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  1. Looks like it might be true. IMDB lists a future episode as being called "The Forgotten Ice". Can hope anyway. Also, she is by far the best looking modern companion. She might even be the best looking ever!!!
  2. WOW......................now your talking.
  3. well my Sunday is ruined. Blink babe Carey Mulligan is reported to have got married.
  4. NDCDN

    Episode 01

    The Dr Who forum does have a link for all the DW episodes available to see on the internet. Is there a similar site for B7?
  5. Was bitterly disappointed by die another day. I had expected it to be great and it was just woeful. then I watched Licence to kill that I thought would be woeful and it was great. So I suppose you can never tell what your gonna get.
  6. The wife is away this weekend so myself and my kids have planned a key of time marathon. Two adventures per day Sat/sun/mon. Can't wait. Have had the dvd's for ages but never had time to watch them. And after listening to these podcasts I have to think that it isn't really that bad.
  7. Hmmmm....no-one has mentioned the guy from City of Death. It seems he wasn't so evil.
  8. This is, so far, the only episode I have not been able to watch all the way through. Got halfway through part two and had to turn it off. I did watch the special features, but the show itself. Terrible.
  9. Shame I am coming to this so much after the fact. Showed my daughter "The Invisible Enemy" and she loved it. Can't get enough now. Starting with one that isn't great and finding they still enjoy it is the best way, because anyone can enjoy a classic but the fact is that by starting with Talons or City of Death means it is downhill after that. My vote would have been for The Invisible Enemy.
  10. Just listened to this episode again (yes, I went back to the start a few weeks ago and enjoying the podcasts a second time) and decided to look at the dinosaur model work on youtube. Nothing can prepare you for the shear scale of ineptitude in the dinosaur work. Special effects that are not special and hardly even qualify as effects. It would need to be a real brilliant episode to lift itself above this effect work. Just a shame they didn't make the dinosaurs invisable. I really think Dan and Mike did not really emphasise enough just how poor these effects are. They have to be
  11. Has anyone else said that Benedict Cumerbatch looks a lot like Matt Smith???