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  1. If you ever do judge dredd (the stallone one) you need me....I WILL SHOW YOU TRUE RAGE the rage of a judge dredd fan seeing his favourite comic ripped to bits on film
  2. Urban gothic Demons randal and hopkirk deceased (vic and bob version) the league of gentlemen (ran for three, christmas special and a movie but still short as hell) K 9 and company (on a very special episode of Twice as Bright, Half as Long) oh yeah...theres this other show about cowboys in space but I think someone else is doing that....not that reviewers dibs is a thing and all EDIT: should have read all four pages before the cowboys in space comment
  3. done.....just done with dc
  4. detective comics and batman are getting 4 issues each is it me or is that overkill? I do love the riddler cover though
  5. hey something I've wanted in hardcover for years.... -sees price- 100 quid...da fug?!?
  6. one piece on the uk and about time too
  7. first newspaper has leaked... gonna be another regeneration soon
  8. its been pointed out to me that JLC is actually dressed as past companions in that scene....make of that what you will
  9. I am now down to a paltry three new 52 issues a month now Demon knights, Aquaman and justice league
  10. I think the villians masterplan was to give everyone heart attacks....for the lols...I think
  11. This right here is my fave still makes me smile
  12. Green lanterns now been dropped. Unlike the rest I will be continuing it in trades
  13. If you have dragonfire...shouldn't you have happiness patrol as well?