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  2. Gosh, figure that depends on a mood. Sunshine for me I think. I kinda like Die Another Day too. It's not good and I wouldn't defend it, but it's cheesy in a fun way. It was the first Bond movie I saw in theaters, and at the time I just assumed they were all spy pastiche cartoons because that was how the parodies worked. I don't like Halle Berry or the special effects tho.
  3. Pantheon #5-7: I'm still enjoying this. Age of X-Man Next Gen #1: ok, I loved this. Age of X-Man The Amazing Nightcrawler #1: I wanted more from a first issue of this. Good to see Meggan again, though. Anthem #1: I guess this is based on a video game? It reads like it. Issues: 105 Trades: 6 Omnibus: 7 Graphic Novel: 8
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  5. Didn't see a topic on this adaptation, so I figured I'd start it here. Just gonna post my thoughts on the season. After reading the first three trades (later the fourth), I began the television series. Right away there's s decent amount of shifting around sequences of events, but it's probably the tightest page-to-screen adaptation I've seen in a long time, possibly ever. Much of episode 1 was right out of issue one for starters. But the big draw is the murder sequence at the end, which might be the single most violent thing I've ever seen. Until the season finale. I almost sto
  6. Invincible vols.#1-#4 Read the first three trades in preparation for watching the show, which the internet could not stop talking about. Invincible was for years one of those titles that everyone was going on and on about, and I read an issue or two here or there but it never stuck. It's odd, the first two trades are perfectly harmless, supeheroics by numbers. It's slightly subversive but very straightforward. Cory Walker and later Ryan Ottely are solid draftsmen. I think once you reach the big twist in volume three, you look back on the preceding chapters and realized almost nothing happ
  7. This week on Dread Media, Duane and Desmond review a true oddity: 1981's Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker. Then Desmond goes solo on a Dread Media Top 5 Horror Oddities from the late 70s / early 80s. Then, we play a bunch of (mostly brand new) songs: "Blood Lust" by SHI., "Our Dark Mother" by Sleep of Monsters, "The Autopsy Garland" by The Mountain Goats, and "Mangler" by Zombi. [ 1:02:22 || 30.2 MB ] [ download ][b]To listen, click here:[/b] [media]{url}[/media]
  8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind vs The Sound of Music
  9. Man and Superman 100 Page Super Spectacular: Wolfman says this is the best Superman story he's written and puts it in his top 5 scripts period. I just find it so boring when writers go back to young Clark/new Superman to tell stories. I feel like it's top 3 go-to story tropes. Old Man Quill #1: Not bad. Just an excuse to tell a future GOTG story (Imagine that!) with a joke title. Intrigued. Red Sonja #1: Already don't like this iteration. Suicide Squad Black Files #4: Same old, same old. The supernatural story is GREAT and the Katana story is boring. C'mon. When ISN'T the Katan
  10. What I find interesting is how many characters in the "book of the dead" are alive again. I remember when Marvel had a rule that dead characters don't come back. This discouraged killing characters willy-nilly and meant that a death in a story actually had real stakes. Death is meaningless any more.
  11. Noel Clarke accused of sexual harassment during his time on Doctor Who: Barrowman has also been accused of exposing himself, albeit as a prank rather than sexually predatory behavior.
  12. As much as I am for seeing him slap the taste out of Kenny Omega's mouth, short term deals and one-off appearances are just as enticing.
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  14. I'm refusing to get *too* carried away by the news as the smart money is on him signing a part time deal with WWE for huge money as he plays out the autumnal years of his career. The sliver of hope I do hold is that the wrestler in him is itching to have some dream matches outside of WWE before he retires, which doesn't neccessarily means he signs for New Japan or AEW, but has some kind of farewell indie tour.
