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  1. Being honest, I struggle with both films. I'd probably go with Blade Runner, if only for Roy and Pris. Said it before but I'll say it again: watch the scene where they're with Sebastian, and tell me that isn't a perfect Harley / Joker scene.
  2. As much as I am for seeing him slap the taste out of Kenny Omega's mouth, short term deals and one-off appearances are just as enticing.
  3. Action Comics #127: Fun Tommy Tomorrow back-up. Adventure Comics #309-315: As always, the Legion of Super-Hero stories are fun diversions from reality. Adventure Comics #435-437: The prelude to Aquaman: The Death of a Prince, and it is not gelling with me Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point #1: Not for me, but people are seeming to like it. Batman Black & White #5 (2021): All around wonderful issue with great opening and closing stories. (They're both about Robins, so I'm on-brand here.) Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga #1-3: Lord Death Man is. Batman: The Long Halloween #1-6: Just about halfway through this, and wow. Never ever worked before, but I'm finally getting the appeal. Tim Sale is a fucking master. Bishop #1-3: Didn't help me better understand the character, but looks amazing. Daredevil #60-62 (1964): Super way behind on my Daredevil reading. Solid issues, if I recall, because it was street-level fighting. Colan is injecting a grimy, almost sweaty mid-1970s feel into the book, and it's barely 1970 at this point. DCeased #1-6 DCeased: A Good Day to Die DCeased: Dead Planet #1-7 DCeased: Hope at World's End #1-15 DCeased: Unkillables #1-3 The entire DCeased saga to-date (I'm sure there will be a third chapter), and it was a mostly solid tale. With it being all written by one person, it helps keep everything in order. Some smaller moments were greatly overlooked, but it's a DC alternate reality that feels closer than most others. Dooms IV #1: Look. I'm not a good decision-maker. Fantastic Four #15-22, Annual #1: Stan and Jake are hitting every thing out of the park. The Annual, especially, is a masterclass. It could and should be an epic movie. He-Man and The Masters of the Multiverse #1-6: Not great, but He-Man loyalists are gonna love it. Hellblazer: Rise and Fall #1-3: Hellblazer is always a "does it fit your tastes" type of book. This fit mine. Hellfire Gala: The Official Guide: Sexy mutants being sexy. Colossus. 🔥 Iron Man #215-217: Prelude to The Armor Wars, and damn this is excellent. King in Black #1-5: Not for me. Was hoping otherwise. The Marvels #1: Imagine Astro City in the Marvel Universe. Power of Shazam! OGN: Might save my thoughts for a podcast, but holy shit, y'all! Real Fact Comics #6, 8, 13 16: The first Tommy Tomorrow comics. They're fine. Mostly spec fic. Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow #1: A new What If? series and MORE NOW! NOW! Star Trek: First Contact: Lacks all character depth. Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #72 (1954): The LOSH make Jimmy an honorary member and it's super cute. Trouble #1: Ehhhhhh. Ultimate Nightmare #1-5 Ultimate Secret #1-4 Ultimate Extinction #1-5 The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy is a "Nick Fury has a big dick, y'all" tale that takes ages to build up, then ends in one issue. Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1: The Parkers are super-spies and John Romita Sr. draws it. Yes and please. What If? #2 and 21: One sees Hulk with Banner's brain, thus reshaping the MU in wild ways, and other is a second chapter in the What if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four saga. Both great. World's Finest Comics #117-130: Always bonkers, not always the best, but always wholesome fun. January: 157 February: 125 March: 185 April: 131 TOTAL: 598
  4. Interesting topic idea! I'll add Reservoir Dogs and The Shawshank Redemption. Almost said Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, but then I remembered Nimoy directed Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
  5. Karate Kid II is probably my favorite of the original three, mostly because they're building on the Daniel / Miyagi relationship while reveling more about the mentor's past. There's a ton of world-building going on, and there's so much love and respect between the characters. Part three is so odd. It feels like two or three movies smashed together and set in a Karate Kid framework.
  6. And I hate to say it, but it was Kirby's Hunger Dogs book. 😱
  7. No joke, just the other day I started reading one of these mid-80s DC graphic novels and I had to give up.
  8. What?! No! Fuck! Rest well, Derrick.
  9. Valentino is such a crapshoot for me, but, admittedly, I've read very little of his work. Recently, though, I can say his Image X Month issue of Youngblood was nothing more than him having a moan about Hollywood, What If...? #3 is rudderless, What If...? #5 is a love letter to the classic Avengers, and What If...? #7 is an of-its-time Wolverine collaboration with Rob Liefeld. It seems like he sometimes needs a writing partner to firm up his ideas.
  10. Via various tweets, New Gods writer / director Ava DuVernay has confirmed DC / WB is heading in a different direction with the characters. No news from DC / WB though.
