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  1. I did not watch this film so thank you or maiking sure that I didn't waste my time. This is why I love your show. I avoid crap and listen to you guys tear it to shreds. So much more entertaining.
  2. Hilarious response I stand corrected!
  3. If you haven't listend to this podcast then you have to...its hilarious, don't waste your life watching this crappy movie.
  4. Thanks for informing me all about this film, I won't waste my time but I loved the podcast!
  5. Thanks I am really looking forward to it. I'm rewatching the entire series.
  6. Never mind I just found the podcast on Jedi. As for this movie I have no comment. I own the entire series on blu-ray but I am not a fan of the new trilogy. I don't hate it I respect it enough as a key aspect of this universe and I watch it out of that respect. Over the years I've developed better feelings for it as time as slowly passed.
  7. When was Return of the Jedi reviewed?
  8. Any timetable on the Dark Knight Rises Review?
  9. Yes but wasn't there a seperate episode of Earth 2 .net devoted to Batman Beyond. Excluding WFP of course.
  10. Does anybody know the episode number of Earth the show which deals with Batman Beyond????? I am not referring to Worlds Finest Podcast. Second does anybody know the episode that deals with The Dark Knight?
  11. Obviously some people are really determined that Teen Titans is or is not in continuity. Personally I only watched both Justice Leagues, Batman Beyond, Superman the Animated Series, Gothom Knights and BTAS as my difinitive DCAU. Its just how I feel. I am almost done with episode 100...I fell behind long ago, dealt with a divorce and honestly put WFP on the back burner but now I am on my final episode. So far so good I still have over an hour to go.
  12. I agree with you on that one. Well I am about to watch Worlds Finest from STAS. Cannot wait to see Batman toss Superman across a room and Superman's response. Great stuff. I miss WFP and I wish they would release something to add to this universe though I know they never will. Tommorrow The Dark Knight Returns Blu-Ray is released. I cannot wait!
  13. I don't know if anybody noticed this in the episode "Ancient history" but when Hawkgirl appraches Batman about WarHawk she says "Tell me about my son". Those five words always takes me back to BTAS and I have always wondered if the writers reused the line. If you recall and the name of the episode escapes me but Bruce asks the Doctor who was Rupert Thorne's brother and a good friend of both Thomas Wayne and Leslie Tompkins to "Tell me about my father." This minor thing is just a sidenote for me but for some reason Hawkgirls comment always takes me back to BTAS....not to mention that the line is to Batman himself I don't think it would have the same effect if it was any other character.
  14. Worlds Finest Podcast covering the DCAU is not downloading anymore. Are they no longer available via itunes?
  15. Great podcast, I just listened to this one I can remember seeing this in the theatre because I was a he-man fan as a kid. Horrible movie. My dad who took me to see it refused to take me to a movie again. That following year my sister had to take me to another horrible movie...Superman guys should review that one!
  16. Check this out. If the link works which I hope it does. Somebody took the old Superfriends shows and spiced them together using Justice League music. Check it out.
  17. I don't deny anyone's expertise on Teen Titans. I guess I have to admit that I grew tired of the DCAU after watching so many episodes so quickly. I am sure that I will revisit it again soon! This of course includes possibly watching and enjoying Teen Titans. As for the DCAU I do have a slight urge to rewatch some of the classics in the Superman the Animated Series show such as the Late Mr. Kent but again I am taking a break. The inconsistent, campy SuperFriends 1973 awaits!
  18. Well I am finally finished. I watched in order over the course of several months BTAS Gothem Knights Superman the Animated Series Justice League Justice League Unlimited Batman Beyond No I did not watch Gotham Girls, The Zeta Project or Teen Titans. Yes I do consider them part of the DCAU continuity and universe but I chose not to watch those shows because they just do not interest me. I think what I did watch was time consuming and cost consuming enough. Great shows. Here are my grades out of ten overall on all the series that I watched. BTAS is a 7/10 Gotham Knights is a 6/10 Superman is a 6.5/10 Justice League 8/10 Justice League Unlimited 7.5/10 Batman Beyond 6/10
  19. Thanks guys. About 75% of the way thru Batman and Robin. Very funny but Batman 89 (episode 266) is still the greatest so far.
  20. Just started the last episode of Batman Begins. My "Complete" tour of the DCAU. I'll explain in a few minutes.
  21. What are the Earth episode numbers for the other Batman films? I know Batman 1989 is Episode 266
  22. I liked the idea of a Bruce/Diana relationship but I am glad that they never went beyond what it was in the series.
  23. Its 2012 and I just listened to this episode of World's Finest. It was great!! You guys die a really awesome job discussing the movie both good and bad. I did have a few thoughts but first I wanted to extend this to your listeners. I recently bought a book on my Kindle regarding all the Batman movies ever made and I highly recommend it to your listeners and the readers to this forum. I am not affiliated with the author so here goes and I do apoligize in advance because I did not read all the replies to this episode so I may be sharing what someone else has already posted. The book is called "Billion Dollar Batman" by Bruce Scivally. It is available in both book and Kindle formats. It has a chapter dealing with all the Batman movies and how the Batman has become a billion dollar industry hence the title. It first goes into the first two Batman movies which were serials in the 1940s, then to Batman 1966 then the Burton Batman's, Joel S. Batman's and the classics Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I highly recommend this book because it talks about all the details regarding the making of the films, the plot issues in all of the movies and so forth. Second my thoughts regarding the film Batman (1989). I have to agree with you guys that the movie had a lot of influence on what we now know as the DCAU and I must say that time hasn't been good to this movie because it seems like each time that I watch it more plot holes develop. I also enjoyed your critique on the Vicki Vale character who should have been played so much differently. I truely believe that if Sean Young had played in this film the Vale character would have been a lot different. Kim Basinger was a last minute decision and altough it is difficult to postpone the shooting of a movie just because of one person this is one time that they should have considered it. Young had a lot of baggage personally including issues with actor James Woods in a film that the pair starred in in 1988 but who is to say that Batman 1989 wouldn't have been better with Sean Young as Vicki Vale? The role was built around Young playing the role. As for the plot I guess I could just rehash everything that you guys discussed but then again what would be the point. In the end the movie is what the movie is. At the time my memories are of me thinking that this is the greatest depiction of Batman ever and maybe it was when compared to anything prior or after until Batman Begins. I still believe that. Beyond that now that we have Batman Begins and The Dark Knight I cannot say for a fact that Michael Keaton is THE Batman. Christian Bale has proven that he is the character although like James Bond every actor plays the same character slightly different and that is the fact. Great job on this one! Sorry it took me years and years to finally listen but I did enjoy it.