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  1. Definitely agree on WW84. I can see why people wouldn't like it on a style level, and some of the political things people have brought up are definitely valid, but I had a blast watching this. The running time barely felt noticeable to me, and I just went with the dream logic of the whole thing. Sure, there's some times I wish they sped it up, but I just went with it. Along with the obvious like Spider-Verse, this felt a lot like a comic to me, though I can't quite describe why.
  2. Imagine paying $12.98 to watch The Alternative Factor. Sickening.
  3. I haven't seen the episode yet but the snippets people are posting of Slott's professional habits are beyond damning. I can't believe he's been working on Marvel's highest profile characters for over a decade now.
  4. Been meaning to listen to that. Related to that, I've been listening to Previously on X-Men, where they alternate between covering a comic, a movie, an episode of the 90s cartoon and a character's history each week. Radioactive Spider-Pod is also a fun show, where they cover the 90s animated series episode by episode with an older and comedic eye. Nice to hear appreciation for a show that I've always loved.
  5. I really enjoyed Drax in the first Guardians, but he got completely insufferable after that. Not a small factor in why I've kinda turned on the MCU Guardians since.
  6. Yeah, you don't have to wait too long for games to get cheap nowadays. The Avengers seems like a perfect "wait until they've worked out the problems" game. That or just watch the cutscenes. In the early parts of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it's such a big leap into next-gen for Dragon Age, while still retaining a good deal of the core of it. In the big picture, it's not far from Origins in how wide open it is, but fun and vibrant in a way closer to DA2. I'm still not finding my Inquisitor's personality the way I did my Hawke, but I think the roleplaying is pretty good (dear God, some dia
  7. I like horror, but I've rarely enjoyed one from beginning to end nearly as much as I did Jennifer's Body. Glad I finally caught it this year. The reassessment it's been getting is very deserved.
  8. Fans have found her Letterboxd reviews and they're pretty much perfect. This is her defense for giving Captain Marvel two stars.
  9. I only thought of this after you made your post, but maybe you should look into the Dishonored series, Mike. You play as various supernatural assassins throughout the games and you can approach a level in so many different ways, from lethal/non-lethal, cruel/kind or superpowered/grounded. Dishonored 2, in particular, has some of the most clever levels I've ever seen, like a mansion that rearranges itself and a place where you can travel between two timelines at will.
  10. Finished playing Dragon Age II. And despite agreeing with the criticisms, mainly the passage of time feeling like a joke and repetitiveness in the mission structures (and areas, jeez), I really loved the characters and the tone of it. I don't prefer epic scale stories, so having this be mostly driven by the characters is perfectly fine by me. I never thought I'd love Varric to the extent that I do, Isabela is a riot, and Merrill is so adorable despite the absolute buffoonery she gets into. It's similar to Mass Effect: Andromeda, another flawed but likable game (probably my favorite of tha
  11. My writing issue with Morrison is that his issues and story arcs felt so disjointed. I enjoyed the characterization in Batman and Son but it felt either like a fever dream or connective tissue was excised from the book. And then I picked up The Black Glove, and later RIP, and it felt like a different series entirely.
  12. Not the easiest choice for me to see but she definitely made Orphan Black the great show that it was, so I'm looking forward to what she does with it.
  13. Spectacular Spider-Man by Zdarsky, Kubert, Quinones, et al: I wanted to like this more than I did. Zdarsky clearly has affection for the character, but his style drives me up a wall. It felt like reading a different book from arc to arc, through an occasionally memefied lens. I enjoy weird comics and self-aware writing, and I do like the themes from a macro point of view, but reading it issue to issue felt like a fever dream. Maybe that's part of the intent, but it wasn't an easy read. I love the dinner with Jonah issue, the annual was pretty good, and I liked the final issue. I hardly remembe
  14. I've only seen bits and pieces of the 2010 Karate Kid movie, but Mr Han smashing that car was immensely saddening. I'm sure part of it was them using Jackie Chan's image as the kindly uncle to shock you, but it worked on me.