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  1. I'm afriad won't be watching this show again. Nothing in is bad, but nothing is good either. I keep (perhaps unfairly) compairing to Stargate: SG1. It feels like the kind of show i would have adored are an 8 year old. Just enough mystery to let the younger audence feel smart or supprised by the eventual revatation.
  2. Hi All, Has anyone here been reading IDW's Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye By James Roberts series? I have been singing the praises the book since release and have even roped some non-Transformers Fans into giving it a try. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye (MTMTE) is one of 2 titles IDW's own Transformers Continuity. Where as its sister title Transformers: Robots in Disguise is a more grim and political affair of Post war politics on a regenerating Cybertron MTMTE is taking the form of an space quest to locate a group of mythic Cybertroians (Transformers) to help lead their species to a better future. The actual quest more of a background thread, there to pull the Crew of the Lost Light from place to play with the narrative focuses less on the Command Crew of the Ship and more on the normally Background crowd filler characters Like Skids, Trailbreaker, Swerve and Whirl. If you unfamiliar with the above names, well that's kinda the point. Roberts has taked crew of largely forgotten and ignored TF Characters and Breath life into them in some cases the only life even put into the beyond a bio on the toys packaging. The style and pace of each issues could be likened to a Modern Doctor Who episode with sprinkling of overreaching thread dusted throughout. MTMTE Differs form RID in not only setting but tone. MTMTE is a very funny comic with in jokes for the long running fan and self contained character humour featuring more often. I would be very interested to hear other people experience with this title and more so if you do not normally read Transformers titles.
  3. Loved it! Nice use of the available audio and quite like the 80s feel to the Cybermen. Also MILES better looking than the Nelvana one we almost got in the 80's. For you own good do not look up thier version of the Daleks... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f4/Nelvana_Doctor_Who.jpg
  4. A little note on the slilly Dalek Merc Helmets. Back in February I went to the Doctor Who Experence (t'was awesome). In the second room of the "Experence" show there was one of the Helmets on top of a book self to the right of the exit to that room. When I saw it I instantly thought of you guys.
  5. Hi All!, As a LONG time listener to Earth-2.NETs many fine podcasts (Bigger on the Inside not least amung them) I was wondering if anyone had stumbled upon this webcomic? http://comics.shipsinker.com/?id=16 This 247 page comic, with well drawn slightly cartoony sketch art, heavly uses Classic Who characters and settings to atempt to give some greater connection of the old to the new. Some of the highlights of the are seeing different Doctors and Companions team up, Old Races used very well and plot twist even Crazy Mike wouldn't see coming . I really enjoyed the whole comic with slight "meh" about the ending. Then again this might have been a deliberate nod to RTD's writing style. =P I hope you will give a look and enjoy it as well.