode.

I think the show has potential, I really do, but I'm hoping they establish how he learned everything on the island soon instead of people talking about how he's been gone and things have changed.

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