  15. Bryan Danielson has allowed his WWE contract to expire.
  16. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: AC goes full MMO design. There's too much procedurally generated in this game. Daily refreshing challenges, quests that are too similar to one another, a map that's simply too big. The mercenary system, where you have mini-bosses tracking you based on your notoriety, walks the line between fun random encounters to groaning as you enter a city to realize there are 5 different mercs coming for you at the same time. The story, which I doubt I'm more than halfway through, is actually really interesting, plus the gameplay is really fun and over-the-top. I love the gea
  17. This week on Dread Media, we're paying tribute to genre titan Joe R Lansdale. First up, Tom joins Desmond to discuss the weird western film he produced, The Pale Door. Then, Desmond goes solo on the documentary about the man, All Hail the Popcorn King, and delivers a Dread Media Top 5 Starter Pack for Lansdale Fandom. Songs included: "19 Witches" by Monster Magnet, "Into the Coven" by Mercyful Fate, "Popcorn" by Bad Brains, "Uffe's Horroshow" by Entombed, and "I Want My Mojo Back" by Scott H Biram. [ 1:13:40 || 35.6 MB ]
  18. Mike: you're a fucking machine!
  19. Action Comics #127: Fun Tommy Tomorrow back-up. Adventure Comics #309-315: As always, the Legion of Super-Hero stories are fun diversions from reality. Adventure Comics #435-437: The prelude to Aquaman: The Death of a Prince, and it is not gelling with me Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point #1: Not for me, but people are seeming to like it. Batman Black & White #5 (2021): All around wonderful issue with great opening and closing stories. (They're both about Robins, so I'm on-brand here.) Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga #1-3: Lord Death Man is. Batman: The Long Hall
  20. Yeahhh, she was Hank's mobster daughter girlfriend
  21. She's also been in the last couple seasons of Venture Bros and was really good.
  22. Really glad Cristin Milioti's been getting some love lately. She was definitely the best part of the last season of HIMYM (though I don't dislike that season as much as most). I even watched that failed romantic sitcom she starred in.
  23. And tonight we've binged the first half of Made For Love, which is great and has my new favourite actress Cristin Miloti (from Palm Springs, and that Black Mirror episode about toxic geek fandom as a Star Trek spoof). Good stuff. I'm also halfway through season 2 of Creepshow and am NOT liking it. I know Barbara Cramton shows up, so I'm watching that for sure. Otherwise, I'd probably bounce. I think my next "working from home lunch viewing" now that Archer is done will be the Spawn series. Got that on DVD a while back. Them is also on the docket.
  24. Run: girlfriend and I just finished Ratched and Sarah Paulsen is in this one, so we went for it. Pretty bog standard horror thriller elevated by some great performances from Paulsen, Kiera Allen who plays her daughter and Pat Healy as the hapless mailman. Haha! Decent. All Hail the Popcorn King: review forthcoming Barb and Star Go To Vista del Mar: this was a wild, weird comedy. I really enjoyed it. A couple lines that will stay with me. More than you can expect from most comedies. Features: 49 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 6 Rewatches: 0
  25. Mortal Kombat (2021): Was hyped for the movie based on the awesome trailer. This is one that comes down to a very bifurcated list. PROS: -The characters from the game are about as accurate as they could possibly get. Ludi Lin's Liu Kang was a highlight for me even though he cosplayed as Ryu from Street Fighter by the end. -There was a total abandonment of shame when it came to how weird and nonsensical the universe was. Everyone's abilities are present. -Sub-Zero was an unending threat. Every time he was on-screen you felt like someone was gonna die. His fighting style was
  26. So I wasn't around when these were, but FWIW my first interaction with a Superhero Guide Sheet were the bio pages at the end of each issue from DC versus Marvel.
  27. Just finished my watch-through of Archer. It took me about three years, but - having just finished it - it was absolutely worth it. I don't suppose it will ever return, but it ended on a great dumb joke, and that's perfect. More to say at another time. Until then: Does anybody have weird incomprehensible fictional crushes? No? Me neither.
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