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  1. I finished reading Daytripper by Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon. An amazing and fantastic book, that is worth all the praise its getting. Some one just donated some old Archie, Jughead, and Betty & Veronica issues and digests from around 15 years ago at work today. So that should be fun reading them. I use to love those when I was a kid.
  2. Finished Identity Crisis. It is interesting, as it didn't bore me, but certain things were just off about it for me. Maybe it is because my only exposure of the Justice League is with the animated series? Anyway, I didn't hate it. There are a lot of things I liked about it. But I am just kind neutral on it, is what I think I am getting at.
  3. Mister R

    DC reboot

    From a story point, I think it's Barbara's way of opening up to her roommate. From an editorial point, which is my own opinion here, I think it's vague enough to cover them in case they ever mandate an official reason for her walking again. I did like this issue.
  4. Mister R

    DC reboot

    I've heard it was in this latest issue.
  5. Mister R

    DC reboot

    See, I'm not a long time reader of this character. I do like the character. Mostly due to exposure on the animated series, and a few one issue books. I am aware of The Killing Joke, but haven't read it yet. So I don't have a built in history with her, like you do. Which is more or less, what DC wants, if my understanding of the re-boot is correct. I am going to listen to your thoughts on it in the podcast though. It is interesting to find out why people don't like things that others do like.
  6. Mister R

    DC reboot

    The Batgirl naysayers aren't upset because it's a character-driven book, but because the story, dialog, and characterization aren't that good. Okay I can see some story issues. The villain is a little lame, but I'm enjoying it. Without sounding like a jerk, I think personal enjoyment is better than critical enjoyment. I'm honestly not trying to start anything here either.
  7. That seems to be the general consensus on this book. I'm trying not start a crazy mess here either. I've stopped watching Linkara, or keeping up with his reviews, so, if possible, could you post a link to his videos on IC, when they come out? And Identity Crisis isn't bad, it's more random pieces of crap rammed together to make one stupid story that doesn't make much sense: The art was nice, but yeah, not a great book, Linkara's review comes out in January. I'll post the link for you though.
  8. Is Mark Waid the guy who is pretty much a walking DC comics encylopedia? If so that makes him a badass bookworm then.
  9. That seems to be the general consensus on this book. I'm trying not start a crazy mess here either.
  10. Mister R

    DC reboot

    I bought Batgirl # 4, Resurrection Man # 4, Demon Knights # 4, and The Shade # 3 today. Resurrection Man is going a bit slow (way faster than Justice League though), but I am enjoying every bit of this book so far. I've never read the original series. I heard that DC is going to re-print them in an upcoming trade, so I might pick that up. Batgirl has been very good so far. It's a bit more character driven. I know some readers get turned off by that stuff, (I'm guessing the thought is if there is no action it is kind of boring?) but I love it! Demon Knights is a bit hard for me to get
  11. Going through Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer. I know a lot of people are not fond of it, to put it mildly. I'm reading it as a bit of prep work for the Atop the Fourth Wall review that's coming up. There are a few things I like about it, but I am only half way through at the moment.
  12. I found one second hand through Twitter. It was
  13. Well, it kind of sucks that video links aren't working. I, mean how I am supposed to know how awesome this is? Lol. Seriously this show needs to get here ASAP!!
  14. Mister R

    Epic Mickey

    I need to finish this game. I'm at the end, but I had to stop playing for a while because of school.
  15. I'm going to shill a little bit here since I do work at a library. One thing that is very nice is that my library system (21 branches in my county) have an enormous trade selection. It is easier for us the shelve them and it makes it easier for patrons (customers) to read them. We also carry regular issues, but its a only a few superhero series. With the trades, we've got everything from the big two, to the little independents. The nicest thing for me though is if I see something in the store that I wanted to read, but wasn't sure about (52 for example), my library has the entire trade coll