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  1. You silly Jason marks! Always pimping your hockey masked guy...
  2. My thoughts exactly. The X-Pac/Chyna sex tape? Not so much a horror movie than a... a... ok, it probably is horror, but I haven't seen it!
  3. Cash

    Venom v Carnage

    Jesus Christ that art work that you posted was insane.
  4. Help Cash! He will love you all in a very platonic way.
  5. Strangely enough, the only horror movie to ever legit scare me was the original Exorcist. It's going to be tough watching that one again (I've seen it once, and that was a year and a half ago). Going onto the next ones shouldn't be so bad though.
  6. I'm looking for whether people are interested in seeing the movie or not. I'm going to go see it for sure (I'm a horror geek). If it's ok with Yoda... I think I'm going to write up a review about it. (Cash for Mod of horror!)
  7. Nope, and nope. However, I have a friend who met Eliza at Wizard World Philadelphia. She was signing at a booth that was hosted by a company he works for, and said that she was rubbing up against and cooing all over him. One of his coworkers corroborated his story, so take it for what it's worth. No fucking fair.
  8. PLEASE tell me you saw Eliza Dushku while you were there! If not her, how about Sarah Michelle Gellar?
  9. Good review! I've finished the storyline mode and have been playing the second to last chapter for awhile now (get 50,000 hero points), and I've been having a blast. I've started looking for all the hideout tokens and everything. Now, I'm actually onl 53% of the way done with the game, so that should say how extensive the thing is. Bloody amazing stuff.
  10. Ok, I now proclaim this one to be better than the first. There is so much stuff you can do in this game, it's amazing!
  11. I bought the game yesterday (for Gamecube), and it's a far cry from the first one. I really liked the first one, but this one is pretty interesting as well. It's almost more comic-bookish. Instead of different mission levels, you have chapters in which you much accomplish different goals. You get points for completing little tasks, and with these points, you can buy upgrades. The only problem I have is with the fighting style. You only have one attack button in this game, as opposed to the first, where you had kick and punch. The bright side to the attack is that you can go into "Super Spider Sense" mode in which everything slows down and your attacks are better. It's a lot like Bond Mode in the new James Bond game. This game is for PS2, X-Box, and Gamecube. That's why I put it in general discussion. If that's wrong, just move it to it's place and I'll know better next time .
  12. I shall track down this movie this week to see it.
  13. He gave it to me on IM and it's Godly. This is a horror fan must.
  14. This is posted with permission. He is seeking good game recommendations! Help him out guys! (the stuff I said is in bold, don't laugh at the Zombie At My Neighbors thing) AMLogan216 (11:51:15 PM): Hey, could you suggest any Super Nintendo games that are must play? I just got a killer emulator, but I need games. StipeforPrez (11:51:23 PM): Yes StipeforPrez (11:51:29 PM): Super Mario RPG StipeforPrez (11:51:33 PM): SeaQuest DSV StipeforPrez (11:51:40 PM): Super Mario World StipeforPrez (11:51:45 PM): Harvest Moon!!!! StipeforPrez (11:52:01 PM): Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past AMLogan216 (11:52:36 PM): Thanks. I'll look for those on EdgeEmu. StipeforPrez (11:52:44 PM): oh! StipeforPrez (11:52:49 PM): TMNT IV: Turtles in Time StipeforPrez (11:53:40 PM): I was a big fan of the Roadrunner game, but I'll have to see what the title was AMLogan216 (11:53:49 PM): Thanks again. I never had a SNES, I went with the genesis. This is new and exciting to me. StipeforPrez (11:54:35 PM): Road Runner's Death Valley Ralley StipeforPrez (11:54:37 PM): *Rally StipeforPrez (11:54:43 PM): Dude, SNES owns StipeforPrez (11:54:48 PM): the only thing greater is NES StipeforPrez (11:55:03 PM): Oh! If you like RPGs, get Secret of Mana StipeforPrez (11:55:25 PM): everyone loves Starfox as well StipeforPrez (11:55:36 PM): (can't you tell I was an snes fan) AMLogan216 (11:55:50 PM): I just downloaded FFV (just a little) StipeforPrez (11:56:29 PM): I liked Zombies Ate My Neighbors, but don't tell anyone that ;-)
  15. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Dushku!!! It's early, but I'm already freaking out.
  16. Quiet with your logic! Movie makers can't understand it! Spiderman is a fluke.
  17. I really love this series of books by Robert Doherty, and I was wondering if anyone else has read them. If you have, let me know what you think! If you haven't, then feel free to ask questions!
  18. Sigh... Count me as feeling old with you Yoda. Atari for me. Pac-Man, Pitfall, and... That tank game!!! I love that shit!
  19. From what I've gathered in the movies, if Freddy himself is taken out of the dream world (as in Freddy vs. Jason), he must die to go back. BUT, if he inhabits another body in the real world, he can leave that one at any time.
  20. I actually really like it so far, but I'm really frustrated about getting nifty tools. It takes a long time of playing to finally figure out what you should be doing. Unlike the other game though, going to town is relatively easy and you can do it on just about any day while still getting your chores done.