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  1. I got burnt out drawing dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals so I took a page out of Molly's book and am endeavoring to draw every Pokemon in the Pokedex (just Gen I for now, but possibly more once I finish them). I'm aiming to depict then more like real animals than anthropomorphized mosnters (except maybe the more human-looking ones), yet not to the extent that they stop looking like Pokemon (with apologies to the brilliant RJ Palmer). Enjoy!
  2. Russell T. Davies is returning as showrunner.
  3. If like me you dropped Cerebro for a while since the episodes were about mutants you'd never heard of or had much exposure to (such as many of the New Mutants and a few introduced in early 2000s), check episodes 49 and 50, which are about Gambit and (finally) Professor X, respectively.
  5. I survived unscathed, though didn't mind nodding off during the last ten minutes. Also, during the scene where Bond first meets Holly Goodhead, the film could be called "Mansplainer". Almost certainly not the first one in the franchise, but that one stood out quite a bit.
  6. I watched From Russia with Love when I visited my parents and sister the other weekend, and since then have been doing a gradual rewatch of the entire official Bond film series. I'm also relistening to some of the audiobooks of the original Fleming novels. I'm now ten films in and while they're less problematic than the books overall, my enjoyment of them has been tempered by the casual misogyny and even racism that I didn't see on previous viewings over five and in many cases over ten years ago. Anyone who one claims Sean Connery is the best Bond has answer to the fact that he's easily the most physically abusive, and that some of his liaisons (especially with Pussy Galore) don't seem entirely consensual. From a technical standpoint, there were more obvious green-screen shots and day-for-night scenes then I had remembered, as well as more actual (and always female) nudity outside of the credit sequences. Reading through the film's respective casts on Wikipedia, it's also shocking how much voice dubbing there is too (e.g. British actor Robert Rietti does the voice of both the Italian villain Largo in Thunderball and the Japanese ally Tiger Tanaka in You Only Live Twice). Finally, the cliche of the villain expositing his plan to Bond when he ought to shoot him on the spot was also much more in evidence than I had remembered (here's looking at you, Goldfinger, Charles Gray's Blofeld, and Dr. Kananga). All that said, I still enjoy the majority of the films I've rewatched thus so far. To me, the best has been On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Yes, I'm aware George Lazenby is no Connery, but that's no entirely a bad thing, and for a first film role, he did alright; I frankly can't see Connery's Bond ever actually being in love with a Bond girl, let alone enough to marry her. Possibly Dalton and definitely Craig, but not Moore or Brosnan. The worst so far has been Diamonds Are Forever (The Man with the Golden Gun isn't far ahead, but is less dull and confusing and is elevated whenever Christopher Lee's on screen). Connery looks bored in many scenes and already looks too old to be Bond in most of them. The ones that have gone down the most in my estimation are Thunderball and Live and Let Die. The former has too many underwater scenes (paging Chris Johnson and other classic film connoisseurs: Was underwater shooting a novel thing in movies in 1965?), though I also want to blame Kevin McClory (since it's fashionable to do so) for some of its pacing issues compared to previous films. Live and Let Die has some great scenes but the racial politics of the film (particularly with regards to the Kananga-Solitaire relationship) are hard to get past. Outside of OHMSS, the one that's gone up the most in my estimation is The Spy Who Loved Me, which was more fun and less silly than I had remembered (though not without a few groan-worthy or icky moments). Now onto Moonraker...
  7. Ed Asner dead at 91.
  8. If you’re thinking of doing cinematic dynamic duos like Damon and Affleck, then I suggest the following: -Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy -Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor -Steve Martin and Martin Short -Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson -Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly -Derek Jacobi and Kenneth Branagh (admittedly more like constant collaborators than a duo)
  9. If you’re committing to the one-new-film-per-brother format and can only do either Rocky Horror Picture Show or Muppet Treasure Island, then make it Treasure Island. You can save Rocky Horror for Susan Sarandon, but who the hell else would you be able to cover Muppet Treasure Island for? Also, either Clue or Legend and, if television films are doable, It.
  10. Both Whitaker and Chibnall are leaving Doctor Who next year.
  11. Hackers, Maleficent, and Changeling.
  12. 2001: A Space Odyssey vs. Blade Runner (the final version) At the moment I'm not wild about either, but in both cases, I've only seen the movie once and it was at least ten years ago, so I'm well overdue for a rewatch. 1) Which is better? 2) Which you would you watch first?
  13. Noel Clarke accused of sexual harassment during his time on Doctor Who: Barrowman has also been accused of exposing himself, albeit as a prank rather than sexually predatory behavior.
  14. 12 Angry Men (Sidney Lumet) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones) Henry V (Kenneth Branagh) Beauty and the Beast (Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise) Muppet Christmas Carol (Brian Henson) One Night in Miami (Regina King)
  15. What’s Love Got to Do with It or Othello (1995).