  11. Superman #423 & Action Comics #583 (What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow): Classic for a reason. Adventure Comics #305-308: More Legion of Super-Hero stories. It was good to come back to them after a month-long break Adventures of Superman #451-453 and Superman #28-29-30: More exciting chapters in the Exile storyline. Superman is finally off in space, but cannot find peace. Adventures of Superman Annual #1: Read to fill in a pre-Exile gap. Discovered this was Dan Jurgens' first Superman story. All-New Wolverine #1-35, Annual #1, and Generations: Wolverine & All-New Wolverine: Some ups and downs, but it does one hell of job showing us how similar and different Laura is to Logan. The addition of Gabby will split people, but I love the character. Batman v Predator #1-3: Nowhere near as good as I remember, but I can see why it's liked. Batman: Three Jokers #1-3: Lord knows why I reread this. It could honestly be two tight prestige format issues. The ending adds a terrible retcon to The Killing Joke, and the whole thing smells of sequel bait. Betty and Me #79-86: I needed some silly fun, and Will suggested these gems. Cyberforce #8, Savage Dragon #13 (Jim Lee version), Shadowhawk #0, Spawn #25, WildCATs #13, Youngblood #9: These six books comprised Image X Month, in which the Image founders swapped titles for a month. Spawn is the only one really worth visiting, but WildCATs has a reveal that plays out in Savage Dragon. Daredevil #39-59: The series ramps up to multi-issue tale about The Jester, and really takes off once Roy Thomas takes over from Stan Lee. Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1-4: A very quick miniseries following Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Laura as they think they're tracking down Logan's body. Invincible #1-4: Kirkam's going through some learning curves, writing wise, but he's capturing the (temporary) wholesomeness of the book. Legend of the Hawkman #1-3: A solid hidden gem. But know going in that Hawkman is verbally and emotionally abusive to Hawkgirl. Nightwing #78 (2016): A brand new jumping-on point for the series. It came out two weeks ago. Read this. Sabretooth #1-4 (1993): Loved this in my teens. Not so much nowadays. Savage Dragon #13 (Larsen version) - 23 (1993): After some very bumpy roads, Larsen has a much better handle on the direction of the book and its pacing. Spawn #1-25: I was quite shocked how much I enjoyed this first chapter in Spawn's story. Don't get me wrong, an unrestrained Todd McFarlane is not always the best wordsmith, but guest writers get the book on track. Spawn / Batman: You get what it says on the tin. Spider-Man #1-4 (2019): This is the comic JJ Abrahms cowrote with his son. It starts out being a rather personal story, but then swerves into bad Iron Man comedy. Star Wars #1-7 (1977): The adaptation of Star Wars, plus one further adventure. It's a fun slightly alternate take on the first movie. Star Wars: Dark Empire #1-6: Beautiful and decent in places, but could have been much shorter. Steel: The Official Comic Adaptation of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture: Oh man, I forgot I read this. It's an adaptation of an adaptation, we know how these things go. Well, that's unfair. It's okay. Superman #156 (1939): This is easily my favorite Superman story. As Superman lays dying from a Kryptonian plague, he asks his friends to complete the tasks he will never get around to. Gripping, stunning, and a true testament to the strength of the character. Teen Titans: Year One #1-6: Not as cohesive as I would like, but stunning and fun. It holds well. What If...? #1-7 (1989): The first issue is dry and the third is sloppy, but the second is a classic, the fourth looks great, and the rest are solid to good-for-what-they-are. Wolverine #1-3 (1988): How is that patch fooling anybody? World's Finest Comics #111-116 (1941): Always fun January: 157 February: 125 March: 185 TOTAL: 467
  12. What about his hand in the creation of the Spider-Slayers? Did that ever come out?
  13. - The Sound of Music - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Dracula 2000 (or Up, if you're okay with animation)
  14. I say this with all earnestness: I'm glad you're getting enjoyment out of that series, because it went sour for me around the fourth issue. The idea is solid, don't get me wrong, but the execution and landing did not work at all for me. And the whole series pretty much made one of my favorite characters nuclear for the next five or so years.
