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  1. One of the first trades I got after really getting into superheroes and wanting to read comics was the Birth of Venom. It had the Alien Costume Saga, ASM #300 and the Return of Venom arc. That gave me a good idea of Spidey prior to when I was reading, visually and writing-wise. The two halves of the book felt like a pretty cohesive narrative, despite the years in-between. The DeFalco-Frenz run is still one of my favorites, especially after reading the Epic Collection. I'm sure I would've been okay with older comics anyways, but I'm sure having that book solidified that I would have no problem
  2. I think I'm letting the later movies cloud my judgement, but I have a hard time being as entertained by or emotionally invested in the Guardians now (that aren't Rocket and Groot or Gamora, respectively) as I did in 2014. I still think Tony's journey in IM3 is phenomenal, plus that plane rescue is a ton of fun. This might also be the last time Don Cheadle got good material. To be fair, I haven't rewatched lately, but put me on Camp Johnson for this.
  3. I've been reading through the first Marvel Star Wars Epic Collection. Dan and Mike covering the first six issues was what pushed me to finally read through this, checking it out through Prime Reading. The adaptation of the first movie was really solid, Star Wars really lends itself to the narration and pacing of comics of the time. The art was odd at times, but really striking more often than not. I'm a few issues into the follow-up arc, and I'm convinced it's a send-up of the whole thing. I know it's uncharted territory and Lucas was very firm on what the comics couldn't do, but it stil
  4. I find myself very amused at how many disclaimers TNG needs, if you're not already invested. I don't think I would've tried this show out in general if it wasn't for one of my best friends sending me extremely hilarious, surprisingly horny, out of context scenes. The cast is definitely what carries the show at its lowest. Spiner does some pretty exceptional stuff, even if the rules of Data seem to vacillate every other episode.
  5. Star Trek TNG: Finished season 1 with my friends. It felt like a sitcom in space at first, which I found highly entertaining but the lack of urgency started to get to me as the season went on. Each episode definitely has something charming about it, but the first season is pretty weak. A couple episodes into season 2, and the improvement is apparent, but not yet the sea change I've been hoping for. Star Trek TOS: About 8 episodes in, and it feels a bit more solid as a viewing experience, though I wonder if that's giving it a pass for being much older. It reminds me of the Twilight Zone th
  6. Could be wrong, but I had heard that after his sister died and he went home to the Philippines, he had issues getting back into the US.
  7. Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat Annihilation: Both were hilarious and a ton of fun, but I think I liked the latter half of the first and the first half of the sequel the best. Neither of them are good movies but they really capture the games well. I honestly don't think the second deserves the trashing it got, it's about as entertaining as the first, with the added bonus of not having as much exposition in the way. Setting aside Shang Tsung, Johnny Cage is the definite standout from the first, while Jax was the highlight from Annihilation. It's a shame that Johnny Cage wasn't around for
  8. Mortal Podkast: I don't know if anyone would have thought that telling a Mortal Kombat character's story from beginning to end, episode by episode, would make for a good podcast but it is surprisingly engaging. The host does a great job finding the emotional hook for each character; I play these games but I have a much better appreciation for them now. I have no idea what he'll do for the characters with significantly less material, but I'm sure it'll be fun to listen to.
  9. Birds of Prey: A total blast. The movie that Suicide Squad was advertised as. It could've used more of the Birds of Prey (Harley and the BOP would've been a much more truthful title, though from what I understand Robbie pushed for giving them more of a spotlight) but their stories all converged in interesting ways. Really looking forward to more Black Canary especially. Sionis was the weakest link of the cast, I feel like he was on the verge of something memorable but didn't quite reach it. Though I did appreciate the viewpoint about him being an R-rated Batman '66 villain.
  10. Spider-Man: Life Story - I haven't read Spider-Man in years (Spider-Gwen's been where I've been getting my fix in the meantime). This is just, wow. Everything I love about Peter Parker and Spidey stories is there, the triumph and heartbreak, the lack of easy decisions, the journey that each character goes through. Some of the plot developments were honestly really hard to read, such as Harry and MJ in the 70s, and Aunt May in the 80s issue. Oof. Bagley's art is always really good, but I've always thought of him more as a blockbuster kind of artist (I probably need to read more of his ongo
  11. Spider-Man: Far From Home - It might be the good will of the second half, but I thought this was great. Again, there's some not-Spidey elements there, but the core is very much in the spirit of the character. I feel like the MCU tie-ins were at first, a way to ingratiate the character with the audience and integrate him into the larger universe, but now they're going back to center with the core appeal of the character. There's a lot to unpack here, but I think it's comfortably in the upper tier of Spidey movies.
