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  1. Just because it's in production doesn't mean we'll get it. Nick cancelled Zim even with episodes being ready the next day. I am hoping we see it though.
  2. Why did reading that physically hurt me so much?
  3. bobobob100 My hardest so far, Life of Brian vs. Dr Strangelove
  4. an interview about doctor who that asks none of the hard questions
  5. it happened in such a short span of time i feel my life is moving like crazy.
  6. I've lived in georgia for 3-4 months, got a job, made real friends, and got married.
  7. And a naked Laura Prepon, if only for one shot.
  8. Jet Set Radio is free on Playstation Plus members.
  9. Great piece, and just from this i think i will see it on dvd.
  10. I was weary of this game at first, after playing only a little of the third because i just got it, it didn't seem to bring much more to the table. Now however now O.O
  11. In two weeks i will be moving to Georgia, I will be starting fresh, and I hope i will be happy.
  12. So at the end of the "Revenge of the Sith" show are the two of you announcing the start of a new podcast covering the clone wars tv series?
  13. Is it bad that I'm okay with waiting till December?
  14. Well thank you for clearing that up Dan, i have been proven wrong on that.
  15. it is true that she was cast at the time of filming but not the filming of this episode this episode was probably done months ago before she was announced.
  16. I don't like the fact that everyone, including my girlfriend, and half the internet; are saying that the character in here is going to be the next companion. Did anyone think that Freema Agyeman was going to be the girl in "Army of ghosts"? or that Karen Gillan was going to be the sooth sayer from Pompei?
  17. On one note: Please On the other: I want to go back and see the show again
  18. How are Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck brothers?
  19. There's been no official announcement, but all signs point to August 25th. If you are right you get ten points and a kiss from the companion of your choice.
  20. I showed this to my girlfriend and she asked me what that is. I told her it was the munsters, "no, really"? was her response
  21. bobobob_100

    DC reboot

    Wonder Woman is damn good I think you should keep with it.
  22. bobobob_100

    DC reboot

    Thank you Mike, now that will never leave my head.
  23. Braid, Lone Survivor, and Super Meat Boy have been added if you pay more than the average. You also get the level editor for meatboy