  15. Action Comics #1: Stone cold classic. Action Comics #300-304: The era of The Legion of Super-Heroes back-ups begins. So much fun. Adventures of Superman #445-450 and Superman #23-27: These are the lead-up issues to the Superman story called "Exile," a story I read in my youth and want to revisit. They do an amazing job setting up Superman as an unstable, dangerous threat to anyone around him. On top of that, the creators build up the supporting cast in amazing detail. From Cat's alcoholism to Jose's near-reckless urge to walk once more, there are characters here that I've fallen in love with. Batman #433-435: AKA, The Many Deaths of The Batman. Bit of an iffy landing, but the build to it is excellent. Batman / Hellboy / Starman #1-2: Light story, but it looks great and makes me want to read more Hellboy and Starman. Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #1-6: So much fun. Hopefully we'll get a sequel. Batman: Damned #1: Nope. Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #1-8: The first five comprise "Shaman," a story partially set during Year One, but mostly in the months after. Decent mystery. The next three are parts of "Gothic," and I just had to give up. Daredevil #33-38: This was my main series when I started the MikeReadsComics Twitter account, but I've fallen off because I'm not keen on the direction of the book at the moment. The Mike Murdock stuff is fine, I guess, but it seems like Stan is losing interest again, and that's putting me off. He isn't around too much longer, so maybe it'll pick back up after that. Deathmate: Green and Prologue: Look, I make bad life choices sometimes. But I knew when to stop. Flash #1-18, Annual #1-2: Very solid book. Gotta get back to it. But I could do with way less of Wally's mom. By "way less" I mean "zero." Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year One #1-12: Not as good as I remembered, and Wonder Woman is awful, but I will continue with it. Mutant X #1-3: Havok living in an alternate reality, with a vampire Storm and Crow-inspired Angel? Yes please. The Savage Dragon #1-3 (1992), The Savage Dragon #1-12 (1993), The Dragon #1-5: A bit unfocused at times, but it's big action from Erik Larsen. So that's worth the price of admission alone. Uncanny X-Men #268: A classic for a reason. It's weird to think Claremont would be gone within a year. WildCATs / X-Men: The Golden Age, The Silver Age, The Modern Age, The Dark Age: Massively mixed bag and the ending is a huge question mark, but The Golden Age is a must-read for Travis Charest's art. World's Finest Comics #92-110: Besides a few wobbly issues, this series is the best kind of bonkers. Absolutely adore this book. January: 157 February: 125 TOTAL: 282
  16. Selecting Vin to play Groot was inspired, because he's one of the most wooden actors out there. He's seemingly uncomfortable in his own skin. Or, at least with the tough guy roles he's been handed. And this is coming from someone who likes him. Oh no!
  17. Started watching The Room again last night, but I was super drunk and stoned so I fell asleep as soon as Denny followed Johnny and Lisa upstairs.
  18. From my understanding, it is. Have you listened to the audio version? I got maybe 2/3 of the way through, but got distracted by other content. I need to go back to finish it up.
  19. Action Comics #267, 276, 287, 289; Adventure Comics #247, 267, 282, 290, 293; Superboy #86, 89, 98; Superman #147: All part of my read-through of early Legion of Super-Heroes stories. Mostly good fun. All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder #1-10: The first four issues are better than most people remember, because the last six are trash. Archie v Predator #1-4: This goes places you would not expect an Archie comic to go. Batman / Elmer Fudd Special: All-time classic. Captain America #1-13 (1998), Annual 1998: For a thing. Captain Marvel #1-5 (2016): Great looking. Story was okay. Daredevil #20-32, Annual #1 (1964): Gene Colan saved this book. It's up and down, but his art is always astonishing. Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1-5: A love letter to the Jon Pertwee era. Fangs: A wholesome graphic novel about a vampire and werewolf in the beginning of a romantic relationship. Green Arrow #1-5 (2001): I gave up. Green Arrow: The Wonder Year #1-4: Starts off rather strongly, then peters out. Green Lantern 85-86 (1960): The two-part "Snowbirds Don't Fly" / Speedy does dope storyline. Part one is a stone-cold classic. Part two misses the landing. Green Lantern v Aliens #1-4: Super quick read, but it looks great. Heroes in Crisis #1-9: Garbage! James Bond: The Body #1-6: A brutal, bloody take on Bond. JLA: The Nail #1-3: Deserves every bit of praise it's received. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-5: Big, stupid fun. Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #1-6 and Star Trek / Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds #1-6: Did not stop smiling during this 12-issue crossover. Superman #76 (1939): The first-ever meeting of Superman and Batman. More on this in a moment. Superman v The Terminator: Death to the Future #1-4: It was okay. Superman: Earth One, v1: Decent, but not enough meat on the bone, and the coloring is so damn drab. Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #32: Lois accidentally splashes a de-aging potion on Superman, turning him into a baby who she spends the rest of the issue taunting for plot reasons. Comic books are fun. What If? #8 (1977): It was okay. Wolverine #1-4 (1982): There's a reason Wolverine became Wolverine, and it's this comic. World's Finest Comics #71-91 (1941): This is my go-to feel-good comic. Superman, Batman, and Robin getting into crazy Silver Age shenanigans is all kinds of awesome. Young Heroes in Love #1-6: Decent book from late 90s DC. TOTAL: 157
  20. I just saw Chopping Mall for the first time a few months ago. Hmm, wait. I might be mixing it up with Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, which I know I saw because Linnea Quigley. But I think I saw CM in 2019. Anyway, looking forward to the coverage.
  21. The one aspect of the first season that I recall being ho-hum about was Johnny's kid. Not necessarily him as a concept; Daniel unknowingly training Johnny's son in the ways of Miyagi-Do opens a ton of story potential. However, the actor -- and I don't blame the guy, he's young -- is cut from the Power Rangers school of acting. At least in the first season. I can't say beyond that.
  22. - Pretty Woman - My Best Friend's Wedding - Erin Brockovich I'd toss Steel Magnolias into the mix as well.
  23. The Crow. Deadpool is fun, but we're on that damn bridge for half the movie, what with the flashbacks.