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  1. man it would have been hilarious if Bibbo had given Supes' eulogy
  2. Wild Cards is definitely before Comfort and Joy chronologically because John and Shayera's relationship was consummated in the former and we see their first date (first date we see in the series, not necessarily THE first date) in the latter. As for the email about Sinestro, he wasn't so much jobbed out in the DCAU as made weaker, not unlike the Parademons between "Apokolips Now!" and "Destroyer", where they're having their asses kicked left and right by the likes of Hawk and Dove. If you'll recall in "In Brightest Day...", Sinestro kicked Superman's ass TWICE before being beaten by Kyle Rayner. O, and the Green Lantern from Earth at Supe's funeral, it's Kyle Jordan (i.e. deliberately ambiguous)
  3. finally a positive review from Mike...three, in fact o, and it's FREAKY the Snowman; the previous record for 10s was Episode 35, in which both of you both gave Legends of the Dark Knight and Mad Love tens
  4. Howzat? The basic plot we've seen before, which is fine. I have no problem with superhero fiction using the same story elements from time to time. However, something new needs to be added to it to keep me interested. And this movie didn't do that. yeah that's my big gripe with it; they already did a great evil-Justice-League-from-alternate-world story in "A Better World" (though we all know you weren't that crazy about that episode).
  5. More cons for you: -Anorexic J'onn -Barry Allen as the Flash -Lex Luthor was released from prison in "A Better World" and doesn't get jailed again until "Divided We Fall", but we see our Earth's version of him in jail in the film -Aquaman's design in the film is radically different from the one he has in both JL and JLU, but similar to the one he had in Superman TAS. If this film is between JL and JLU, how and why did he switch to his old, younger, two-handed design from Superman? -Similarly, the Watchtower in the film has very little in common with the one in JLU
  6. people want Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths to be considered part of the DCAU?? In the immortal words of Adham Fisher, FUCK OFF
  7. HAPPY 75TH EPISODE!!! Speaking as a fellow atheist, I'm glad you two also connected to Hawkgirl in that faith does nothing for her either. Also glad your shared my gripe with the first one being just one big hero fight that didn't need to happen (though Clark hanging his head and sighing as Aquaman is lunging towards him before he knocks him out is priceless). btw some of the noises made by that big black monster that Grundy fought in Ichthultu's brain were roars taken from the T. rex in the Jurassic Park.
  8. Absolutely. they should do a sequel of that, rather than Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  9. that's true...she never had a character-defining moment, even in episodes where she was pulled off well like "The Savage Time". Still, the creators of the DCAU did her much better in the DC Universe movie bearing her name.
  10. yeah I think she was probably handled the weakest of the original seven; but she did develop a strong friendship with J'onn (beginning around "Tabula Rasa" continuing on to "Destroyer") and after Justice League she hated Hawkgirl (though I suppose hatred isn't really a relationship unless it's mutual) until "The Balance"
  11. hmmmm...Secret Origins, In Blackest Night, The Savage that it? I think Flash is partnered with GL more times than Hawkgirl is with Supes; they work off each other well because they're complete opposites, even more so than Hawkgirl and Superman
  12. Well, they could always go with a different Superman/Batman story. I mean, hey, they could even do the Supergirl one; that was decent. Seeing Darkseid in one of these DCU movies would definitely be a treat. hellz yeah, but it would be criminal if he was voiced by anyone other than Michael Ironside
  13. Joe Chill killed Bruce's parents. Period. Adding the bit about Corben doing it would have made the shitstorm even bigger. Apparently, they're doing a sequel of it [shudder] Oh god no they can't make a sequel that is not allowed at least they aren't gonna make one of Superman: Doomsday; that was worse
  14. Joe Chill killed Bruce's parents. Period. Adding the bit about Corben doing it would have made the shitstorm even bigger. Apparently, they're doing a sequel of it [shudder]
  15. Isn't Batman saying "I'd trust J'onn with my life" in "A Knight of Shadows" rather out of character? I'd have thought Alfred was the only one he'd trust with his life, and even then, I don't think he'd admit it.
