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  1. Metallo

    Episode 38

    I don't know for sure, but I think Wonder City might be a reference to the City of the Future from Mask of the Phantasm. Given that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill voice Batman and the Joker I wouldn't be surprised if there were more Batman the Animated Series references.
  2. It's one of the greatest sci-fi RTS series of all time!!!
  3. Metallo

    Episode 36

    The Riddler trailer for Arkham City is awesome. It looks like Saw done right.
  4. Why did this movie need two parts? Two part movies should be saved for things like the last Harry Potter or the Hobbit, not this piece of garbage!!!
  5. I absolutely adore this story!!!
  6. Metallo

    Episode 35

    I was reminiscing when I remembered a show on Playhouse Disney called Out of the Box which very much reminded me of the Box. The theme is actually kind of catchy.
  7. You guys rally green egg and hammed it
  8. Wow, I cranked this one out fast. I figured why keepp waiting. Might be a while until next one.
  9. Valhalla: Volume I Chapter III : The Dire Stone Written by: Reece Heinen On the shores of the Dark Lakes Deltacron squared off against his brother, Colossor, and his lackeys. "Brother, this wellspring is mine." Colossor threatened. "Find your own." "I'm afraid no wellspring is yours, Colossor." Deltacron said through gritted teeth. He clenched his robotic fist together and punched his brother back. The grunts sprang forward, but Deltacron was able to throw them off, while crushing others. The lake started to vibrate and hissing filled the air. Suddenly, giant green snakes with
  10. Valhalla: Volume I Chapter II : Pieces Start to Move Written by: Reece Heinen The forests of Feylund may seem peaceful and even enchanting to someone on the outside. However, you won't have to go in far to realize what a treacherous and brutal warzone it truly is. Elf mages struggle to keep the peace with threats like the troll Krug and the dark lord werewolf, Khosumet. Despite all this the elves succeeded until Sudema came. No one knew where this undead queen whose stare could turn you to stone came from. All they knew was that she must be defeated. Marhana, the Elf Banisher at th
  11. Valhalla: Volume I Chapter I : Drake Written by: Reece Heinen Gunfire was the only sound on the decimated field in France, 1942. American soldiers struggled to hold their lines against an overwhelming German force. In the bloodied trenches a lone soldier crawled desperately on his stomach. His name was Sergeant Drake Alexander and he was trying to flank the ever- pressing enemy. "Make sure none of those American pigs got past our lines." a commander yelled in German. Two Nazi soldiers started scanning the area. Drake tried not to breath and held his rifle close. A German
  12. Metallo

    Episode 30

    the piracy rant was fantastic
  13. i liked the first Ghost Rider and i liked Cage as a quircky stunt man in constant fear of the devil i would love to see a sequel