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  1. Hey Earth-2ers out there, I'm Brennan from Animezing Podcast. I have a new comedy podcast out called Wasted Time, you can listen to it on, if you liked my stuff from Kellen's podcast then your going love this. Check it out! Wasted Time
  2. has not set their status

  3. Yea Gantz would have made it on my list if it weren't for the lousy ass frakkin ending, and I forgot to mention Colorful, great show.
  4. It was definitely Koyuki singing and the song is called "Slip Out", thanks for the kinds words, a new episode goes up tomorrow
  5. I'm thinking maybe that the ring has powers other than bringing the dead back. Regardless, FTW!
  6. sucks that the next podcast is going to be the last for a while, oh well, soon we will be back, as strong as ever, right Kellen
  7. Yea I guess so, so yea twilight blows some heavy donkey balls.
  8. with your Twilight ranting I truly believe you could be the Canadian version of Michael David Sims.... I nearly fell out of my almost broken chair. Who?
  9. Jeez, bunch a haters eh? lol
  10. Who is that guy?, is that supposed to be me, LOL, how did you come up with that, that's awesome!
  11. Well I'm glad you enjoyed some of what i had to say lol, because the way things are looking i'm gonna be around for a while, which i'm super happy about and i hope you and the rest of earth-2 are
  12. It sounds like it doesn't it, i guess i got carried away, there were just a lot of easy shots to take at it, but when i say its worth seeing, I mean it.
  13. Seriously, Guile & Charlie...its guy love, that's what it is, he's is His and he is his...there's nothing gay about it, in their eyes.... MAKE LOVE, THE STREET FIGHTER WAY!