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  1. That's a good idea: a remake of Friends. Except it's been done already. It's called How I Met Your Mother. But you guys should give it a try.

    Here's my list of suggestions. Some of them have already been suggested, but, nyeh.

    Doctor Who (1996 movie)

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (I know, relax, I love the original, but animation has advanced so much in the past few years- especially TV animation- it just makes me want to see something new made with this setting done)

    Batman (1989- hey, with the news that they already want to reboot it even after Nolan's Batman went so well, why not give this a chance?)

    Back to the Future (a super challenge, I think it's physically impossible to recast this movie)

    Scooby Doo (the idea of a live action Scooby Doo movie tickles my fancy. It can be done right.)

    The Night the Grinch Stole Christmas (I still love the practical effects in this movie)

    Inspector Gadget (like Scooby Doo, I believe it can be done right)

    X-Men (any of the three movies)

    The Flinstones Movie (like Scooby Doo and Inspector Gadget. Wow, this list is full of 'em.)

    Battlefield Earth (I dare you, I double dare you to do this one)

    Superman (coincide with the new Superman movie?)

    Another idea would be Star Trek. Not a new movie reboot, because I think J.J Abrams is doing a good job with it, but rather a new TV show. New cast, new plots, something new in our TVs! I was considering The Last Airbender, but then I remembered that movie shouldn't even exist (hey, there's a challenge).

  2. So I went to a game convention here in Brazil today, and there was a big Nintendo booth with multiple Wii U games. Got to play that Project 101 game, Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed 3, Zombi U and New Super Mario Bros U. I gotta tell you, if all games are like that... then I'm pretty much buying the system. I liked everything about it.

  3. There's a video game convention in town: the Brasil Game Show. Basically, the E3 of Latin America. Lots of coming-soon AAA titles will be there for the public to play, and almost every single major game company (including the big three- Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) will be there, so I'm thinking of making a thread here about everything I see there.

  4. My theory about the Joker's death is simple: they don't kill him because EVERYONE wants to write a good Joker story. The Joker is the kind of character that allows itself to, you know, multiple possibilities, and killing him would make a few writers go "aw come on" until he inevitably comes back.

  5. mzl.hzxxpnow.320x480-75.jpg

    The legendary platforming hero is making the jump to your favorite iOS device! Rayman Jungle Run is powered by the same UbiArt Framework engine that brought you Rayman Origins - Winner of numerous Game of the Year and Platformer of the Year awards.

    - Beautiful graphics supported by Retina Display

    - New worlds to discover

    - New powers to unlock

    - Captivating music

    - Smooth touch-based controls

    - Exclusive wallpapers to unlock for your device

    - Multiple Cloud saves support

    - GameCenter Leaderboards

    Rayman Jungle Run is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but challenging for the longtime Rayman fans to master. Unlock the Land of the Livid Dead levels if you have the skills!


    Basically, it's a game with the art style and some of the mechanics of Rayman Origins, but the idea is that you can't stop running. It's really, really fun, and, surprise surprise, actually challenging. Requires quite a lot of coordination and quick movements. I totally recommend it to anyone that's a Rayman fan.

    Plus, it's one of those games where you'll keep repeating the same level over and over until you finally get 100%.