X-Men: Days of Future Past

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I'm favouring Team Mike rather than Team Stavros. I think this is the perfect way to make the entire franchise mesh & iron out any continuity problem that the internet (including Comic Reel-ief) has identified. Also, if it mans another screenic outing of Anna Paquin's Rogue.......I'll be in my bunk.....

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I'm trying to think how else anything from X3 matters in The Wolverine.

It's been said that a big part of The Wolverine is that Logan has now been basically cut off from most or all of his ties because of all the death in X3 (no Xavier or Cyclops to lead, no Jean Grey to keep him there romantically), so he's in a very different place than, say, the end of X2, where he was pretty much a card-carrying, devoted official member of the X-men.

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If memory serves, bearing in mind that I haven't watched X3 since I reviewed Origins:Wolverine, I think the film ends with Logan looking out at the estate of the Xavier Institute looking optimistic. I'm not saying this doesn't mean he can't have cut ties with the Institute since then, but I think he was still largely on board at the end of X3.

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The Wolverine's meant to be set after the events of X3 and due to Logan's slow ageing, it's safe to assume something happened that caused him to move on. It doesn't have to be uber-dramatic - heck, Logan left the Institute at the end of the first film and returned at the second. He can easily be a loner.

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Peter Dinklage? Who is he going to play, Puck?

If Dinklage plays Puck, I will probably die of priapism.

Google it.

But not at work.

God damn it Des, it's a good thing no-one else is in the office today.

I'm happy he's just playing a normal villain and not a dwarf-role. The man is seriously WAY to talented to be type-cast as Hollywoods token little person, doing every fantasy film or stoner comedy.

Obviously I grant an exception for Game of Thrones because that's a fantastic and complex role that put him on the map.

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Director Bryan Singer continues his Twitter teasing as he announced tonight that French actor Omar Sy (The Intouchables) has officially joined X-Men: Days of Future Past. Like Singer did with the announcement of Peter Dinklage, the director forgot to mention which character the actor would be playing.


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That's not hugely surprising, as it has been reported that Cumming had an awful time making X2. And Days of Future Past would do well not to be too much of a clusterfuck, so there will have to be certain mutants excised.

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