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  1. Here's are some recent updates and posts: -The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum -Chapter 6 -Africa's First (and Last) Hadrosaur
  3. I'm adding blogposts on the site to put new fossil discoveries into context, as well as cover groups of animals that ultimately didn't get featured in the book (though I'll be limiting my focus to fossils 100 million years old or less). Here's the first one, about new dinosaur announced two weeks ago:
  4. Chapter 5 (featuring the earliest penguins and the biggest snake which ever lived) is up.
  5. The Spinosaurus entry has been updated in light of recent discoveries.
  6. Chapter 4 (which is about T. rex, other animals from the last several million years of the Cretaceous, and the extinction of the dinosaurs) is now up.
  8. I'll have to get back to you. Been meaning to see Blade for ages but it never seems to streaming when it's on my mind. I'll be re-watching Winter Soldier for a future recording soon, however...
  9. Since you did a Christmas special about Tim Burton and Ian did a Christopher Nolan episode of Flickchart Forum, why not do an Christmas special on Joel Schumacher?
  10. Wankbending. He is neither the first nor the last of them.
  11. At the advice of my publishing guru, I've launched a site for the book I've been working on the past five years. It's about one hundred extinct animals from the past one hundred million years (one species per million year interval). The first three chapters are now up (minus some additional content which will be in the completed book). I am still looking for an artist for this, as well as permission for some of the photos, so for now, there are stand-ins for each for demonstrative purposes. Enjoy and feel free to provide feedback or notify me of any techn
  12. Mr. Mom and Spotlight and the Herbie remake to bridge the gap between the two.