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  1. No post Iron Man ones for me, except maybe Guardians.
  2. This is going to be so fucking terrible.
  3. That trailer does nothing for me. EDIT: Oh so now I realize this is one of those ridiculous trailers for a trailer. So nevermind I guess.
  4. It's baffling, I suppose it's based on the relative success of Smallville? Still misguided.
  5. Inglorious Jedi Jedi Jedi Jedi And I don't even like Jedi that much.
  6. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have dropped out of the Han Solo film.
  7. Comedy is subjective. I know many people who find his stuff thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious. If this show doesn't look like your cup of tea fine, it doesn't particularly look like mine, but I'd personally cool it with the character/talent judgements.
  8. Comedy doesn't really have to be about anything, as long as it's funny.
  9. Freeform, before today, was ABC Family I believe.
  10. What the hell? What version did you see?! I agree it was too long but my showing ran about 2hr and 10min.
  11. Yates showed such potential in the last few Harry films, but his work on Beasts was lackluster at best.