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  1. I happen upon this...
  2. I happen upon this.
  3. Sorry I was thinking of another band all together... I shouldn't post when I'm sleepy.
  4. I don't think Trent was happy to lose him based on the liner note in The Downward Spiral.
  5. ....side note the keyboard player in the video is Brian Liesegang. He started FILTER with Richard Patrick.
  6. this version of Gave up is my favorite Nine inch Nails song...Des you beat me to posting it.
  7. welcome back Dropped D! I've liked Nine Inch Nails from my first listen... but the song I can't stand from Trent is "down in it"
  8. though I'd post this to get keep Dropped D warm...
  9. Im only on album two. Elephant Riders is still a bit away. I'm tryn to listen to slowly to enjoy each album... great band. Aisha Tyler interviewed the singer on here podcast. I think you would like it Des.
  10. Thanks Des, my son doe too he has been getting into Clutch.. Escape from the Prison Planet got him..
  11. This does look cool.
  12. Well guys I must say I am not rational... but I am a fan of Lord of This World by CoC...sorry Damien. If it helps I have seen Spin Doctors live..
  13. Yes Des I dislike metallica. They are not the worse band to ever grace my ears. I will be honest I fear when you guys get to them, but I also am looking forward to it. Who knows my mind just might be changed.
  14. Patton is a odd fellow. I was shocked to find any of it.
  15. before you listen to Angle Dust for the next DROPPED D, spend almost 4 hours and watch it happen before your eyes.
  16. I have been waiting for this one..should be fun.
  17. thats my boy...he makes me proud...
  18. I thought so... can't wait... Maybe I should hold where I am so I can be fresh with each album.
  19. Des, I know you have to have Clutch some place on your list...the past month its been Faith No More and Clutch. I have always liked what I have heard from the. WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SOO LONG TO LISTEN TO ANY ALBUMS???
  20. so my e-mail had a error in it. it was ment to say Faster Disco was my favorite of the disco songs. I thought I changed it but it would seem I did not. thats what i get for no doing a read over. I let my son listen to Chuck... he told me the band needed a good
  21. Mark Bowen live
  22. Mike is the man!!! More on him as the shows come...
  23. I'm a here and ther fan of OFFSPRING (sorry i don't use "THE") Ignition is hit and miss with me I have never listen to THE OFFSPRING. could have been the music gods telling you THE OFFSPRING is not your path. lol
  24. Will Jessica Simpson ever be covered? she a gem of nothingness.