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  1. First of all, I would like to thank Lizard of Aus, from TVTropes, for allowing me to run a version of his RP over here at the forums. He'll probably never join the forums, but I'd like to put this here anyway. Throughout the ages, there have passed the tales of great heroes. Powerful and valiant warriors, such as the mighty Thor of norse mythos, or the incredible Hercules of greek legends. Many tales have been told of their amazing powers, daring feats, and courageous adventures across the world. And for as long as there have been songs of heroes, so have there been whispers of villains. Tricksters, masterminds, beasts of ultimate destruction, clashing against paragons of justice for the fate of mankind. For centuries, these feats have been retold, but over the centuries, man has come to regard them as little more than myth. That is, until the early years of the twentieth century, when all the known world came to blows. The magnitude of these wars wold be etched in the mind of generations to come. When came the second act of the great wars, more terrible even than the last, the human race needed heroes more than ever. So it was that in the hour of need, strange men rose to power. The honourable Captain of America, the mysterious Sub-Mariner, and the glorious Justice Society led the charge and gave hope to the western hemisphere. Even as their enemies brought forth mighty oppressors of their own, they would not surrender, and in the end the triumphed. But now the countries had no need for heroes. As suddenly as their appeared, the heroes faded away, and in time, almost became myths of their own. In the years that followed, generations rose and fell, and paradigms gradually shifted. But as the world churned and boiled, something new and fearful rose from the deep. Ordinary boys and girls, born to ordinary families, began to develop extraordinary abilities. These little children were unknown to most of the world at first, but over the decades made their presence felt through feats of destruction. These strange beings became known to the world as Mutants, and were ever shunned and feared for their unknown skills and sometimes twisted appearance. In this time of strangeness and uncertainty, it wouldn't be hard to overlook less direct bizarreness. For instance, an meteor shower coming down in a small Kansas town. Now, it is near the beginning of a new decade. What mutants can be found are either walking destructive objects, or hideous freaks locked away in slums, and have been cemented in the public consciousness as such. A scientist named Reed Richards has theorised that the cause is a strange chemical found in space, and has requested a trip to orbit to investigate. But as if the prospect of mutants were not enough, there have been reports of strange instances occurring across the Eastern Seaboard; of people in colourful costumes with bizarre abilities appearing and vanishing without a trace. The country is divided now, between suspicion of these beings and praising of their efforts, but one question is on the minds of many... Could it be, that after all this time, a new age of superheroes is on the rise? -------------------------------------------- The Premise: The Marvel and DC universes have been rebooted, to become the exact same universe. Characters, locations and concepts are replaced and merged where necessary. The Location: New York City, which in this world has been described has having the best and worst of Metropolis and Gotham, its neighbours. Characters: This being a crossover RP of sorts, players are required to select a pre-existing character to play. This means no fandom characters, and really, just about any character trait you can think of has in all likelihood been covered. Heroes and villains are allowed. However, this being a reboot world, you may reebot or reinvent your character however you see fit. Interested? Copy and paste this sheet, filling it in with the information of the character you like to play. Then post it, and wait for the approval of the GM. Name: (Superhero identity) Real Name: (Civilian identity) Gender: (Male/Female) Age: (Doesn't have to be exact. Could be just "Late 20's" or "Teenager") Appearance: (A description is fine, but pictures are preferred.) Alignment: (Good, Evil, or Anti-Hero/Villain) Personality: (How they act around people) Powers and Abilities: (Pretty self explanatory. No ridiculously overpowered superheroes or supervillains, and no completely invulnerable ones either. At least make them feel pain.) Weapons and Equipment: (Same as above) Origin: (If you like, this can happen during the RP itself) If you like, I MAY allow a small team of superheroes. But this group must be reasonably small in number, and so cohesive and suited to each other they are almost one entity. These instances will be taken on a case-by-case basis, though members of teams such as the Fantastic Four or the X-Men are not unwelcome. Note: As the GM, I reserve the right to select characters as NPCs. f you were hoping to play that character at some point, then I apologize in advance. Here are some good examples of RP rules for all you newbies to PBP RPs: Accepted Characters: 1. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) / Stavros 2. Batman (Thomas Wayne) / SuaveStar 3. The Thing / Preston 4. Wonder Woman (Artemis) / JasonC 5. Venom (Peter Parker) / You Know Who 6. Squirrel Girl / Venneh
  2. Once I get back home tomorrow, I'll work on a thread explaining everything about the RP. Yowzers, reception has been great, huh?
  3. Argh, please, no more Wolverine. Seriously. I liked how fresh First Class felt, because it had different characters. I don't want to see Logan stealing the spotlight once again.
