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  1. So after 50-something hours, I finished Horizon Zero Dawn. I don't think I've ever Platinum'd a game before, but I did it with this (and still have so many unlockables and map icons left). This is one of the few times I felt a game's plot was just as engrossing as the characters and the gameplay, as I often feel they have two of those three but not all. But I love the dense world holding, the characters that had just enough depth for a first game, and the combat that constantly had me figuring out new tactics. Aloy is a great character, I'm looking forward to seeing her grow over how many gam
  2. I was eh on this. I appreciated the visuals, acting and action, but it was just a little too much for me. The stuff with the space pirates got on my nerves, the nonstop gags left little room to breathe, and I didn't appreciate some stuff about Mantis.
  3. Two papers I wrote this semester won awards in my school's English department!
  4. I love that detail of the cape being half-classic Robin, half-Batman. I just love that costume in general, I think it's the best Robin's ever looked.
  5. I haven't been interested in most Millar things lately, but that endorsement has me intrigued now. I'm always a sucker for Immonen art anyway.
  6. How was the Hannah Blumenreich backup? I've never heard of her, but her Peter Parker not looking a thing like Peter Parker bugged me. She does Spidey webcomics, sorta like USM for the Tumblr generation. They're charming, but I dunno if they're the right credentials for ASM. I'm glad for her getting the gig though, if I would buy this issue (I dropped ASM last year), it's to support her.
  7. That page reminds me a bit of what I didn't like in Larroca's art in the Vader series, but much worse.
  8. Bloodborne has been kicking my ass and bringing out my nightmares for my waking self to see. And I'm having a great time.
  9. A lot of the voice acting feels really flat to me, though to be fair I've thought that with just about all of the animated movies post-Red Hood.
  10. This is my favorite version of C-3PO's first appearance in TFA. https://youtu.be/VoAtnU2a1u0?t=58 I personally rank the Star Wars(of the main series, can't really place Rogue One yet) in reverse chronological order. TFA has just about every single thing I want to see in a Star Wars movie. I think where ESB has TFA beat is in character development and stakes, but I dunno if that's quite fair since this is an introduction to a new saga.
  11. If you were going to check out other Godzilla movies, I recommend the very first one from 1954, and (my personal favorite) Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla from 2002. The former, of course because it's a classic. The latter is a very fun romp, with just enough worldbuilding and character development. It also has some NGE inspirations, which is why I was onboard with Shin Godzilla from the start. It has a sequel called Tokyo SOS which is a serviceable retread plus Mothra.
  12. I've watched this several times and I lose it when he starts smacking R2.
  13. Teen Titans Earth One vol 2 - The first one was my favorite of the Earth One line. This, I didn't quite love as much, but I get that it has to be more plot-based than character. I really enjoyed it regardless. Raven continues to have the best characterization, which is great because she's my favorite Titan. I love her friendship with Starfire so much (And I got relationship vibes). The rest were equally well-done, but Slade Wilson is the one that is hard to get a read on. The art by Andy McDonald is pretty good. It retains a similar vibe thanks to Brad Anderson's colors, but I still think tha
  14. I'm with Don here. I haven't rewatched it since, but I loved it (and considered it my favorite of the season) from the first part. There's some stuff I found quite harrowing personally, like the scene in front of the church. Maybe I wasn't as politically aware, I only really started considering it when I saw a Facebook post that referred to the aliens as "Zysis." I also found Jenna Coleman as Bonnie quite fun, and the twist threw me for a loop the first time I saw it. Maybe it's one I shouldn't revisit, to preserve the feeling of loving it, but I dunno.
  15. If I could divorce myself of the image of Terence Stamp, I might say MOS' Zod too. I dunno if I care much for Shannon as an actor to begin with though. Watching the Ultimate Edition, I really liked Eisenberg's Luthor. His manic nature probably made him seem more of the Joker in the form of Lex like one of those Elseworlds mashups, but his actions were appropriately Luthor. I think she's an original character so it's not really an adaptation but Lena Headey's Ma-Ma was great. I'm probably biased but I'll mention TASM's Lizard. I thought Ifans did a good job with the sympathetic side of Connors'
  16. Shin Godzilla - Could've lost 15-20 minutes without suffering much, but man did I love this. Despite the talkiness, it never stops being engaging. There's some amazingly crafted monster scenes here that are easily in the upper tier of the genre (One scene in particular was breathtaking). A very daring movie for the franchise and hopefully the beginning of a Godzilla resurgence.
  17. With Chris on this, a lot of solid ideas not executed very well. Barry making idiotic decisions is fun to laugh at, but it's getting to be too much. I did like the exploration of the consequences of changing time so much, after the relatively minor effects it's had in past seasons. Felton's a good addition to the cast, hope they don't go the obvious route of having him be a villain. But that might just be the case.
  18. Scarlet Volume 1 - Not as clever or earth-shattering as the writing would have you think it is, but damn is it entertaining, and I feel for the characters. Maleev's doing outstanding work with this book. Blue Beetle #1 - Decent. I like the dialogue and the art (distracting facial redesign of the costume aside) a whole lot. Champions #1 - I'm with Don, this is more what I expect from a team with these characters. And Ramos is doing some great work here. Jessica Jones #1 - Mainly setup, but it's great to have Jessica back in her own book. And Gaydos has really cleaned up his art, which is colore
  19. Sigourney Weaver is going to be the villain of The Defenders. And I lost my shit.
  20. Coffin Hill Vol. 3 - Probably not a classic Vertigo series, but a solid one. Might have to reread the whole thing soon. Aliens: Defiance #1 - Found this in a 50 cent bin. As a huge fan of the game Alien: Isolation, I found this to be a great spiritual successor, especially with the various references. I like Hendricks a lot, and the artwork, while ugly at times, to be really effective. All-Star Batman #2 - There's some clunky dialogue but it's still enjoyable. Romita Jr's doing a fantastic job, and so's Shalvey on the backups. Doom Patrol #1 - Despite being confusing, I found some things to l
  21. Up to episode 2 and I do agree with the dialogue not feeling too natural (I still like it though). I love the cinematography of it, there's some beautiful shots there. Colter is a fantastic lead. And Cottonmouth is a hell of a villain.