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  1. Actually, I created a web comics forum. They can go in this thread if you're cool with it, but new threads about web comics should be started there.
  2. Truthfully, I don't even see this being a close contest. Sure, he has the healing factor, unbreakable bones and he's tough, but Supes is that much tougher. The question remains, can the claws pierce Superman's skin or would they break?
  3. The title says it all. We have the strongest man in the universe taking on the toughest son-of-a-bitch ever. Place: Earth Conditions: Normal
  4. He lost me with the story that spanned the ages. Good book, but I'm so far behind it's sick.
  5. Brian Michael Bendis is arguably the greatest writer Marvel has ever employed. His take on Daredevil is beyond comprehension. It's as if he created the character himself, that's how much love, respect, and creative energy Bendis writes into the book. Unbelievable.
  6. Instead of making individual forums to honor writers, artist, inks, etc., I made the Creator Appreciation forums. And you're on as its mod.
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    Though I have all of them to date, I've only read the first three issues. Despite it being "Gaiman-lite" is it any good?
  8. In my eagerness to put Earth-2 together I might have overlooked a thing or two. So here's the thread to make suggestions.
  9. Hello and welcome to the You're probably asking yourself, "What is" It's simple really. is a home for anyone who enjoys reading intelligent reviews, columns, and feature articles spanning an endless array of topics -- including comic books and video games, anime and manga, science fiction and horror, as well as cartoons and movies. Additionally, these forums allow you to discuss those very same topics with likeminded people. Not sure if you should join? Frankly, there's no reason not to. If you've come this far and discovered the site, you're obviously interested in at least one of these subjects. So you might as well jump in and join the fun. Enjoy.