  4. You know, for such a classic movie like Psycho, I expected the podcast would have a running time of 2 hours and something. Not 1 hour and 20 minutes. Eh. I'm sure it'll be good, anyway.
  5. Nicholas Cage is a god of everything that's bad.
  6. Wait, what is this Young Avengers thing? Yes. I'm a newbie to these kind of things.
  7. Just finished reading The Promise Part 3. And as the release of The Search comes closer, I keep worrying about what'll happen to the Avatar universe after the comics and Korra ends. Keep hoping they'll start an expanded universe, there's so much to explore.
  8. I'm a member of the TVTropes Play-By-Post Roleplay forums. Let me link you to one of the RPs I'm participating, one that I want to bring over to this board, called Justice Avengers. The idea in this RP is that we sign-up for characters (both heroes and villains) that exist in a rebooted universe where Marvel and DC exist together- therefore, there can be composite characters, different origins, all of that. That's the first idea. Something else they do in TVT are crossover RPs, and that's basically like the Versus forum, except focusing more on interactions than actual fighting. So we could have a situation like "multiple characters from different works find themselves in a different universe and have to survive multiple challenges in order to escape back to their homes" and let people play as characters from movies, comics, TV shows, animes, games, anything. We would begin with Justice Avengers, but we could move onto different RPs, and different people could GM different RPs. Imagine a table roleplay game, except through the internet. I could provide more details on how sign-up goes and all that. Here's a picture from Wikipedia that shows pretty much how PBP works:
  9. Just something I thought we could do here in the forums. I mean, I think everyone here loves TV shows, movies, video games and all that, and some people also love writing. In case you're wondering, directly from Wikipedia: The idea would be to start a few PBP games, perhaps some based in Marvel and DC superheroes, or even a crossover game. I've been roleplaying in PBP forums for some time now, so I could always start a thread explaining how everything works, if there's enough people interested.
  10. Go On: Ever heard of that good new series that no one seems to be paying attention to? It's this one. It's like a less-crazy Community, and that doesn't mean it's bad, no, it's got it's own cast of memorable (and non-memorable) characters and a bunch of good actors behind it. Check it out.
  11. I don't understand that comment. Yes, I just asked for someone to explain the joke to me.
  12. Chigaco - Watched this movie after my friends recommended it to me multiple times. I have to say, I like it. Bought the soundtrack two hours after I finished watching it. I keep wondering why they don't make more movies like this... Reefer Madness - I also watched this one. As in, no the original black and white propaganda film, the 2005 movie version of the musical. The end is such a weird look at censorship back then, and such a mood twist for the rest of the movie...
  13. I know that. Just didn't know Deadpool was included in the X-Men franchise. Also, that's kinda stupid: an entire franchise. What if the Spider-Man movies sucked balls? Marvel would be so screwed, since they sold the rights to the entire Spider-Man franchise, which as far as I know, includes a huge bunch of characters.
  14. Wait, why is FOX the ones behind it? They also have the rights to Deadpool? Oh, come on, Marvel, did you just make a "buy your rights to our beloved character here" booth and handed it to every single movie exec that passed by? I wouldn't be surprised if, suddenly, Shyamalan announces he's making a Doctor Strange movie. And guess who's playing Doctor Strangeee?
  15. Oh. Nhum nhum. Can't wait to consume those delicious audio nuggets.
  16. So how fun is Play By Post Roleplays? Very fun. And I mean it. You guys should give it a try. And by try I totally mean we should have a PBP Roleplay forum.
  17. Stratofarius

    DC reboot

    No! Jaime!... I mean... Jai-me. Jaime? Ja-ime? Jaim-e? J-aime? Anyway, a friend said I should read the Court of Owls storyline, and I told him I did read all the new Batman comics (the New 52 ones, at least), but I couldn't see anything related to that storyline, since the comics were focusing on something with the penguin. I only remember them appearing in one issue, and that's all. So, uhm, help?
  18. That Sinestro Corps thing sounds interesting. Never read any Green Lantern though, so this might be something to get me started.
  19. -flips a table- You know something? I want it all. I want it ALL. I WANT IT ALL. And I want it now.
  20. Oh boy, I'm excited for this movie. Comes out next week here in Brazil. Worried that I might need to see Quantum of Solace before because by God, I don't think I can watch the entire movie. We should do something special when the movie comes out.
  21. This is not a dick measuring contest. This is like that annoying kid at school that said he was "cool and popular" and would make fun of every single thing you do, but would secretly try to do them so he can be as good as you. Except that this annoying kid has Ryan Reynolds in a CGI suit in its backpack.
  22. I'm liking 30 Rock so far. Alec and Tina have been doing a really good job, and while some jokes are hit and miss, the plots have been really fun. Especially the whole "tank NBC" thing.