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  1. I saw someone copy this onto Youtube and I found the comments to be like the following.

    (pretends to know anime): :shakehead: the animation needs to be better

    (pretends to know doctor who): :shakehead: this is not in continuity.

    (actually knows anime): whoo! good job this needs to be made into a show!

    (actually knows doctor who): :holyshit: HOLY CRAP! ITS SUTEKH FRIGGIN SUTEKH!!!!!!

  2. I liked how you compared parts of it to "Thor." When my sister, her fiance and I went to see "Thor" we had our expectations low. I think this was due to having movies like "Masters of the Universe" and we all left saying something along the lines of "holy crap! this was much better than I expected." In fact the fiance went into a short Thor obession.

  3. I want to keep a running log of the wacky ideas I've tossed out during Bigger on the Inside. Feel free to add any I've forgotten.

    River Song is The Master.

    The Master is The War Chief.

    Time Lords can fly. (A joke... sort of.)

    Ian broke the TARDIS.

    The unnamed woman from The End of Time is Susan.

    One of the first Doctor Who stories I saw all the way through was Silence in the Library/ Forest of death, when I was done with it I was wondering why were they trying to make the doctor hanging on a ledge so suspenseful because he was obviously flying in the end of the story to save River.