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  1. Oh shit, it's December 31 2020. This is gonna get locked soon. Damn. Daredevil #1-19: I've created a whole Twitter account to yammer on about this, and other comics, so I'll just say it's a very uneven run. Stan is only interested when he likes what the artist is doing, and he was a major dick to Wally Wood on the page of the comics themselves which was really off-putting. But Wally Wood, Bill Everett, and John Romita nail so much of what we love about Daredevil today.
  2. Jon Huber (AKA Brodie Lee) has passed away. He was 41. It was a non-COVID-related lung issue, according to his wife. That man busted his fucking ass turning around The Dark Order storyline, and had decades left in the business as an in-ring talent and manager. He will be sorely missed.
  3. I've heard The Raid 2 is even better. Can't vouch for that, though.
  4. Yeah, sorry about that. I have to get a cert to installed, but it's going slow.
  5. Actor: Stallone Review: Hot Fuzz Worst Movie: There's Something About Mary Feedback: Jingle: Next Year: Michelle Pfeiffer
  6. Daredevil #25: Not sure what's going on. Not sure why Matt is sitting in prison with his mask on. Not sure why his visitor is there or what's going on between them. But the reveal near the very end quite literally made me sit up in my chair and go, "Whha?! Awesome!"
  7. One episode per tape? Holy shit! I mean, I appreciate the massive amount of work that would have went into home-making these, but damn.
  8. Suicide Squad (2019) #1-11 and The Flash Annual #3: This series kicked all sorts of ass, and it's a shame it didn't last beyond 11 issues. The creative team was on to something here; The Revolutionaries are basically The Authority with a SJW bent. Instead of blindly murdering people to make global changes, they coordinate and infiltrate to get their way. Very interesting modern take on superheroes.
  9. Typically I do not make a habit of re-reviewing things on The Show, but Batman and Robin is very much at the top of the "Maybe Give It Another Try" list.
  10. Cable #1 (2020): Teenage Cable is living on Krakoa with the rest of the Mutantkind, and he's fighting Wolverine in civilized combat, dating multiple women at once, and saving giant ageless lions from splinters in their feet. It's fine, but it didn't feel like a first issue. Rather, more like a oneshot or an extended backup story. As a 1990s Cable guy, it's a big shift seeing teen Nate flirt with everyone and give reverence to his father, but I'm not sure it's enough to keep me invested.
  11. This looks appealing. It's so refreshing to see Kristen Stewartart's wider ranger, too.
  12. Probably not the right thread but, meh. I wasn't going to rush to watch the Marvel / Disney+ 616 docuseries, but considering all of the online chatter about the Dan Slott episode, now I gotta.
  13. As much as I want to get into the House of X / Powers of X era of X-Men, I struggle reading Jonathan Hickman comics. It has nothing to do with the writer; rather, it's the presentation. Comic books -- superhero comic books, especially -- already have their own language. And, to his credit, Hickman attempts to expand that language in his series. And to their credit, Marvel has allowed it a few times over now. But I almost feel too old to learn a new way to read superhero books. So, admittedly, that's all on me. Learning new iconography and reading data pages, it slows the experience down in a way that's akin to the back matter in Watchmen. You know you should read it for the complete world-building experience, but learning about magical flowers and mutant breeding programs is not my ideal X-Men reading experience.
  14. If I'm being totally honest, the season as a whole isn't gelling as much as I would like. Specifically, it's struggling to find an overall tone. However, there are some real gems in Rosa and Demons of the Punjab, the companions are nailing it individually and as a team, and Jodie Whittaker has found her feet as The Doctor.
  15. Ah yes, I do bleep other words sometimes if I worry something might be taken out of context. Because I know podcasts are often listened to as background noise, I don't want someone going, for instance, "Wait a minute! Did they just say that?"
  16. It's been ages, but isn't that song about a daughter who kills her sexually abusive father in self defense?
  17. Please please please don't make Dynamite three-hours long. Unless it's a PPV, I hate wrestling TV shows that are over two hours. No weekly show needs to be three-hours long. A shorter program, like Heat (but with consequences) is a better idea, for my money.
  18. Not sure when I started censoring that word, but it felt like the right thing to do. It's one of those words I use in the UK sense (think Trainspotting), but totally understand why people bristle at it.
  19. So Thunder Rosa just liked one of my tweets.
  20. I used to bleep words on older episodes of Bigger on the Inside. The reason that was done is because a listener told us he played the shows in the car with his kids. Eventually it became tiring doing it. Nowadays, the only word that's bleeped is the C-word.
  21. Cerebro, which just released its 11th episode, is an amazing look into individual X-Men. Each episode begins with a little banter and a "how did you get into [X-character]", then delves into a character file, then the meat of the show. The most recent episode gets into Beast, but really the larger X-world and how the current X-books relate directly to real-world politics. It's a must-listen.