The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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Just saw it tonight. Very uneven, and though better than Spider-Man 3, probably has more going against it than for it.

The plot has way too many threads, contrivances, and characters, and though he looked great, Electro frankly sucked. Also didn't care for the soundtrack and the mopey mid-film scenes. And that mad scientist needed to die sooner. However, Spidey with the firemen and Peter stalling security were hilarious and DeHaan's Harry was a marked upgrade from Franco and Dafoe's Goblin, even if his final get-up left a bit to be desired.

I wasn't surprised by Gwen's fate, but liked the little swerve on the bridge.

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The future of the series is uncertain now as the third movie has lost it's screenwriter. There is also the fact that AMS2 is the lowest grossing Spider-Man movie to date, and fell short of the billion dollars that the studio wanted by 300 million.

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