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And finished it! 

Kingdom Hearts 3: Worth waiting since high school for. Is this perfect? Fuck no. The last part of the game feels pretty rushed in terms of wrapping up the story (and one character in particular getting the shaft), and the Frozen and Pirates worlds would be deeply improved by, say, a skip button. But the combat is fucking great (yes, it's a bit mashy between two buttons, but man if it doesn't flow like none other), the ability to switch between various forms for your Keyblade is wonderful (shield! magic guns! BEATING THE FINAL BOSS WITH A GODDAMN YO-YO), when the worlds hit the right notes they hit them hard (raise your hand if the Big Hero 6 world personally victimized you), and the music is amazing.They also added more save points during the endgame run, which, thank fuck. And yeah, there are deep nostalgia buttons that are hit with this game, but they hit them on the right notes, and I'm probably going to be playing through again. I would love to see DLC that gives us new worlds or expands the story (you can get through this in 30-40 hours, and while that's great, I expect significantly longer from a KH game).

Also, play the cooking minigame. Totally worth it. 

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I beat it on Friday night myself and will echo what Hannah said. I don't think there was a really bad world in there though I know Hannah will say otherwise on Pirate World. I had fun and while I would have enjoyed having the game sooner, I am happy with the game I got. I'm doing some of the post-game stuff now since I figure, hey, I want to get my money's worth.

I feel like if we get DLC down the line, it'll be whenever they have the Final Mix ready since there's no reason in this day and age that we should pay another 60 bucks for a rebalanced game with different enemy palettes and a few extra cut scenes and a couple more side bosses.

Also: There might be some ingredients around here.

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Playing Mega Man 11 and up to Wily's Tower. I consider myself a big Mega Man fan, although that mostly comes from playing Mega Man 8 at a young age, then moving on to the Mega Man X games which I've played most of the latter half in the series. 11 is very similar to 8 in that the boss/Robot Masters are carbon copies. Bounce Man is Clown Man, Fuse Man is Grenade Man, Tundra Man is Frost Man. I'm having fun though, although this is a much more challenging game than I anticipated. The music is also forgettable, whereas MM8 has some of the best 32 bit music in gaming as far as I'm concerned. But I hope to beat it this week.

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