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  2. And gave his gimmick to Alexa Bliss. I like Wyatt's mind for the business, but WWE didn't book it as it needed for proper success (granted, as with most booking input from wrestlers, it involves lengthy winning streaks). I don't want to see him in AEW but I imagine he could do wonders in somewhere like Impact or NWA - ROH probably demand a higher workrate, although in the grand scheme of things, they should be lucky to get anyone.
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  4. Adventures of Superman #454 and Superman #31 (1987): More of my slow read-through of Superman: Exile. Amazing Spider-Man #378-379, Spectacular Spider-Man #201, Spider-Man #35, Spider-Man Unlimited #1, and Web of Spider-Man #101-102: The first half of Maximum Carnage. This time through it's much more enjoyable. Probably because I'm pacing myself. Batman #414-430 (1940): Jim Starlin's run on Batman needs more attention, because between Ten Nights of The Beast, A Death in the Family, and the story about the serial killer, it's amazing. Batman Adventures #3: Fine. Cable #1-2 (2020): Didn't hook me. Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2: You come for the John Romita Jr. art. Carnage #1-5 (2016): This series has no right to be this good. Detective Comics #1040 (1937): Bruce is in jail and a drunk reveals he knows The Secret. Doom #1-3 (2000): Wasted concept. Fantastic Four #34 (2018): Johnny's dick has gotten him in a lot of trouble. A LOT! Fantastic Four: ¡Isla de la Muerte!: The story is good, but the art is excellent. Hitman #44-46: The dinosaur issues. Next! I Am Not Starfire: An excellent YA OGN all about Starfire's goth daughter. Think Ghost World but without the cynicism. Iron Fist #1-7, 73-80 (2017): Solid enough, but the final three issues tie into a Doctor Strange crossover that does nothing for me. (The weird numbering is due to legacy numbering.) The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher: A Johnny Constantine Graphic Novel: A YA Hellblazer OGN that is absolutely charming. Nightwing #82 (2016): Apparently Dick has a half-sister. And she was raised by Tony Zucco. Plunge #1-6: @Dread, you should give this a try. Prodigy #1: Clearly Mark Millar wants this to be a movie. Which, fine. But write for the comic too, man. The Punisher #85 (1987) and Punisher: War Journal #61: The prelude and opening chapter to Suicide Run. Kinda boring. The Punisher #1-12 (2000): Welcome Back, Frank wasn't as full of Ennis-isms, but they were there. Robin #4 (2021): Little bonding time between grandfather and grandson. Star Trek: Year Five #20-21: Gonna have to read what's come before, because this is a solid continuation of the show beyond the third season. Superman: Son of Kal-El #1: Excellent! Superman and The Authority #1: Light on the story and I'm not keen on Superman being near The Authority, much less founding it, but I'll see where it goes. Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #106: The issue where Lois changes her skin color to interview the African Americans living in Metropolis. I found it rather compelling, but it is sitting on the line between the Silver and Bronze Ages. Superman: Red and Blue #1: An anthology comic. I'll read the next issue. Unfollow #1-6: The inventor of a Twitter-like platform is dying and he's gifted his money to 140 people. If people die, the survivors get more money. You do the math as to what happens next. Didn't quite land for me. January: 157 February: 125 March: 185 April: 131 May: 177 June: 86 July: 97 TOTAL: 958
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  6. I fell off during Season 11, came back for most of season 12, and although none of the episodes I saw were immediate favorites (Although I loved what I saw the season 12's Master), I really wish Jodie had one more season to really cement a stamp on the legacy aside from her gender. Chibnall's direction has been so unimpactful compared to RTD and Moffat's, which isn't wholly fair and can be owed to various things. I always felt cramming the TARDIS with 3 people was too much, especially with a new Doctor. I feel with two main leads, there's more time to have them develop and show more dimension, but not when you're walking this tightrope of developing four characters at once. Even with Matt Smith and his TARDIS, he had a few eps in season 5 where it was just him and Amy.17
  7. The WWE has released Bray Wyatt. Like, I wasn't a fan of The Fiend, but the character was massively over before they dropped that ball less than six months in.
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  9. I'm sure everybody's saying this, but I wish showrunners didn't leave with their Doctors. I would really like to see Whittaker with a different team. I just hope that what they leave off with is fresh and exciting. S11 Thirteen was a very friendly, oftentimes funny tour guide. She had her distinctly quirky moments like her squeal when she saw the Kerblam Man, or when she reformatted Ryan's phone for her own uses, but they were few and far between. She was enjoyable, but not distinctly exciting. S12 swung a bit too far in the opposite direction, the Doctor using someone's skin color against them in a fight just feels wrong. And then she's just moody for the rest of the season, which isn't very fun to watch.
