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  1. Alias Ultimate Collection Volumes 1&2 - While Bendis seems to delight in breaking every taboo (e.g. swearing, sex, there was an accusation of incest in the second arc) in a distracting way, I did enjoy this. Jessica has a pretty well-defined character, and the plots provided an interesting look into the day-to-day lives of people in the Marvel Universe. I dug the artwork, despite the repeated panel shortcut getting a bit out-of-hand (I do understand that deadlines can be tough). Great coloring by Hollingsworth too. A-Force #8 - Any book that still manages to tell its own story despite bein
  2. I haven't listened to one in years, but apparently Spotify has quite a lot of Big Finish audio dramas. About the first 47 of the main range, and several of the spinoff series, like the Companion Chronicles and the Lost Stories.
  3. Blade Runner: The Final Cut - Despite my issues with it (I.e. Asians and foreigners in general have no bearing beyond the trappings of culture, the "love scene" didn't feel right) I loved the hell out of this. Visuals, action, worldbuilding, music(for the most part), all topnotch. The actors do amazing work. I love the hell out of Rutger Hauer in this movie.
  4. Despite the sentry gun scenes and the mostly superfluous LV-426 base scenes though, the extra bits (e.g. loss of Ellen's daughter and more of Newt) really helped.
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    Wouldn't a good number of titles shipping twice a month throw things off a bit?
  6. How to Talk to Girls at Parties - Moon and Ba adapt the short story. And wow. They make the story really come alive with their art. They were the perfect choice to do this book. Batgirl #1 - Good issue with really nice Albuquerque art. Fun set-up. Blue Beetle Rebirth - Takes a while to find its footing. Most of the dialogue didn't feel right. The set-up's good though, and so's the art. The Flash #2 - Not feeling it. Superwoman #1 - Pretty fantastic. Black Widow #6 - Lightest issue plot-wise so far, but it was still good. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #10 - Pretty unusual (at least for me) to s
  7. The Night Of - I was really digging it, I enjoyed all the characters and performances (well, almost all, that one woman made everything feel like it was grinding to a halt), but then the ending came. I can understand wanting to be vague plot-wise and focus on the characters, but a little more of an answer could've left some goodwill.
  8. I finished Remember Me on the 360. Like any cult hit, there's an equal amount of things to dissuade people from playing it as there are to recommend about it. Combat is flashy but frustratingly simple and non-flowing. I sorta get why combos have to be chained with a single enemy every time but the way they allow any other movement, even dodging, to disrupt it really lets it down. Arkham, this is not. And the world is just so cramped. About four Assassin's Creed games had come out by this point, so I don't see the reason why not to broaden it even a little bit. Plus there's just some godawful v
  9. Damn it 2016. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/aug/13/kenny-baker-r2-d2-dies-star-wars
  10. Betty and Veronica #1 - Good issue, might be following in trade. Nightwing Rebirth - Decent issue getting the Grayson stuff out of the way. Wonder Woman #2 - I liked this a little more than the present day stuff. A-Force #7 - Decent. Art's the best thing about this. Black Widow #5 - Really fun chase. Daredevil #9 - Most I've enjoyed an issue of this run. Soule's got a great handle on Spider-Man. Han Solo #2 - Good issue with some really nice art. Poe Dameron #4 - Decent downtime story setting up the next arc. The Ultimates #9 - Finally back to the main premise of the series, while still bein
  11. Batman: The Killing Joke - About a third of it is good, namely the Killing Joke right up to the ending. Everything else is hit-or-miss. The voice acting is generally strong. Animation is good for the action scenes, but iffy on the human bits. The ending, like in the book, isn't earned. And I didn't like the directing for that part. It might have just been my reading of that scene, but I always thought it should've been delivered a little more seriously and awkwardly.
  12. Is the end of the movie going to be our new protagonist finding Cliff Secord on exile at some island, and her offering the jetpack back to him?
  13. I think the pacing could've been better in the very beginning and somewhere in the middle, but there was something to laugh or smile at through most of the film. A lot of these moments came from, of course, Kate McKinnon. Also I appreciated that Leslie Jones's character had a nerdy side that elevated her beyond a stereotype. Chris Hemsworth was great as well, although they're gonna have to either minimize him or give him something else to do in the sequel.
  14. Harley Quinn #29 - I enjoyed it when I read it, but it's rather forgettable now. Godzilla Oblivion #4 - It's purely set-up for the finale instead of being its own chapter, but this should be fun. ANAD Avengers #11 - Not ready to see the team break up. Then again, Waid only really seems to be interested in the teens and the adults as separate groups within the team. ASM #14 - Not as embarrassing as the last issue but I still don't care much for this run. Black Panther #3 - I'm digging this. Captain Marvel #6 - Best I've liked an issue of this volume so far, despite being a Civil War II tie-ins
  15. It's been a while since I last saw it, but New Nightmare was behind Dream Warriors as far as my favorite NOES sequels.
  16. Nancy's up there with Ripley as far as favorite horror protagonists. Though I enjoy them to varying degrees, the only moment in the sequels that's comparable to the original was the marionette scene in 3.
  17. Flash Rebirth and Flash #1 - Decent issue, but a little too reminiscent of the previous run. I'll see where it goes. Wonder Woman Rebirth and Wonder Woman #1 - Pretty good. Love the art by Liam Sharp. I like the take that she's a symbol for truth, instead of love or femininity. Not that she shouldn't stand for those things, but this seems new to me. Black Widow #4 - Samnee continues to own. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #8 - Highly amusing. Ms. Marvel #8 - Really sells the conflict between Kamala's adoration of Captain Marvel and her hesitance over Carol's methods. Glad to see Alphona and Miya
  18. Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf will be playing Superman.
  19. Finished BioShock Infinite and wow that game wears you out. Some problems with it, like the shallowness of combat and some of the treatment of the characters, but that was a great experience.
  20. I am so very excited for the new Spider-Man game. I hope this turns out to be Spidey's Arkham game.
  21. Batgirl #52 - Kinda forgettable, the goodbyes got tedious. Decent art. Batman Rebirth #1 - Decent issue with some nice horror. Janin's art has gotten a lot better since Justice League Dark. Probably not gonna be following the Batbooks except for All Star. The Flash #52 - Good wrap-up to the New 52 run. Superman Rebirth #1 - Also decent, will probably get the Superman books in trade. Godzilla Oblivion #3 - Oh hell yes, MechaGodzillas! Orphan Black Helsinki #5 - Not sure why I buy the tie-ins beyond brand loyalty. A-Force #6 - Solid issue with nice art. Really liking Dazzler. ANAD Avengers #10 -
  22. Charade and Roman Holiday might be the best entry points into her filmography. Funny Face is my personal favorite, though. I'd also recommend checking out some of her later movies like Wait Until Dark(mentioned in the show) and Two For the Road. There's plenty of coffeetable books out there. I've only read one biography, Audrey: Her Real Story by Alexander Walker, and that's a good read, a pretty thorough examination of her life.
  23. DC Rebirth - Johns wrote the hell out of this. And the artists all meshed really well together, tied together by Brad Anderson's great colors. If this is the standard of writing and tone set across the DC Universe, with exceptions where it's needed of course, it might be the best course-correction done lately.