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  1. It does not matter if she goes or not. They will just bring her back for a couple of episodes each year. New series companions never fully go away
  2. Why does everyone look back and snear at characters like Repoman and the mountie? I think they where great, and brought a lot of fun into the show.
  3. I love the way the people who complain about the show being too much about Clara, and the doctor being pushed to the side. Are the same people who loved Rose, and talked about how great it was the see was center stage.
  4. there is a book like the stand called Swan Song. It would make a better movie
  5. How do you put on the spoiler thing to hide your comments?
  6. The Red Letter Media guys back in 2002 talking about Attack of the Clones
  7. Maybe this sounds harsh. But to me the choice of killing an unborn child, because if you dont there is the serious risk of a whole planet and every person on it dieing. Billions of people, the whole human race. There is no moral dilemma there at all. The unborn child has to die.
  8. Where did all this hatred of soldiers come from. He has always disliked the military, but not the guy on the ground. "we like Ross"
  9. I now want an episode where the monster walks towards the doctor and some unit soldiers. Just as its about to get there. The UNIT soldiers walk away. The doctor says "where are you going" and they say "you keep saying you dont like, need or trust soldiers. Goodbye" .
  10. I'm just glad that they let him keep him Nothern Ireland accent.
  11. Is it just me or was there something wrong with the mix of the music, or the sound in this weeks episode. It felt like it was too loud or out of sync
  12. I always felt the attitude era was mean spirted, and nasty. Back in the late 80s and early 90s it was fun. None of all that jumping off balconies and old women giving birth to hands.