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  2. Dan and Mike open the show with a little news. Russell T. Davies is returning to Doctor Who. WHA?! What does this mean for the show, are the guys excited, and does it mean the return of DVD commentaries? Also: The Doctor and chums discover an ancient Kaled scout on Earth, and it's bonded itself to a human host ("Resolution"). (Note: This was recorded before the news of Flux was revealed.) [ 1:02:10 || 32.7 MB ]
  3. The Flickchart Forum makes its triumphant return with Ian Wilson inviting back Pandy and, for the first time, Will Ackerman, to rank the eight theatrically released Muppet movies. There are insights into The Brothers Wilson's history with the franchise, as well as Father Wilson's favorite Muppet, whilst Will confirms his own gateway and why one particularly set of cameos in Muppets from Space didn't shock him. But what is the best Muppet film? Listen in to find out! [ 1:43:45 || 52.0 MB ]
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  5. And it appears there were no signs of….A….thing…ONTHEWING!
  6. The only thing I kinda roll my eyes at are the headlines going with saying "Superman is out of the closet as Bi" as that's very blatantly out of context. But it's still wonderful news. DC really feels more intently reflective of its fandom. Remember when Batwoman couldn't get married, not because DC was homophobic (sure it wasn't) but that "Superheroes shouldn't get married?" I swear, Didio's ousting has resulted in a much more friendlier company.
  7. This literally feels like some kind of Futurama or Simpsons joke told in the 90s about the future, but it's really happened. The Shat in Shpace.
  8. In the book Movie Memories Shatner claims when he was filming Kirk’s death scene in Generations, he noticed a plane fly in the sky as he muttered “Oh my…” and pictured that was Kirk watching his Enterprise going by. 30 some years later that could be the Blue Origin with Shatner on board flying
  9. @dc20willsave is going to be very happy.
  10. They won't do it because they're keeping the Steiner legacy away from him, but I would love just a few seconds of him watching the new Chucky show backstage.
  11. Die Hard 3 - With the really obvious German accent, McClane should have figured out that this is connected to Nakatomi Plaza much earlier, hangover or no hangover.
  12. Yeah. The ongoing legal squabbles over who owns the rights is the real-world equivalent of the Joker setting that mountain of cash on fire in The Dark Knight. There must be a lot of personal animosity going on behind the scenes for people to give up that much money.
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    Also, has that been 23 years? Ugh. Get off my lawn.
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    This tweet by @The Master is great. I can see why WWE wouldn't want to dredge up a 23 year old storyline that almost no one outside of the most hardcore fans remember, but it still would be fun to see. (So long as that fan-service moment is done in a way that doesn't make Bron Breakker into a comedy heel.)
  15. Hellraiser: Inferno/Hellraiser: Hellseeker/Hellraiser: Deader/Hellraiser: Hellworld/Hellraiser: Revelations/Hellraiser: Judgement: conversation forthcoming No More Souls: this is a short fan film in the Hellraiser universe directed by an integral figure to the film series. It would have been better as an 8 page story in the Hellraiser comic book, but as a film on its own, it leaves a lot to be desired. All Hail the King: this is the Ben Kingsley short film from the MCU and it's more entertaining than most of their films. Even considering I HATED IM3. Features: 110 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 17 Rewatches: 2
  16. DC revealed today that Jon Kent, Lois and Clark's son, is bi. And recently they did the same with Tim Drake. So that's awesome! That's the post.
  17. This week, Desmond from Dread Media acknowledges that nostalgic appreciation for Lucio Fulci is a thing beyond hisownself. The most divisive horror film in ages tells us that things sometimes get pretty wild, so Des and Tom reckon with James Wan's Malignant. Then Desmond goes solo in his review of Wesley Southard and Lucas Mangum's novel The Final Gate. Songs included: "House by the Cemetary Suite - Die Rache Lied Der Assyryche" by Nile, "Parasitic Twins" by The Dillinger Escape Plan, "Paura Suite One (Gates of Hell) - Tears Of Blood" by Penis Flytrap, and "The Shadow of the Abattoir" by Trivium. [ 59:59 || 29.0 MB ]
  18. I got burnt out drawing dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals so I took a page out of Molly's book and am endeavoring to draw every Pokemon in the Pokedex (just Gen I for now, but possibly more once I finish them). I'm aiming to depict then more like real animals than anthropomorphized mosnters (except maybe the more human-looking ones), yet not to the extent that they stop looking like Pokemon (with apologies to the brilliant RJ Palmer). Enjoy!
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  20. Malignant: Directed by James Wan I'm not a horror aficionado, but this was an odd watch. It's very basic and straightforward for the first act, a standard mystery for the second, and a slaughter-fest for the last act. It's a pretty crazy twist at the end, but overall this was not only not scary but weirdly uninspired for a film made in 2021.
  21. This week on Dread Media, Desmond and Duane take a look at the Brazilian gorefest with a pro wrestling feel, Skull: The Mask. Then Desmond goes solo on a Dread Media Top 5 Horror-Themed Professional Wrestlers. Songs included: "Choke" by Poppy, "The Skull Beneath the Skin" by Megadeth, "Walk Among Us" by The Misfits, and "Search and Destroy" by Ministry. [ 50:00 || 24.2 MB ]
  22. Brutal. I know. That was me a while back. After my ex split, my insomnia kicked in HARD.
  23. Venom: Let There Be Carnage - I think Casually Comics review summed up most of my feelings. The first movie was not a good movie, but was fun enough for a movie I never thought about again. This was probably better movie, but that makes it worse. Yeah, I'll go with that. Things happen with zero depth or interest. And I knew that we'd get CG fights, but these were horrible. Not the graphics themselves, but the way the camera kept moving gave me a headache.
  24. It boggles the mind that a franchise that produced nine movies in 13 years has not made a single one in the last 12. The remake is easily the best movie in the entire franchise, and should have spawned another line of sequels.
  25. My new sleep routine is 3a to 8a, maybe 9 on the weekends. Since I have anxiety around the act of sleeping, I basically have to push myself to the point of dropping from exhaustion. Or drink myself to sleep on the weekends.
  26. It looks like the original screenwriter for Friday the 13th will take back rights to the franchise - but possibly not the monstrous adult Jason character. It amazes me, after the mountain of cash that the Friday the 13th remake made, that the feuding parties have not been able to come to an agreement about sharing revenue. It seems like profit motive alone would be enough to get them out of court and to the bargaining table. I would be more than willing to take fewer millions, than no millions at all.
  27. Fast & Furious 8 - This is the first main timeline film I have watched, after watching Hobbs & Shaw earlier this year. So I am still very confused how this series went from being about illegal street racing to international spy action/thriller. So I should probably watch the series in order. I was laughing out loud the entire time at how stupid this was. Very entertaining, because it is so dumb.
  28. Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth/Hellraiser IV: Bloodline: what could that thing I watched it for be? Promising Young Woman: Wow, this was a delight. Dark, funny, charming. A wild cast. Goes somewhere I didn't expect. Highly recommended. Features: 104 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 17 Rewatches: 2
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