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  1. Sektor vs. Shardik the bear
  2. I guess he went to be with the gray man from "Lonely Lands."
  3. It always seemed too violent for me to enjoy it.
  4. Octavia Butler made the Google Doodle today.
  5. CatStronauts: specifically Space Station Situation and Robot Rescue - If you were like me you probably snickered at the name, maybe even more if you saw the web comic tier artwork of anthropomorphic cats in space suits. I picked it up thinking. "This should be cute." And while there are some silly jokes such as the "Hubba Bubba" space telescope, or characters with names like "Blankets" or "Waffles." I found myself moved by the story. Drew Brockington knows how to shift from funny to serious. One issue even ended on a climax that was hardly original but the way Brockington portrayed it made me audibly whimper. The titular CatStronauts are all going into ISS but one gets separated. Normally the character of Waffles is the goofball who is always talking about how hungry he is, but the last page just shows a barely visible speck that is Waffles in the vast emptiness of space and as radio contact is getting fainter he confesses. "I'm scared."
  6. I have seen 1,2, 4, H20 and Resurrection (although i think I fell asleep while watching Resurrection). I like to imagine that 3 was a different world and that the silver shamrock ritual brought Michael into their world. It just took him a few movies to get back to his world.
  7. If it is based on the original comics then there shouldn't be a villain.
  8. I do not know if the people who bullied Kelly Marie Tran were fellow Ticopaths, or just loved to hate on her character. I like to imagine she and Jake Lloyd will team up and form a support group for people who suffered from Star Wars nerd rage.
  9. Space Dandy - I really wish I watched it when this came out. I knew that there would be shameless fan service, but I did not count on a couple of things. 1. Making references to some really obscure SF franchises, as well as other anime comedies. 2. Having a comedy that does not make any homages to Star Wars. I don't know if it is because my Star Wars fatigue levels have gone from .2 to .6 on the Damien Wilkens scale, or is it because I remembered one of the laziest animated comedies that I have seen was a Star Wars parody? but I am glad that I did not see it in Space Dandy.
  10. It was the last one, I thought maybe I sent it in too late. Then I was afraid I may have posted or said something that offended either you or Dan. Which if, was the case. I was hoping we could work out. I have been thinking of a couple of projects that I would like to make into small podcast episodes. If I ever get them done (full time job + internship = always tired) Would you like to listen to them?
  11. Did you ever get my e-mail? Is there something I did so that you will not read it? if so, please tell me.
  12. That name is what kept me from wanting to watch the movie. I doubt that they were going to do what Halo did with Spartan 1337, being very arrogant and whose incompetence during their misadventures made them the comic relief. but... I have heard a theory that Lord and Miller wrote L3-37 as a satirical character who had an inflated, self righteous view. The theory continues with KK seeing the progress, not liking it one bit, and had them fired.
  13. I have not heard about Earthbound until recently. I look forward to it. I look forward to that for different reasons.
  14. Rjoyadet

    Weird Dreams

    Last night I had a dream that I was being attacked by a giant snake. I woke up too frightened to move. I wondered what it meant. Reproductive problem? change? Not an hour ago, I heard the word "python" and then it all came clear. The township between where I live and where I work has had a python reported missing. So I am relieved to know that my subconscious was reminding me that there is a 14 foot snake on the loose somewhere near my house...... Oh No.
  15. Yeah, I definitely was blown away by Thanos: the Hand of Fate.
  16. Hope you have a fun couple of days.
  17. TI still want to see Brad Bird try his hand at a Spirit adaptation. I can see why P'Gell was chosen as the main antagonist, her debut was on the Spirits most famous covers
  18. I just finished watching 'Pacific Rim : Uprising" and it was amazing!
  19. I actually think it was a good thing that they pushed back the release date.
  20. Who do you think Mark Beaks is supposed to be a parody of?