  12. Infinity - The event Hickman did years ago. I have a fondness for this, as it's the only event (aside from the original Spider-Verse) I followed as it was coming out, so far. I didn't read all of the tie-ins though, so I only got part of the story. With this complete set of the Hickman-written stuff...I still don't get it beyond the broadest of strokes, but I respect how hardcore scifi this was. Let's see somebody try to make a movie out of this, hah. Mostly dug the art, with Yu and OpeƱa, and Cheung, Weaver, and Deodato all complementing each other in different ways. Only nitpick is that the
  13. Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Mixed on this. It looks really nice, the monsters are framed in appropriately mythic scale. The cast is fantastic, and commit to the material. They're much more memorable here than in the 2014 movie. The monsters get a lot of great moments, each manage to convey their personalities in fun ways. I never expected Mothra to be a breakout character, despite being beloved by fans of the original movies. On the other hand, the movie crammed so much material at such a relentless pace, it was exhausting. My response to Godzilla arriving during a battle with two ot
  14. I had a ton of fun with this movie. It goes a little too long, but I think it's the most consistent movie, quality-wise, DC has put out in this current slate yet. Tonally, it mostly handles the shifts well, with little jarring bits here and there that I don't think quite work out but gets going again reasonably quick. I thought Wonder Woman and Aquaman were good indications for where the solo movies are going, but this might be my favorite so far. I enjoyed just about every character in the movie, with the exception of Sivana. He's okay, Mark Strong does a really good job with him, but he
  15. Dragon Age: Origins - In the middle of my first playthrough. God, BioWare RPGs are slow. Still, glad that I'm getting into this series, the characters are great, and I enjoy how much your choices are reflected, even in small ways. Which sounds a bit like the other game I've been playing lately... Baldur's Gate - I've played D&D before, so some of the mechanics are familiar to me, but I've had to keep the guide open basically the whole time (what is this, like 3 editions back?). Still, having a great time with the witty bits of writing. I really like the cast, it's one of the more memo
  16. Green Arrow/Black Canary: Road to the Altar - Trying to be more familiar with DC, and I've always liked Canary so I picked this up. Pretty fun read, good insight to Dinah as a character. The art was pretty good, except in the Wedding Planner issue. Green Lanterns vol. 1 - Some of the writing doesn't feel all that cohesive to me, but the characters shine really well, even if I am so unfamiliar with all the cosmic stuff. Love Simon and Jessica, they're a great team that I can't wait to follow. The art is pretty good, in keeping with the DC style, but doesn't really hold up in the quieter s
  17. Immortal Hulk vol 1 - Got this during a Comixology sale, and holy shit. I've read different Hulk runs over the years, but this is the most impactful story I've read in a while. There's a lot of continuity here, but it's mostly smooth reading. And the art is just incredible, didn't know Joe Bennett can do such moody work like this. Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle - Reading through it, great stuff. Breyfogle was such a versatile artist, he can probably follow up Todd McFarlane, Ty Templeton, Neal Adams, or Bernie Wrightson and it won't be jarring. It's a bit of a transitional per
  18. Assassin's Creed: Origins - The easiest of the series to recommend, personally. What a fantastic game. I love how directed it starts and then gradually opens up; I didn't feel the same open world dread that I was expecting. Not an original observation at all, but it takes a little bit of everything from The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls, blends it with the AC formula, and makes something just a bit more enjoyable in the moment than those two. I doubt I'm even halfway through, but I'm excited to see where it goes from here. Bayek is easily my favorite AC protagonist now, despite me recen
  19. Looks recognizably Doom Patrol, from my very limited experience. I'll be watching it.
  20. I believe Miles was 16-17 when the 616 and Ultimate universes merged. Especially since he had a bit of a thing with Spider-Gwen, who's 18-19, and it wasn't too weird.
  21. I was cautiously optimistic, but now I'm excited. Looks like a lot of fun.
  22. Do people really follow the modern day stuff? It's been how many games and there hasn't been any meaningful payoff, from what I've seen. I don't know if it does anything except subvert expectations in your first AC game, and provide the UI.
  23. Not too interested in ship combat either, and a whole game revolving around it doesn't hook me. Though from what I hear from my friends, its story is one of the best of the series. Not sure if I should play Origins first, or jump directly to Odyssey. I'm sure the former's a compelling game, but who doesn't want to play Kassandra?