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  1. - Pretty Woman - My Best Friend's Wedding - Erin Brockovich I'd toss Steel Magnolias into the mix as well.
  2. The Crow. Deadpool is fun, but we're on that damn bridge for half the movie, what with the flashbacks.
  3. Oh shit, it's December 31 2020. This is gonna get locked soon. Damn. Daredevil #1-19: I've created a whole Twitter account to yammer on about this, and other comics, so I'll just say it's a very uneven run. Stan is only interested when he likes what the artist is doing, and he was a major dick to Wally Wood on the page of the comics themselves which was really off-putting. But Wally Wood, Bill Everett, and John Romita nail so much of what we love about Daredevil today.
  4. Jon Huber (AKA Brodie Lee) has passed away. He was 41. It was a non-COVID-related lung issue, according to his wife. That man busted his fucking ass turning around The Dark Order storyline, and had decades left in the business as an in-ring talent and manager. He will be sorely missed.
  5. I've heard The Raid 2 is even better. Can't vouch for that, though.
  6. Yeah, sorry about that. I have to get a cert to installed, but it's going slow.
  7. Actor: Stallone Review: Hot Fuzz Worst Movie: There's Something About Mary Feedback: Jingle: Next Year: Michelle Pfeiffer
  8. Daredevil #25: Not sure what's going on. Not sure why Matt is sitting in prison with his mask on. Not sure why his visitor is there or what's going on between them. But the reveal near the very end quite literally made me sit up in my chair and go, "Whha?! Awesome!"
  9. One episode per tape? Holy shit! I mean, I appreciate the massive amount of work that would have went into home-making these, but damn.
  10. Suicide Squad (2019) #1-11 and The Flash Annual #3: This series kicked all sorts of ass, and it's a shame it didn't last beyond 11 issues. The creative team was on to something here; The Revolutionaries are basically The Authority with a SJW bent. Instead of blindly murdering people to make global changes, they coordinate and infiltrate to get their way. Very interesting modern take on superheroes.
  11. Typically I do not make a habit of re-reviewing things on The Show, but Batman and Robin is very much at the top of the "Maybe Give It Another Try" list.