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  1. I'm still on DragonQuest 8 even though I may finally be stuck. I'm also playing Black Ops...i'm very early in the game.
  2. Why are they taking so long to start back showing new episodes of this show?
  3. Interesting last show. Kid Flash as Dr.Fate huh? Now I didn't see that coming!
  4. I know this is totally off topic since it is a Young Justice thread but i'm curious as to why you think Avengers is aimed only at kids?
  5. I'm still wondering why it seems like there's more interest in Young Justice than the new Avengers cartoon?
  6. Just curious, have any of these DC animated cartoons as of late ever gone over the amount most seem to be cancelled at. I think someone said they all get about 50 something or 60 something episodes and then are automatically cancelled?
  7. I'm starting to like this series as I get used to the character models, anyhow I think it has more of a chance of surviving than Avengers does. It seems like when I come to this thread people are talking about it and with Avengers not so much. If they can't attract an audience from people like those whom post here then they are in trouble.
  8. Just started on Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. I'm not real happy with my level of success on it so far but hopefully i'll get better.
  9. I hope it lasts longer than most new series have lately. There hasn't been too good of a track record lately.
  10. I'm in the midst of reading a ign review on the premiere episode tonight. If anyone else wishes to do so here's the link:
  11. Yeah, I know i'm late but yep it sucks that this got cancelled. Seems a lot of new super hero cartoon series have been cancelled lately.
  12. Back after a long time away.

  13. Just now listening to your guys don't miss anything do you? I must say you two should be professional reviewers.
  14. I like the show enough to keep watching but don't think i'd buy it on dvd, if I did though i'd wait for full seasons. I gotta tellya this 3 to 5 episode volume packs are a joke!