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  1. I remember when the last one came out they had the "Keep America Great" slogan. I thought they only way the creative team could be more obvious about what their political views were, was if the movie abruptly stopped and Michael Bay talked directly to the audience. "Listen guys, I put a lot of money into this movie.....just vote for Clinton, Okay!!!"
  2. I first got interested in Warhammer 40K when I heard someone comment on this story.
  3. How I will miss the woman who taught me the terrible secret behind the happy people of Omelas. Or got me to think about property in a new way from "The Dispossessed" and even the stories about the winged cats whose stories made me smile as well as tear up.
  4. Rjoyadet


    If Wayne Enterprises introduced a new cryptocurrency, would you invest in Batcoin?
  5. Since it has been nearly a year since you posted about reading The Handmaid's Tale I wanted to know why you thought this was so foreboding? Have you noticed anything different from then and now?
  6. I do not think I can express in words how flattered I am so let me try to put in in gifs. But the truth is I haven't drawn dinosaurs in a while. I am currently drawing backgrounds for my friends superhero story. How about this? you give me an assignment I will work on it during the week. At the end of the week you can decide whether or not you like it without worries of payment, commissions or credits, or even hurting my feelings if you say "no."
  7. I do not but that sounds amazing. If I ever go to Philadelphia I would have to try to set up a time to talk with him. That and visit the Mutter Museum.
  8. I always look forward to your posts. Could you please list some books, websites that could be good reference to artists who would like to draw dinosaurs?
  9. - Doctor who and the Daleks t-shirt - Cassian Andor action figure - Anime DVD's (Wolf Children, Summer Wars, In this corner of the World) - Time with the family spent watching Moana - An orange Balaclava - The top half of a Salad Shooter set - A microwavable lid Could we talk about any successful things we gave? or any gift misadventures?
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    After seeing the engines of the Falcon Heavy rockets I am convinced that Elon Musk is a fan of the Mean Machine from Wacky Races.
  11. I find it funny that Rodenberry tried to pass a Spanish word as the name for an exotic alien planet. "Zora from the planet Shark" I am sure that there are other languages used in Star Trek, but knowing Spanish, Spanish words will jump out at me. Like in the pilot for "Discovery" with the Sunset people.
  12. I am sorry about that, how many days until you are done with the semester?
  13. At my favorite used toy store I saw a vhs of Crying Freeman and I am now debating on whether I should buy it or not. Star Vs. the Forces of Evil - Its Rick and Morty except Fantasy over SF and family friendly. Sonic Boom - I think the creators of the show realized that the only people watching it would be Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Which makes it funnier when they insult them with the maniacally obsessed character of Mark the Tapir. I enjoy the Sega and fourth wall jokes as well as referencing memes (a few of which I learned from the show). Stranger Things 2 - Enjoyed seeing how the characters grew and have become more likeable. I know Shannon Purser got an Emmy nomination for playing Barb. That made me afraid that the writers would add her in as a force ghost or Eleven could suddenly bring her back. I had nothing to fear.
  14. The Dark Tower: When I saw that Akiva Goldsman worked on it I said "ohhhhh!!!!!" as if to say "That explains it." I have not read the series when I saw the movie but I was bored. So I can imagine why the people who love the book series were so angry. The talent of a good cast was wasted on this movie. I got much more pleasure watching angry rants on youtube about this movie than i did with watching the movie. Many of them pointed out that this is a good demonstration of Sony Pictures incompetence. After seeing scenes where Roland is doing bullet time shooting I had to agree with the angry critics. I could picture a board room where someone suggested bullet time because it was cool in "The Matrix." They probably did not realize that bullet time acrobatics have been seen as stupid since 2004 with the release of Grenadier an anime that involves a gunslinger girl who reloads her revolver using her boobs. This was so bad it inspired me to watch a few different movies starting with... IT (2017): I partially watched this out of curiosity but also as a form of protesting Sony pictures by watching a Stephen King property made into a movie by a different company (I believe it is new Line Cinema). I really enjoyed it. I liked the characters. The plot could have done some small things to improve but I thought that they handled it correctly and it was a great idea to split the story into two films. A Fistful of Dollars: This is the movie that is referenced in Back to the Future. I watched it because fans of the Dark Tower book series have compared Roland to the Man with no name. Seeing an Italian movie starring and American actor based off of the Akira Kurosawa film Yojimbo, it was either going to be good or horrible. It ended up being excellent. For a Few Dollars More: Right away the viewer can see that Sergio Leone had a much bigger budget than in A Fistful of Dollars. There were so many settings and big establishing shots. The music box scenes really gave the atmosphere an eerie effect. Lee Van Cleef was amazing and his prim and proper get up was a great yin to the yang that was the chaotic machismo of Clint Eastwood. High plains Drifter: A friend heard I was watching the Sergio Leone Eastwood films and recommended this film to me. Whoah, this film was dark. When the film came out, having the main character wearing all black must have been a way of toying with the expectations of the viewers who are used to seeing the heroes wear white and the villains wear black. When the big reveal came at the end I realized that this film had a completely different meaning to Generation X, Y, and millennials
  15. You might still help. Is the emperor of man in suspended animation or is the throne a sort of life support system.
  16. Hey Will do you play Warhammer 40K? You referenced it on Tranquil Tirades and there is something about the story that has been bugging me.
  17. I really enjoyed it. The first time I saw it I thought Warburton was doing the voice of Serafinowicz, a reverse Darth Maul. I liked the character of Overkill. I had the idea for a character named Overkill but it was more based off of the Joel Schumacher Batman and Robin and how they were always changing costumes with new toys and vehicles.
  18. I won't be surprised if that is the closest to how I felt about the Justice League movie.I remember watching "Lion and the King" or one that was close to it when I was 12. My verdict would be the same. Recently I saw films directed by Rene Laloux Le Planet Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) : An interesting film, people could have different interpretations of the aliens keeping humans like pets. To someone who has been spoiled on Studio Ghibli, Toei Animation and Studio Madhouse it was a change to see animation that resembles a puppet show. Les maƮtres du temp (Time masters) : I was told this movie was originally meant to be a T.V. show. I can believe that because what is supposed to be a rescue ends up taking too long and going in different directions before the twist ending. Nevertheless I loved this movie, because of the art by Moebius. All throughout the movie you see his handiwork with the colors and the architecture. Gandahar - Like Time Masters the plot was meh but the world building was interesting. I like the design of the mutant creatures as well as the deformed humans that the protagonist befriends. Even the villain (a giant brain) had an interesting design with drawing the blood cells and vessels.
  19. I had to leave halfway through the film, due to poor planning and my shift at work starting. But I really enjoyed the first part. The opening song made me cry.
  20. Is there a Hollywood producer who listens to the show?
  21. How about interstitials where listeners can give elevator speeches about either how they came to Earth-2, their favorite episode, least favorite episode, or just what they would like to see in the next thousand episodes. Where and how could they give their feedback?