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  1. Looks good and no complaints about the cast so far. They don’t seem to have announced who’s voicing Iorek Byrnison yet but judging by the roar, he’ll definitely be showing up in the first season. One gripe about this teaser, though: Where are the dæmons?
  2. Rami Malek has signed on to be the villain. This is a good thing as long as it’s not a stereotypical Middle Eastern bad guy and he has good material to work with, neither of which is guaranteed.
  3. And the film shall be called...
  4. Apparently people really hate the look of his Genie. Not entirely sure why; he doesn’t look exceptionally bad (albeit form the iPhone screen I’m typing this on) and it’d be disappointing if he wasn’t blue.
  5. Whoopi Goldberg wanted to be the Thirteenth Doctor.
  6. Confession time: I’ve lived in Philadelphia for nearly five years now and have passed Rocky’s statue in front of the art museum hundreds of times but haven’t seen single Rocky film. Forgive me Master for I have sinned.
  7. I think he’s technically fourth-billed in Patriot Games but he’s the main villain and I think he has enough screen time to warrant it. I suspect Ian is fixing to do The Black Death so I’ll offer him that bone. It’ll also give you two a chance to tangent about Newt Charmlessmander.
  8. It’s your birthday. Many happy returns.
  9. Spirited Away. I like both but at worst was never bored by Spirited Away; just baffled.
  10. Honorable Mention for Best Jingle: “What’s that got to do with my knob?” (from the Bedknobs and Broomsticks review)
  11. Favorite Featured Actor: Angela Lansbury Favorite Review: Blade Runner; I’ll now have to revisit it Best Feedback: TBD Best Jingle: Jackie Chan Kung Fu Man Worst Movie: Hobo with a Shotgun Most Anticipated Subject: Sir Ian McKellen ; that said, don’t neglect Liv Tyler or the other Sir Ian (Holm)
  12. Great episode gents! I’m with Dan when it comes to Robin in BTAS. No fault of Loren Lester, but I used to prefer the episodes with Robin in them over the solo Batman ones and now I’m in the opposite position. I also feel thick for not realizing the renaming of the show and Robin’s bigger role in it had to do with Batman Forever then coming out soon. Fun fact about Apocalypse: For the first four series, he was voiced by John Colicos, the man who portrayed Commander Kor on TOS and DS9.
  13. Just to clarify, our votes for next year’s subjects have to be Tolkien film cast members, yes?
  14. Johnny Depp is leaving the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise:
  15. I’d like to join that discussion when or if that’s on the docket.