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  1. I have no idea what any of you are talking about.
  2. It's not so much of a "problem" there was no violent animosity, nor loving adoration. Hmm. kinda the way I feel about you, D-man. JUST KIDDING, you know I lovingly ADORE you! xox
  3. So proud of you, DW!
  4. Seriously, we're attempting Tequila again? Fancy another fine walk home, D-Man?!
  5. Hey! I made that cake and it was damned good!
  6. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes
  7. Wow! Nicolette... we have lots in common especially the love for myself and Mr Des! hahah! To wax on about one point you made... our sons are enough to make any uterus ache... until you're in their company for over 15 minutes.. then you run for the hills and your diaphram. Wow. Diaphram... speaking of 80s.. I don't know anyone who actually uses one now... ok, I think my fevered delirium may now be alienating the male readers on the forum, so I will end here.
  8. Stavros: (and Venneh) I'm counting on it. Please, people, no interruptions tonight
  9. I hope our children, and neighbours enjoy it as much! Thanks for the comment
  10. OH! The pressure!!! ALSO: D-Man... we're NOT Team Dread, rather Team M2M or Team R You and D are the D2 Team Dread! And yes, we talked about you before and after watching this flick!! xo!
  11. Thanks so much for all the feedback! This is funner than I thought! uhh.. more fun?
  12. Thanks dude.. and to all the other fine listeners.. we appreciate the comments and feedback. Especially from you, Nicolette! PS: This is my first post on the forums! I may turn geeky yet! bahaha!
  13. is trying to get some status