  16. I voted for Luthor because his arrogance got in the way of his leadership skills in "Injustice For All", because he didn't kill Batman when he had the chance, and because he put too much time into the futile task of resurrecting Brainiac over going directly after the League. Plus, Grodd actually succeeded in bringing down six members of the League and putting them at his mercy in "Secret Society." Even so, Luthor is right to deride his master plan.
  17. I decided to make this poll since the episode "Secret Society", another supervillain-teamup episode, is coming up. CANDIDATE HISTORIES (SPOILERS): -Lex Luthor formed the Injustice Gang, a group of mostly C-list supervillains against the Justice League. He nearly provoked a mutiny among them which he only prevented by eventually tripling their pay. The team was eventually thwarted by the League (Injustice For All) He later joined Gorilla Grodd's expanded Secret Society and usurped Grodd as its leader after the latter tried to turn humanity into apes (Dead Reckoning). He then wasted a good deal of his time as leader trying to resurrect Brainiac. Eventually, Tala broke Grodd free and the gorilla led a mutiny against Luthor. However, Luthor and his allies eventually prevailed and he strapped Tala to a machine to bring Brainiac back to life. Unfortunately, she brought back someone much deadly...(Alive!) -Gorilla Grodd founded the Secret Society, another band of supervillains tasked with defeating the League. After a stalemate between the two teams, Grodd brought about the breakup of the League, and once divided, was able to take all of them captive. He was about to execute the League before a football stadium, when J'onn J'onzz freed his teammates, and the League crushed the Secret Society (Secret Society). Much later, Grodd formed a much larger Secret Society and eventually unveiled his master plan: To turn all humans into gorillas. When this failed, Luthor dethroned and imprisoned him. (Dead Reckoning) Later, Tala released him and he led a mutiny against Luthor, only to be shot out into space and have his minions executed by Killer Frost (Alive!) Based on these, which of the two masterminds was the worse leader?
  18. you should devote an episode to ragging on Jeph Loeb in the similar vein as your ones on Alex Ross and Bendis
  19. It is a good scene, but it didn't capture the suspense they were going for. And that's why it doesn't work for me. I mean, right from the start we know this isn't our world, so there's no consequences behind it. Me, when I saw him, my thought was, "Why's Doomsday in this?" And then I realized it was just to job him out. The monster that killed Superman was taken out in the blink of an eye. On top of that, having an alternate reality Superman (with the same powers, mind you) destroy Doomsday makes (comic book and Justice League) Superman look weak in comparison. If they want to maintain control of their world, why bother messing around with another one? That only diverts their attention away from problems at home. I accept that the Lords kill, but it was the way they went from attempting to aid the League to wanting to murder them that bothered me. I didn't feel there was enough of a build up. It's one thing if they were clearly laying the groundwork for something later on, such as with the Hawkgirl / Green Lantern relationship, but this was a happy accident. Do I give them credit for coming back to this well? Oh yes! But giving it extra points just didn't seem right to me, mostly because what spun out of this later wasn't initially intended. Should we have done that with Ghost in the Machine? Looking back, I don't think so. If I recall correctly, you gave "Speed Demons" an extra point because, in retrospect, it expanded the DCAU since it introduced the Flash (and the Weather Wizard; groan...), but the producers had no way of knowing they'd be able to use (a) Flash again; why no extra point for this episode, then, which, whether Timm & Co. knew it or not, set up the Cadmus arc that dominated the first two seasons of JLU? Or did you give it a four plus the one point for seed-planting?
  20. ok; btw, Vandal Savage IS prince, rather than king, because he's a commoner. If he was the son of the king, he'd become king.
  21. oooo...when can we expect that?
  23. Who's that? Kragger, the bearded Thanagarian commander that J'onn goes into the mind of in "Starcrossed" (see under "Inner Desires")