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  1. How about Independence Day? ... yeah, that has nothing to do with presidents. Or maybe it does. How about a Looney Tunes + Live Action movie, hm?
  2. The same thing with me. Watched a few season one episodes and I could only go "where's the fun in this". I liked Ren and Stimpy, tho.
  3. I just watched the seventh episode of Go On and found out it's on Wednesdays now. And I'm like... what? And How I Met Your Mother was great. Jason Segel was fantastic as always.
  4. I tThis also says that Lucas will only be a consultant, and that Kathleen Kennedy will be the executive producer. Let me remind you she was one of the executive producers behind amazing movies like Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future, ET, the first three Indiana Jones, etc. Then again, she was also the executive producer in some so so and some bad movies. I actually have high hopes for this. With Lucas out of the director's and hopefully the writer's chair, maybe they'll bring in good people that can actually make a good movie.
  5. Nicholas Cage is a god of everything that's bad.
  6. Wait, what is this Young Avengers thing? Yes. I'm a newbie to these kind of things.
  7. Go On: Ever heard of that good new series that no one seems to be paying attention to? It's this one. It's like a less-crazy Community, and that doesn't mean it's bad, no, it's got it's own cast of memorable (and non-memorable) characters and a bunch of good actors behind it. Check it out.
  8. I don't understand that comment. Yes, I just asked for someone to explain the joke to me.
  9. Chigaco - Watched this movie after my friends recommended it to me multiple times. I have to say, I like it. Bought the soundtrack two hours after I finished watching it. I keep wondering why they don't make more movies like this... Reefer Madness - I also watched this one. As in, no the original black and white propaganda film, the 2005 movie version of the musical. The end is such a weird look at censorship back then, and such a mood twist for the rest of the movie...
  10. I know that. Just didn't know Deadpool was included in the X-Men franchise. Also, that's kinda stupid: an entire franchise. What if the Spider-Man movies sucked balls? Marvel would be so screwed, since they sold the rights to the entire Spider-Man franchise, which as far as I know, includes a huge bunch of characters.
  11. Wait, why is FOX the ones behind it? They also have the rights to Deadpool? Oh, come on, Marvel, did you just make a "buy your rights to our beloved character here" booth and handed it to every single movie exec that passed by? I wouldn't be surprised if, suddenly, Shyamalan announces he's making a Doctor Strange movie. And guess who's playing Doctor Strangeee?
  12. So how fun is Play By Post Roleplays? Very fun. And I mean it. You guys should give it a try. And by try I totally mean we should have a PBP Roleplay forum.
  13. Stratofarius

    DC reboot

    No! Jaime!... I mean... Jai-me. Jaime? Ja-ime? Jaim-e? J-aime? Anyway, a friend said I should read the Court of Owls storyline, and I told him I did read all the new Batman comics (the New 52 ones, at least), but I couldn't see anything related to that storyline, since the comics were focusing on something with the penguin. I only remember them appearing in one issue, and that's all. So, uhm, help?