What games are you currently playing?

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I think a wonderful life is the best HM game so far... though HM64 was better in its time.

I don't understand why they made Another Wonderful Life but i still love A Wonderful Life and play it now and again. It fits in with Spider-Man 2 as games I play when I don't know what I want to play.

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oh, it's for gamecube. No wonder I never heard of that one. My favorite is Back to Nature for the PS1. Tried HM64 and I didn't like it that much. The days seemed to go by way too fast. Those are the only 2 HM games I've played.

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Funny, I've always considered the SNES Harvest Moon the greatest one of them all followed closely by the PS1 Back to Nature. The GC one was alright, but the lack of events really hurt the game for me. Plus, the characters were just so plain in the game, none of them interested me in the slightest bit and the women you were able to marry sucked. I don't care how much longer the game goes, there no point in going through the full ten years if your bored to death after the first year.

Now that I think about it, I really didn't like that game.

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I just saw today that they have a Marble Madness out for the GBA.

Yep, I have it, and it's addicting as hell.

Playing right now: Final Fantasy 9, on the last disk nearing the end, though.

FFIX is the best in the series. I'll fight that to the death.

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I still think VIII is the best, although the Junction system does get annoying after a while. VII is good, but nowhere near the best. IX I liked a lot but not one of my favorites. X is a joke! That one was way too easy.

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X was as much a movie as Spirits Within was. Given it was a good and entertaining movie, even more so the SW (since SW could really only show the "final chapter" of what could have been a full fledged game while still being a movie) but still, the ease and cuts and everything really made it feel like a movie

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