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  1. That game is off the fucking heezy. I borrowed it for a year from one of my college friends. Such great memories... I borrowed that, Metroid, and Contra. Contra > you
  2. I'm going to go with Wolverine on this one. I just don't think Batman could outlast him. Like everyone else has said though, if Batman had time to prepare he'd be a damn good match.
  3. As a moderator in the Nintendo section, I pronounce you to be the loser of this discussion.
  4. Is that going to be the "Where's the pussy shots?" of Earth-2? Probably so. Once this place has been around for 3 years, we'll be able to use it and tell everyone, "Yeah, we're old skool. You don't understand the joke!" I can't wait to be old school.
  5. I don't think the stat will be that high for several reasons: 01. It's an older title, and not many non/80s gamers will remember it. 02. It was very hard to beat, and not many gamers finished it. 03. The movie-going population is larger than the gaming population. Only gamers will know that Samus is a woman, everyone else will be quite surprised. Point taken... and accepted at that!
  6. I'm happy to see all the Raph votes up in here. My reasoning was exactly the same as everyone else's, Raph is just a time bomb waiting to explode.
  7. Location: Empty New York Street Set Up This fight is to the death. Each competitor has access to their weapon of choice (Raph - Sai, Don - Bo, etc.). There can be only one winner. I know who I'm going with, but I'll come back with my answer and why later.
  8. I've got to agree that Samus would turn Master Chief into her personal playtoy.
  9. I say go with an unknown, since she'll be behind a mask for the bulk of the film. In fact, I say they should do what they did with the first game, and let everyone think it's some bad-ass dude until the end -- when she takes he helmet off, and surprises the non-gamers. I can honestly say that would be quite badass. The only problem is, 80% of the market that will see the game will already know that. Hmm... a quandry.
  10. To each his own, I guess. MM3 still owns this poll. Indeed it does. Thus, I voted for it.
  11. Cash

    Favorite PS 2 game

    Kingdom Hearts. I love that freaking game.
  12. Harvest Moon for Gamecube. That is all.
  13. Must... unearth... old Nintendo...
  14. Jesus... I can't wait. I will see this one opening day just like I did with the first one. They almost have to go with Hobgoblin for the third movie, but with Parker's identity being revealed, I don't know what they're going to do. I would freak out like a girl at an N'Sync concert if they did Venom in the third movie though!
  15. Hmmm... interesting, but not something that I'm going to get just giddy over. Once I see some Kitana action though... I will be happy about the game.
  16. Screenshots James? As long as Kitana is in it, I'm happy!
  17. Bad Fur Day. That's my favorite multiplayer of all time!
  18. I'm totally interested in playing this. It'll probably wind up getting a rental beforehand though... RE 4 gets my immediate buy!
  19. Cash, how can you be so cool on a nerd forum, yet so lame on a wtestling forum? It's a skill that I have honed to perfection
  20. I'll be getting a copy soon. Depends on mail speed.
  21. I Harvest Moon. I will own the GC version!