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  1. Damn choices... Golden Sun if for no other reason than it deserves some love too.
  2. I loved just about every game here, but I loved Advance Wars the most. I played tactics for around 300 odd hours, but I know I spent even more time on Advance Wars.
  3. Superstar saga. I never got tired of fighting random battles in that game, just everything about it was enjoyable. And I don't think there are many RPG's out there that I can claim I still enjoyed the random battles at the end of the game.
  4. Zephyr

    Wii news

    The items already got removed, but I'm going to take a wild stab at this, and say they were both up to an insanely high price.
  5. So, it's like Josie and the Pussycats, except they're not wearing any costumes.
  6. Zephyr

    Wii news

    Now the fight is on to convince my parents to let me buy it. Curse you college!
  7. If anyone was curious the final two dvds volumes 12 and 13 also were just released. Also i must say that your avatar is without a doubt the best rendition of that theme i have ever seen.
  8. Click me. All I can say is: FUCK YEA If you don't know what the Conqueror of Shamballa is, it is the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, and takes place I think two years after the end of the series. Released a while ago in Japan, I was begining to wonder if it would ever come out here. Of course I've already seen it, *coughbittorrentcough*, but I'm still going to buy this. I'd go see it in theaters but apparently only Texas gets any showings, if I'm reading that site right.
  9. I wish my school would have done something like this, the best we did was the movie Chicago which was alright, but this would have been awsome. I thought the halo symbol was especially well done.
  10. Good one but i still like this one better
  11. While the E3 won't be as "cool" in the future, I think this change will lend itself to an increase in quality in the industry. Toning down E3 will remove it from some calandars as a major date that various things have to be ready for. Which means instead of getting something ready for E3, companies will look more toward the release of the game. And less money on the show means more money for development, which is always a good thing, at least theoretically.
  12. Great job! Looks really sleek and the sidebar with the latest forum posts is a great idea. Maybe it will intice more people to join the forums.
  13. World of Warcraft. A whole lot of World of Warcraft.
  14. I ended up just keeping with Duskwood for my first characer, and it has been medium all the time, so its no too bad. I already bought the game, by the way, Circut City had it for only 20 bucks.
  15. Nice banner at the top of the site. Geek culture at its finest indeed.
  16. Then I'll have to recreate it by voting for Auron.
  17. Oh good lord I remember Tactics. 300 hours of my life were spent on that game.
  18. Did you ever end up beating CC? I remember you were at the final boss last time. As for a guilty pleasure, I love Yoshi's Island. Still one of my favorite games today. May be kind of kiddie but I never get tired of it.
  19. If they are geek culture related:
  20. Just finished a 10 day trial and decided to get it. Just wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a server. I choose Arie Peak at first because it said it was new, but now it is constantly queued. I was thinking a medium population one like Duskwood. Also if anybody has any trial keys still left I'll create a new account with it then upgrade it so you get a free month.
  21. While I believe Samus is more badass than people like Lara Croft, she still isn't a huge badass. Sweet Tooth for third place.
  22. Most of the time I'm a decent person, but with this I would just buy it for myself. I've actually thought about this before, although I always wanted it to be a bunch of old Magic cards on sale and a Black Lotus would be lying there. And I would buy it, because thats why people go to garage sales, hoping to find that one person's trash that will be their treasure. Another question to think about would be what if in a comic book you buy you find a $100 bill. Would you give it back or keep it?
  23. Agreed on all points. Samus is good, but come on, its freakin' Auron.
  24. One vote for the warrior monk. I do believe that he would have told Hades to fuck off in KH2 if they were to make the game more mature.
  25. I'm sorry Sephiroth, but since god went out of his way to curse this guy, Sweet Tooth has my vote. Those videos just portrayed Sweet Tooth as an ultimate bad ass. Even the song from his ice cream truck sounded twisted. "When they captured me, the only thing I could think was 'What a waste, all those people I hadn't killed yet.'"