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  1. itunes: Dark Disussions Podcast Episode 027 - Halloween Special Top Ten Horror film fans, welcome to a special edition of Dark Discussions. Horror, horror, and more horror. We drop the science fiction, the techno-thrillers, and the fantasy films for a straight out take on the films that make Samhain and Halloween the time of year we all love. But what makes a great horror film? What keeps us up at night? And most importantly what makes us shift in our seats while we watch a good horror tale at a cinema or on a television? Who hasn’t done top ten lists
  2. New episodes of Dark Discussions podcast and website at episode 025: Robert Englund's Inkubus episode 026 - Rock and Shock 2011 2011's Rock and Shock horror convention, October 14th-16th, was once again an absolute success during the month of Halloween. Fans were able to meet some of their favorite horror actors, actresses, and novelists and then mingle with such movie monster icons as Jason Voorhees, ChromeSkull, and Freddy Krueger. In attendance were genre favorites Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Camille Keaton, Ian McCulloch, Robert Englund, Monique Dupree,
  3. Yeah, as good as the Walking Dead in my opinon. The show has all the essentials with monsters, a good back story, and some interesting characters. Okay, some issues like any show but not any more than others. Thanks for doing season 3 ... still watching season two on DVD and now you have me interested in moving along quicker to get to season 3 :-)
  4. No this was awesome, dude. More people talk about this show, the longer it lasts on the air ... rock on!
  5. twitter: DarkDiscussion1 itunes: Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 023 - The State of Vampires Part 2 As the 1990’s begin, the tale of nosferatu, the vampire, follows many different approaches that quite differ from the historical monster known to be the spawn of hell and an enemy of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church. With Anne Rice’s 1973 novel Interview With the Vampire produced for the big screen, vampires, though still quite violent and horrific, start to take on a new face. Romantic themes permeate the back story
  6. Nice! This is a dang good show and this was the first podcast I ever heard that talked in some depth about it. Any way it can be promoted works for me since more viewers means it will be more successful. It would be a shame for such a good show to simply fade away one day. Good job!
  7. Twitter: DarkDiscussion1 itunes: Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 022 - The Omen Throughout millennia the devil has caused more fear in the hearts of humanity than any other being. The incarnate of evil and the ruler of hell, Satan has tempted the fate of man from the very beginning. When St. John the Divine wrote the Book of Revelations in which the end of the world was to come, he described that prior to the closing stages of the present, a man would come that would lead an apocalypse. And that man would be the antichrist, t
  8. twitter: DarkDiscussion1 itunes: Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 021 - The State of Vampires Part 1 Though vampires have been part of the fabric of myths and folklore throughout the centuries of both cultures and countries, it wasn’t until a fifty year old Irish immigrant and theater manager out of England named Abraham Stoker published a pulp novel entitled Dracula that the creatures of the night developed into arguably the most important monster in horror and genre fiction ever. Bram Stoker’s creation brought about a sociop
  9. itunes: Dark Discussions Podcast twitter: DarkDiscussion1 Episode 020 - 2011 Horror Realm Convention (2 part episode) Two files, one episode. No kidding, you read that correctly. Dark Discussions presents to you a two part episode of 2011’s Horror Realm Convention, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s great horror symposium. Now in existence for three years, Horror Realm revels in the fact that it resides in the city of the living dead. That’s right, George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead as well as Dawn of the Dead not only take p
  10. twitter: DarkDiscussion1 itunes: Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 019 - John Carpenter Retrospective Part 2 Many critics overlook the latter part of John Carpenter’s career forgetting that he had a string of fantastic films that would have been crowning achievements for any other director. With such classic films as Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, and The Thing in his filmography already, each film that followed would be unfairly compared to them. Yet in all honesty, there were more than just hidden gems among the en
  11. Twitter: DarkDiscussion1 itunes: Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 018 - The Extreme Films of Gaspar Noé Are they horror films? Are they art house films? Or are they exploitation films? The topic has been debated since the earliest of Gaspar Noé’s films was released back in 1998. No matter what they are called they have shocked both reviewers and audiences alike and caused more discussion than films with budgets a hundred times larger. Gaspar Noé, a French film maker that has been associated with the New French Extremity wa
  12. itunes: Dark Discussions Podcast Twitter: DarkDiscussion1 Episode 017 released - Christopher Smith Focus: 2006's Severance In 2006, Christopher Smith, the British director/screenwriter who came bursting onto the horror scene with the Franka Potente starring film Creep, comes back with his second feature length film, Severance. On a team building trip out in the wilderness of Eastern Europe, a group of defense company employees land up in a nightmare where what should have been at worst a boring digression turns into a terrifyi
  13. iTunes: Dark Discussions Podcast twitter: DarkDiscussion1 Episode 016 - Rise of the Planet of the Apes Rise of the Planet of the Apes has turned out to be a huge summer blockbuster and Dark Discussions gives their take on the film. Philip and Mike believe it to be the best genre film of the summer. With his performance playing the chimpanzee Caesar, Andy Serkis may have revolutionized the definition of modern day acting. Minute for minute, the role has more screen time than any other character. Andy Serkis’s presentation of a
  14. iTunes store: Dark Discussions Podcast twitter: DarkDiscussion1 Episode 015 - John Carpenter Retrospective Part 1 When horror fans think genre cinema the first person that comes to mind seems to always be John Carpenter, the renowned film director, screenwriter, and composer who won an Academy Award for a short film as a college student. Starting in the 1970’s, he began a legacy of creating some of the most unforgettable genre films ever. With his classic tale of Michael Myers, a relentless killer that seems to be of supernatu
  15. itunes subscription: Dark Discussions Podcast Episode 014 - Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts Volume 1 Dark Discussions does its first non-topical podcast. Though no specific theme is discussed, Gordon and Philip do a 360° roundabout through horror, pulp, and genre. On location at the cinema to see Final Destination 5 in 3D, various films are discussed including the Patrick Lussier/Todd Farmer productions of Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine 3D. With horror on our hosts’ minds, the After Dark Horrorfest 8 Films to Die For yearly r