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  1. and now getting one in time for a change heres the dastardly villians of team paradox.... FACTION PARADOX....
  2. did you chaps catch the radio version which was on during christmas with benedict cumberbatch as angel islington?
  3. pretty sure I suggested crime travller for Twice as Bright, Half as Long
  4. I will let stavros decide if he wants the crime travelling two as his villians and announce my final official heroic pick as H G welles from time after time
  5. that sounds hilarious enough I may consider removing them just so you could use them stavros
  6. I am hoping I can abuse the system with this one since these two do not work without each other...I will happily penalise a pick for these two... Jeff Slade and Holly Turner
  7. So we'll be going from the original series to the duchess mccrazypants era....(watch sfdebris vids if you don't get why I am referring to Archer as such) covering the movies too I assume?
  8. If you ever do judge dredd (the stallone one) you need me....I WILL SHOW YOU TRUE RAGE the rage of a judge dredd fan seeing his favourite comic ripped to bits on film
  9. Next up is the leader of the PARADOX devision of the League PARADOX originally a scientist from 1952 who discovered special properties in quartz crystals and received government funding to work on breaking a hole in the Space-Time Continuum, code-named the Paradox Project, with his assistant Hugo at the military base Los Soledad during the Cold War. But a slight miscalculation caused Paradox to get sucked into the Event Horizon, where he remained displaced from time for a 100,000 years. Losing his mind and regaining his sanity, he gained a complete understanding of the Space-Time Continuum. Having long forgot his name, he renamed himself Paradox and uses his understanding to travel across time to make different parts of history better for others.
  10. The shining knight top 7s an interesting experiment to pick one from each season Top seven Favourite episodes (in order of season) 1: The puppet show: A fun little episode but the reason for its appearance on fave lists is it has my favourite line from snyder in it as he witnesses the gang on stage with a dead demon and a no longer souled sid on stage. "What is this? avant garde?" Hm: out of sight out of mind: only lost its place in this list because I am still pissed Marcie never returned 2: Passion: Angelus at his most dickish. What he does to Giles is still heartbreaking and vile. Hm: Halloween: I love stories where characters end up acting ooc in a good way and Ethan Rayne is the man...fuck season 8 3: The wish: I am always a sucker for a great alternate universe story and this is a really good one. and Cordys death halfway was a genuine shock back in the day Hm: Band candy: its so much fun watching Giles embrace his inner ripper. 4: Superstar: Johnathon is the best....he is better than the slayer. He is the one who more or less ends the garbage tier big bad. He is handsome smart and glorious.... Hm: Hush....................................... 5 Fool for love: linked with Darla from angel this is a great two hour event which shines a light on Willian Pratt and his future as spike and on the flip side Darla and her rise from dying whore to something truly evil....and good at the same time. hm: The body one of the greatest 45 mins in buffy history 6: ......err.....I hate season six....I despise it there is nothing more fun than watching a twenty odd episode suicide season 7 got made at all is beyond me. 7 Storyteller: saying that season six gave us Andrew Wells and he is made of win....and this episode is a fun little love letter to the character in a very dark period of season 7 Hms: Never leave me for blowing the fuck out of the watchers council Worst episodes 1: The pack: There must have been a more dignified way for flootie to be taken out of the series....also racist aboriginie zoo keeper seriously?!? Hm: I robot you jane: beware kids the person you talk to online maybe an evil demon who wants you to build a robotic body for him and god damn this shits stupid 2: Reptile boy: dating frat boys is bad....all they want you for is to sacrifice you to their dark....rather stupid looking master Hm: Ted: seriously what is it with robots and badness in buffy series? 3: I got nothing this seasons pretty much perfect...sure dead mans party is kinda stupid and Anne sets up something awesome then never brings it up again but nope I do not have a worst episode here. 4 beer bad: there appears to be two common themes in my worst list....psa hell and robots...this is a psa hell pick....seriously cavemen?!? seriously?!? hm: you got lucky got lucky.....its last moments saved this stinker from beating beer bad....spikes face in perticular never fails to crack me up 5: I was made to love you: Hey look robots.....yuk....sure there is some pathos in the final scene with the sexbot....but the fact I need to type the words sexbot and the fact it introduces warren mears just makes me wonder....this season could have been perfect if it wasn't for this hm: not an episode but an arc....Riley finn is a dumbfuck who deserves the shit hannah and will gave him. a complete waste of space good riddence. 6: The season as a whole but that would be too cheap so lets say once more with feeling...I hate musicals....I hate actors who cannot sing....spike owns but fuck this episode hm season six....yeah couldn't resist it 7: Him: the one clunker of season god what a stupid episode as for ideas for you guys to tackle. May i suggest the top seven big bads ranked in order. The top funniest episodes. the top most depressing episodes and the top drop the ball moments for cool ideas which never got followed up on.
  11. I say go with it mostly as my time to do my other partner char has passed (It would have been ishmael cord Max winwoods partner from indigo prime)
  12. Second pick Dr. Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown, P.H.D Founder of the institute of future technology. Emmett brings to his expertise (and a time travelling train) to the group
  13. Okay first pick Max Winwood Winwood is an agent of indigo Prime an organization which works to protect reality from incursions outside our understanding, but is also willing to manipulate time and space in the services of very rich clients. Its agents, under the jurisdiction of Major Arcana, tend to be almost shockingly amoral. All Indigo Prime agents are chosen, upon their death, based on the presence of a certain gene (the "Rembrant IndexTM") that occurs in one in twelve million people across the multiverse; given a new body, and then trained in a range of abilities reminiscent of 'super powers' to assist them in their job. Each agent also specializes in a role - known job descriptions are: Sceneshifters (who manipulate the physical world), Seamsters (who deal with time) and Imagineers (who can influence minds and dreams). Winwood is a semester an agent with the ability to patch up severe cracks in timestreams. If hitler wins ww2....max will fix that....if an eldritch abomination escapes from an other worldly prison. He will throw a time travelling train full of passengers at it to fix it. He leads the branch of the League known as [NAME REDACTED because it might give away my other picks]
  14. A question for later. If theres a specific duo of characters can two turns be sacrificed in order to make sure the pair is not seperated?
  15. Soooo what happened to this?
  16. Urban gothic Demons randal and hopkirk deceased (vic and bob version) the league of gentlemen (ran for three, christmas special and a movie but still short as hell) K 9 and company (on a very special episode of Twice as Bright, Half as Long) oh yeah...theres this other show about cowboys in space but I think someone else is doing that....not that reviewers dibs is a thing and all EDIT: should have read all four pages before the cowboys in space comment
  17. That pyramid has been in the background of the cemetary set they used since season 1....not even kidding. I figured the writers thought hmm thats an odd thing...lets use it! Also that final thing in the pyramid between buffy angel and caleb.... think about it Sarah michelle gellar Nathan Fillion David Boreanez.... The three leads from Joss three main show of the time staring down each other
  18. Ladies and gentleman the last episode of the colbert show we ever got in the uk....I still miss it...this episode not so much
  19. done.....just done with dc
  20. re agents of shield If it was on bbc 1 it would be a big deal. as it is on channel 4 i can see this as its fate 4-5 weeks on a 9pm slot then shoved later and later at night until its in the dead hours. Then if its lucky a cut version is shown on the sunday kids time.
  21. Okay I can see removing laboon (despite the holes it would later cause later on) because of the whole whaling thing....but why apis and little garden?