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  1. I just saw Catherine Tate on The Office (American version) as a guest star. She was brilliant as always.
  2. I don't drink alot, however I usually drink Guinness. I also like Sam Adams Summer Ale, and some of the local brews around here. I tend to drink for the enjoyment, and not to get drunk.
  3. 2 things, How come the metal handle on the bucket containing the virus does not get infected? When Baker takes the Jelly Baby back it was after Harry had bitten it.
  4. Anthony Head who plays Uther Pendragon in the British show Merlin, played the head master in "School Reunion". He also voiced Baltazar in in "Infinate Quest". He also has a large resume in British film.
  5. Now that you mentioned it I did catch the Moffatt adn Davies refrences.
  6. I love Leverage, and have never noticed any refrences. I guess I will have to pay more attention.
  7. I wanted to create place to discuss Doctor Who refrences in other media outlets. For example... I listen to the audio drama Star Trek Section 31 Files (okay, I listen to a ton of audio dramas). In their most recent episode, Nero's Legacy, there were 3 Who refrences. This included the direct quote about a character wearing Fez's, and one that said space ships should not be bigger on the inside that the outside.
  8. You need to reverse the neutron flow.
  9. Here is a crazy idea that you can have fun with. River Song is a decendent of Susan. Although at the moment it would seem to imply a level of multi generational incest.
  10. My collection, An Unearthly Child The Daleks The Edge of Destruction The Aztecs The Web Planet Tomb of the Cybermen The Mind Robber Spearhead from Space The Claws of Axos The Three Doctors Carnival of Monsters The Ark in Space The Sontaran Experiment Pyramids of Mars The Hand of Fear The Robots of Death Horror of Fang Rock The Ribos Operation (Key to Time PT 1) The Pirate Planet (Key to Time PT 2) Stones of Blood (Key to Time PT 3) The Androids of Tara (Key to Time PT 4) The Power of Kroll (Key to Time PT 5) The Armageddon Factor (Key to Time PT 6) The Leisure Hive The Keeper of Traken Castrovala Black Orchid The Five Doctors Resurrection of the Daleks The Caves of Androzani Vengeance on Varos Mark of the Rani Revelation of the Daleks Remembrance of the Daleks Ghost Light Rare Episodes, the Patrick Troughton YearsDoctor Who Just added The Two Doctors The Visitation Earthshock Time-Flight Torchwood Season 1. Just added, Sept 10... Arc of Infinity Robot The Deadly Assassin Logopolis Planet of Evil The Time Warrior Four to Doomsday Brain of Morbius Planet of Fire The King's Demons New Series Season 2 Season 3 The Infinite Quest Season 4
  11. I am now validated