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Guitar Hero II. Although it's mostly fantastic, I've been having problems with it "skipping" mid song and then getting off-sync. After the tenth freaking time I'm ready to put my fist through the TV, peticularly when it happens during Freebird. I've heard someone else with the same problem but have no idea if its the PS2 or game that's faulty.

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I bought Rouge Galaxy this morning, and I am completely enamored with it.

What's it about?

Rogue Galaxy begins on the planet Rosa with the title hero, Jaster Rogue, a young man with avid dreams of exploring the galaxy. Unfortunately for him, Rosa, despite being a planet on the outskirts of the galaxy, is rife with highly contested natural resources. As a result, the planet has been placed under occupation by the Longardia Commonwealth in order to ostensibly defend it against the Draxian Empire. Its citizens live under their oppressive control and are forbidden from leaving the planet. However, thanks to a few misunderstandings and a series of fortunate events, Jaster is recruited by a gang of space pirates who mistake him for the legendary hunter, Desert Claw, and he joins the crew of the pirate ship Dorgenark along with her captain, Dorgengoa, as they leave Rosa.

That's as far as I've gotten, I'm on the second planet now, but that's about as much of the story as I know. It still hasn't been revealed to me what the pirates are up to.

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I've been playing Halo on and off since I bought the Xbox a few years ago. The game has never impressed me (as I've noted before), so I'm really just playing it to pass the time. Halo 2, in my opinion, is more of the same. So I'm in no rush to get through it.

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