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  1. I've been playing a lot lately. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - My first AC game since my Revelations save was corrupted halfway through. My favorite so far. It's a light and breezy game (even if the music overdoes it) with great banter, which is exactly what I wanted from it. Evie and Jacob are my favorite protagonists of the series so far. I dug the portrayals of class and imperialism, there were even quests about fighting fake news, essentially. But where conceptually it's ahead of its time I feel, the gameplay feels so dated. Combat and traversal haven't changed at all since AC2, even i
  2. Same, Don. I haven't really enjoyed a comic-based show in about a year (the first half of Luke Cage season 1 probably) and I'm glad to see something so good, especially with one of my favorite characters. Even Netflix's ill-advised 13 episode requirement didn't work against the season like it has for almost every other Marvel show.
  3. Maybe it's a case of "off-putting idea, decent execution" like Riverdale?
  4. I've lost quite a bit of faith in Marvel's Netflix shows, but I'm hoping this turns out as good as it looks from the teasers.
  5. Spider-Man (PS4) - This is the game I've wanted and needed starring Spidey. God. It might not reinvent the open-world superhero genre (it even has the towers unlocking the map trope, which I didn't expect) but so far, it's doing everything so damn well. The stories of almost all the previous games (and I've played close to all of them) were an excuse to get Spidey punching villain to villain, this feels like an earnest attempt at a character-driven narrative. This might be the best the cast has been portrayed in forever. The combat, while a huge shift for someone so versed in Spidey games
  6. Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Collection - Bought this a few months ago when the release date of KH3 was revealed. This was my favorite series growing up, but I've only played the first three games released once, and I haven't played any of the others. The original Kingdom Hearts surprised me with how deep the combat grew to become. I expected it to be simple X mashing, and it kinda was, but swapping abilities really made a difference. Skipped Chain of Memories, because that was fun for a GBA game, but I don't feel the need to revisit it, even remade. 385/2 Days was an interesting look at R
  7. Spider-Man/The Amazing Spider-Man The Wolverine Captain America: The First Avenger The Dark Knight Iron Man Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Dredd Black Panther X-Men First Class Daredevil Probably not a list anybody who didn't spend their formative movie-watching years in the 2010s would make. 😉
  8. I think the first one is tighter, but this movie entertained me more. The directing was a lot more interesting this time, the new characters were great and I just had a really good time. I appreciated the smaller scale (in relation to other blockbusters) and the fact that it wasn't as mean-spirited as it could have been. Loved Domino, need more of her ASAP.
  9. The Birth of Venom trade had text pages to describe some of the events in-between major issues, plus panels from small stories that have some relevance. I'm trying to recall other books that have this. It's really useful though.
  10. I was 16 when ASM came out so the series was just right for me. I watched the first one 4 times in the cinema, something I haven't done before or since. I'm bothered with the antihero label they're putting in the publicity for this, when there seems to be no real hero to contrast with.
  11. Tomb Raider - Decent movie. The action scenes were well-done, I really felt some of the hits. Her first kill was intense. Alicia Vikander is perfect, she embodies all of the core personality of Lara in a believable way. Would really like to see more of her version going forward. Everybody else is kinda eh. The performances were decent but the writing wasn't there. I liked that they combined the story of the first reboot game with elements from the second, and threw in some twists for those familiar with those. I can see myself watching this again, maybe when it comes out on Blu-Ray.
  12. But wouldn't Lee and Kirby ramp up the drama if Asgard gets destroyed? That moment was more Taika Waititi. It'd be funny as a deleted scene or a How It Should Have Ended but it cumulatively deflates the movie. It could've had some real weight if it was shot like the Valkyrie flashback, in all honesty.
  13. Davedevil


    John Mulaney is the only one I've really followed. Love that guy, saw his show in Radio City Music Hall and was just dying the whole time. Probably the person I quote the most, honestly. Of course, there's the Salt and Pepper Diner bit, but he has what I consider funnier material. "Could be a nursery...", One Small Black Coffee, and "Ooh ducklings!" crack me the fuck up.
  14. Finished Dark Souls III. Great stuff. Best boss battles in any Souls game I've played. Abyss Watchers, Nameless King, Dancer, all classics in my eyes. Locations are a bit repetitive, but when it opens up (Irithyll, Archdragon Peak, the last area) it's jawdropping. Combat and general gameplay feels so slick now, minus the usual framerate issues. I still prefer Bloodborne for the visceral combat (regain is the greatest innovation), aesthetic and lore, but overall this might be the best. Gonna try to finish the DLC, but Ariandel's final boss kicks my ass so hard.
  15. I remember reading What If...Newer Fantastic Four as a kid and finding it bizarre, with stuff happening just because. I also got the original New Fantastic Four storyline at a convention years later and was so disappointed. For one thing, there was so much convoluted then-current stuff happening that I didn't know about. Also, it didn't seem like all that much happened. What should've been just a crazy fun adventure was bogged down by stuff that doesn't really matter in the long run. Still dig the concept of the team though, and I really enjoyed the homage last year, with the new Ghost Rider,
  16. I felt that, definitely. I loved his armored look in the middle of the movie, with the horned mask. I think his fight scenes in the panther suit were great, but Marvel has really run the evil mirror image thing to the ground. I agree with Will, this had the best, most interesting, supporting cast of any comic book film. Can't wait to see where they go from here.
  17. They made it easy for me to leave Dark Souls behind by announcing a remaster for the PS4. Good thing I didn't try to beat Quelaag yet. Got Dark Souls III, and I think I enjoy it a little more than Bloodborne at this point. The level design is really good, with an even better sense of direction. I don't think I've gotten lost or not had a sense of purpose as much as in the other Souls games, though I wonder how much of that is just familiarity with the series at this point. The combat just feels so good, blending Dark Souls intricacy with Bloodborne's intensity. The boss battles have been
  18. I'm down for that. Might not be able to do every one, depending on the book and time, but I'd still be interested in reading the threads.
  19. I am intrigued by what I see of Dark Souls III though. It looks like a fun mix of DS and Bloodborne gameplay. I might skip ahead to that, and return to Dark Souls at a later time.