  10. Both Whitaker and Chibnall are leaving Doctor Who next year.
  11. Skull: The Mask: I have a podcast recording today and while I watched this a few weeks ago, I had almost entirely forgot about it. Rewatch #1 of the year. Freaky: wow! What a dumb kids movie premise perfectly transported to the horror genre and carried by two amazing lead performances. Great movie. I'm a simple man, but Vince Vaughn running like a teenage girl made me laugh every fucking time. Features: 78 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 1
  12. This week on Dread Media, Desmond and Duane check out Open 24 Hours. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid returns after a long absence to discuss eight films he's recently seen in a movie buffet! Songs included: "Raindrops" by Dee Clark, "Sociopath" by Prima Donna, "Crash of the Crown" by Styx, and "Hellnation" by Mayhem. [ 1:08:44 || 33.2 MB ] [ download ][b]To listen, click here:[/b] [media]{url}[/media]
  13. Spiral -- This is perhaps the best film of the Saw franchise, which is not a very high bar. It did have one laugh-out-loud line, which we will get to later. A basic problem here is that the first seven movies did attempt to tell one continuous story. This one, like Jigsaw (Saw 8) in 2017, breaks that mold and leaves a lot of threads hanging. Where is Dr. Gordon? Did Hoffman actually die in that bathroom? Who are the other two pig-mask people we see at the end of Saw 7? What happened to Logan, who took up the mantle as Jigsaw III in the 2017 movie? That movie ended on a cliffhanger. Is Logan somewhere killing people offscreen? Spiral completely abandons the notion of the Jigsaw Cult we saw in the last movie, which was an interesting concept. There is an online community of Jigsaw fans that are fascinated by his traps and overall philosophy. It would have been better to go the route of "New Nightmare" where this takes place in our world with a killer inspired by the Saw movies. Then you do not have multiple hanging plot threads that were never resolved. It would not make much sense to have the tapes and videos be in Tobin Bell's voice, but the movie does lose a lot of atmosphere by not having that deep voice accompany the deathtraps. Now we move into spoilers. Once again, this franchise tries to be too smart by half. In fact, there is no reason this needed to be set in the Saw universe at all. It has no connection to the rest of the movies, and no character returns. It probably would have been a better movie, even with the nonsensical final reveal, had it not been connected to the Saw franchise.
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  15. Very cool, @The Master!
  16. Fear Street Part Three 1666: what an interesting little series. It works as an homage to several things, but manages to be its own kind of animal. A slasher movie really hits differently when you give a shit about the characters is the real lesson this trilogy brings me. Features: 77 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 0
  17. In this third and final part of their All Elite Wrestling coverage (for 2021), Ian and Mike book AEW into mid-2022. Who are the champions moving forward, will there be face or heel turns, and what about surprise additions to the roster? [ 1:47:16 || 53.5 MB ]
  18. Hobbs and Shaw: I could tell 10 minutes in that my nitpicking brain was going to be firing like crazy the entire time I was watching this. How did this series get so far from illegal street racing? I have seen none of the others. This is my first Fast & Furious movie. In a flashback Shaw and his sister are shown to be a couple years apart, yet the actress playing Shaw's sister is 21 years younger than Jason Statham. Could they not get an actress maybe a little bit closer to him in age? Math is hard, I guess. This was two hours and 17 minutes. They could have very easily chopped 30-45 minutes off the runtime without taking anything away from the story. This did not need to be more than 90 or 100 minutes.
  19. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the help. :-)
  20. Finished AC Odyssey, the story was mostly really enjoyable. Definitely too burnt out to do the DLC just yet, but that's typically how AC games go for me, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: I've never been one to play pilot simulator games, but this looked like it had enough player choice to interest me, plus I really enjoyed the space flight segments in Kingdom Hearts 3. Having a blast with this, especially now that I've got a handle on the flying and the in-game economy. Small indie games are a great counterbalance to sprawling AAA games.
  21. Yeah, it's rough. But I'll watch Tiny Lister in anything.
  22. Dracula 3000 is a terribad classic
  23. Pocket Casts does that, yes. And if you want to bookmark timestamps, Podcast Addict is good for that. I don't think it logs the MP3 into the player the way Pocket Casts does, however, so you'll have to find the file on your phone if you want to listen to it again.
  24. Thanks guys. Do the apps mentioned above allow you to pick up where you left off if you need to take a break? Some of the podcasts I have are pretty long.
  25. I use Pocket Casts for that. It lets you save MP3s onto the app and plays them like regular podcasts. There's also a $0.99/month subscription if you want more customization like custom thumbnails for saved MP3s, but I do just fine with the free version.
  26. Would VLC work? I use it to watch videos on an Android tablet, and it does play MP3s as well.
  27. Might not be exactly what you are looking for, but I've been using doubleTwist for a while now. It is a general MP3 app, but I manually load all my podcasts on my phone and it works wonderfully for me. Free & Premium versions are available, but the free version is really good.
  28. This week, Desmond and Tom kick off week 725 of Dread Media by taking a look at Joel Soisson and Patrick Lussier's Dracula 2000 trilogy. The original film, Dracula II: Ascension, and Dracula III: Legacy are all covered, along with the bonus film Dracula 3000 (if you can call that a bonus). And all this week's songs have been selected from the Dracula 2000 soundtrack: "Blind World" by Flybanger, "Bloodline" by Slayer, "Heads Explode" by Monster Magnet, "Metro" by System of a Down, "Avoid the Light" by Pantera, and "Your Disease" by Saliva. [ 2:05:13 || 60.3 MB ]
  29. Question for Android users: Is there a podcast app that allows you to load old MP3 files as a podcast? I have a bunch of MP3 files saved on my computer (including a bunch of Earth-2 podcasts) and it would be nice to listen on my phone in a podcast app.
  30. Ian and Mike continue their dive into the AEW roster! This time they discuss the women's and tag team divisions. Come back for Episode 1115, in which they fantasy book All Elite Wrestling well into 2022! [ 1:27:38 || 43.8 MB ]
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