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  1. Are you giving up on it, giving up until they switch writers, or still going to buy and read?
  2. I read Superman #4 and I have to tell you that I found myself actually skipping lines of dialogue because the story is that bad.
  3. GIven some thought on the Funkasaurus and believe it or not.... it actually makes sense. If you debut Brodus Clay as this unstoppable monster heel, then he falls into the same trap that every other one has: Snitsky, Mike Knox, etc. etc. etc. On top of that, Kane is already filling the monster heel role on RAW and Henry is filling that role on RAW and Smackdown. To have another monster heel floods the market. Turning him into this, gets the fans and kiddies to like him. His talk inside the ring is great. "Shu-plex" and "My bad!" really are funny to hear. After giving this much thought and giving it time, I can firmly say that I am hopping the train to Planet Funk! ------- Misc. Daniel Bryan = great heel Jericho walking out is great. Laurinitis FINALLY snapping was great as was Punk's tirade. I still DO NOT understand why Punk is not given more time to just go off like he does. Evan Bourne needs to lay off the marijuana, he's screwing his own career. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHY MY DIVAS CHAMPION IS NOT ON RAW WRESTLING?!?!
  4. Who's eyes will the Avengers be told through? Whedon answers.
  5. Sneak peek at the bat-suit on the new EW cover.
  6. The season 1 finale was "A Day Unlike Any Other" Season 2 should pick up with "The Private War of Doctor Doom"
  7. It was officially announced today that Ultimate Spider-Man will premiere starting April 1st on Disney XD. That same weekend, Disney XD is launching their Marvel block of shows which is to be anchored by Ultimate Spider-Man and the second season of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (which is, word has it, going to feature Dr. Doom as a villain)
  8. Legitimately, the only thing I think that was salvagable was Brainiac's design and his ship.
  9. This is test footage and art mock ups from the failed Tim Burton film Superman Lives: Here's a picture of Doomsday: Here's Brainiac: Here's Brainiac's ship: Superman's suit he wears in the rejuvination chamber after he is "killed" New suit constructed to deal with the darkness on Earth and help keep Superman's powers (mixed with Eradicator tech) Superman's suit before he ends up killed: