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  1. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore.
  2. I'll never get over the fact that there are areas in Silent Hill 1 that are directly influenced by the school from this movie.
  3. Quiz Show: Pretty interesting, overall. It's not like, the meatiest movie I've ever watched, but it's still very entertaining. Films Watched: 13
  4. Day of the Dead: First time viewing, and man. Man, that's really good. Films Watched: 12
  5. The Visit: I'll be fucked, M. Night made a good movie. Films Watched: 11
  6. Upgrade: So this is probably the first time this has been said, but I actually like a movie that Saw dude made. Films Watched: 10
  7. Spider-Verse: Still just as good as the first time I saw it. Films Watched: 9
  8. The Addams Family: Haven't seen it in at least fifteen years. Felt, 'hey, fuck it, why not?' And hey, it holds up pretty well. Not perfectly, but pretty well. Films Watched: 8
  9. The Autopsy of Jane Doe: Still really good. Also, Brian Cox is a damn fine actor, and the world will be lesser when we lose him. Films Watched: 7
  10. The Maze Runner: An adaptation of a YA novel when such adaptations were all the rage a few years ago, but honestly? It's definitely one of the better One Of Those. Films Watched: 6
  11. I'm not actually that impressed by this trailer, gotta be honest.
  12. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday: I needed some background noise last night, and I figured 'Why not?' Films Watched: 5
  13. Repo Man: I feel bad for the people sitting next to me on my flight while I watched this. Films Watched: 4
  14. Aliens: Watching this in a movie theater was a good experience, and a good treat for myself. Films Watched: 3
  15. Mandy: I want to inject this movie into my bloodstream. Films Watched: 2
  16. I've said it before to various friends, but the fact that Nic Cage is like, only the fourth best thing in this says how good it is.
  17. The Revenant: Wanted to start this year off with a bang. Films Watched: 1
  18. Silent Hill, The Martian, Jupiter Ascending.
  19. Fuck, I didn't watch a lot of movies last year. I'm disappointed in myself.
  20. Bird Box: It's alright, nothing entirely special. Films Watched: 80
  21. Jordan Peele will be held in the same regard as Carpenter and Cronenberg in twenty years.