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  1. Yeah, I have to admit that I'm shockingly optimistic about this decision. Zombie is VERY well schooled in horror history and everything, and I think that is the most important aspect that was needed for the next writer. Very cool and I'm hopeful.
  2. I made this same post at the Oratory... but frankly, I like the people here's opinions a lot more and trust them a lot more to let me have it if I completely went off track. ********** I just got back from it and I thought it was a GREAT way to end it. That is IF THEY END IT THERE. -I never expected Xavier to be killed. The way he died was just horrific and I'll admit that I almost cried when it happened. Just a heart-pounding moment that was incredible with all the parties who could see what was happening (Magneto, Grey/Phoenix, Wolverine). Just solidified how fucking p
  3. Damn, I'm too late to get in M. Bison
  4. I didn't miss it. SeaQuest went to space at one point, so I'm going to count that as "primarily" in my own little world of outrage!
  5. I'll admit that I have been totally converted into a Paper Mario fan. The more Paper Mario I get, the happier I am.
  6. Ulliel, if the rumors of how utterly bookwormish he was about the role (and like he stated above) are true, then he might drag this thing kicking and screaming to a good movie. I'll admit that when I first heard, I was kind of down about it... but now I'm getting more excited.
  7. FUCKING NO SEAQUEST?!?!? Gosh dammit, I disappear for awhile and this place goes completely crazy! Null vote
  8. Let me read when you're finished plz. Thx
  9. She doesn't show anything actually. There are just random women showing boobies running around.
  10. I'll try and find the pictures of the girl who is playing Gwen Stacy with her blonde hair. She looks A LOT like the part.
  11. Haiduk on SeaQuest (first season) had some of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in my entire freaking life. EDIT: pix~
  12. Thanks for the feedback Hames! Let me know what you think after you wind up seeing it. I'm curious on the views people take on the movie.
  13. Man, it was a return to form for Jamez~ Good review and I was really really excited that it was a lot different from mine (stylewise). The real thanks I owe you is that you warned me on IM about it since I was going to see it (you know, vampire stuff). Saved me some money! Good review as always man.