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  1. Whenever I come on the forums, my virus scanner catches a trojan that tries to infect my computer. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. Sorry about how choppy my segment seemed. I'm SO rusty at doing this stuff, it's amazing. Luckily, I'm back at the radio station, so I'll be able to get in a lot of practice before the next show.
  3. 'adsfkl;jafdsj;lkasdfjl;kafsdjkl;
  4. Thanks a ton guys. I'll be getting in touch with everyone soon, I'm excited by this.
  5. EXCELLENT! I'm kind of disappointed with myself, considering that Interview With the Vampire is one of my top five favorite movies
  6. This is for an INCREDIBLY long thing that I've been planning for a long time now and have just now thought I can dive into full steam (Yoda putting the other article up really motivated me actually). So, what I'm going to TRY and do is trace the vampire through history and stuff. It's going to be incredibly long and I'm mainly writing it for my own personal enjoyment, but hopefully it can go up on the site at some point (as of right now... it's like 10 parts with the way I have it broken up). So, what I need is help from you, the peeps of Earth-2. I might wind up making a thread at the Oratory about it, but right now I'm more interested in what you guys have to say since I think you guys would be smarter about it. Remember that when I list "periods", I can make them longer if I get enough stuff. I don't mind writing more or watching/reading more. This is purely for my own personal enjoyment and possibly could be used as ammo to get me into graduate school at some point. This is what I have thus far: Literature The periods I'm looking at right now are: Pre-Dracula Dracula (yep, it gets its own section) Modern Lit not including Anne Rice Anne Rice Works: "Lamia" and "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by Keats (bear with me on that one) The Vampyre by Polidori Carmilla and In a Glass Darkly by Le Fanu Dracula by Stoker Anne Rice stuff What I need here is post-Dracula things. All I have right now is Nosferatu by Robert Doherty as something that was recent. Movies The periods I'm looking at right now are: Black and White Beginnings of Color until 1990 90s 2000s Works: Nosferatu (and there are other black and white ones that I have written down somewhere but not handy right now) Bram Stoker's Dracula Underworld Van Helsing From Dusk Til Dawn Trilogy Buffy the Vampire Slayer () Yep, any help here would be sweet, just name me vampire movies. I especially need stuff for the second section. TV I don't even have periods for this as I only have very little to be honest. Works: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel That's all I've got. If you can think up ANYTHING, even cartoons, I'll be jazzed. Comics Again, no time periods right now. All I have so far is something Yoda suggested to me when I fleetingly mentioned this in PM and that's The Tomb of Dracula stuff. What would be pretty valuable here would be anytime a super hero has actually battled a vampire or Dracula. Video Games Yeah, no time periods again. I was thinking if I can get enough things though, that I'd make Castlevania and Buffy their own Series' though. Buffy the Vampire Slayer for XBox Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds Castlevania Series Bloodrayne? (I think it's vampire if I remember, but I'm not sure ) Van Helsing maybe So, that's what I have so far. ANY help would be appreciated! I might even do a music part for it if I can dig up enough about it, but that's way off the beaten path. Thanks guys!
  7. Please don't be Resident Evil... please don't be Resident Evil...
  8. Dropped feedback via phone again and I really enjoy hiding my accent on the phone so that people can actually like... understand what I'm saying. As for what I didn't bog down the phone message with: 1. I was on the show twice and I equal ratings. When I did guest commentary with Seagull over at the Oratory for his live review, the main page shut down. Sure, it could have been Rajah, but we prefer to think that it was all me! 2. Everyone loves Kareoke or however it's spelled. You know you love it! Jenny admitted it on the air, but you can come out and say it too, don't be embarassed 3. Oratory plugs rule 4. I was going to say that Jenny was a little soft, but Marv took care of that and you addressed it, so no biggie. 5. LOVE the way you two play off one another. Provides a fun dynamic, and coming out of radio, having someone else there was always a lot better for me. The highest rated show on our station was my lunch hour show - the Nooner with Cash - and the second highest was when I buddied up with a guy and did a 6 - 8 show... and after that it's morning shows, which always featured a team and then team shows throughout the day. No clue why, but I think it's the dynamic and ability to have a conversation with someone you can actually see. 6. I liked the length, but you could make them 2 hours and I'd say that I liked it. I listen to it while I'm sitting here at the computer, so you could go on and on and on and I'd be like, "sweet, more information!" 7. Gizmoduck.
  9. Well, we have to make him feel important. Wait, why did I quote him here?
  10. Hmm... I had skipped it because I heard it was yucky. I guess I'll have to give 'er the ole once over.
  11. I thought it said "ASS Feed", honest to God I thought that.
  12. You should find some funny little soundbites to segway between segments. Cash recommends Monty Python sound effects~ Seeing how this is about other little segments though, I'd have to say that maybe you give a rundown of the video games, DVDs, and movies that are coming out in theaters in the upcoming week or something. I personally usually know the music and movies, but I never know movies that are coming out. I'll try and think up some fun stuff and see how some of the things I used to do on my radio show might translate.
  13. Wasn't my voice sexy though? It was! I know it was!
  14. I'm about 1/3 into it... and I'm doing PHONE FEEDBACK~ I have a sexy voice, it's for your benefit!
  15. QUOTED FOR FUCKING TRUTH By the way if that does make it in there, I will register under a billion nam,es and use each of them to vote for that And I will subsequently ban each of them. Can I ban one of them for fun?
  16. If you've got to change it, then go with Mike S. as I like the real deals more than other handles if people are going to change. If you don't have to change it though... leave it as it is for sure. It's part of your identity.
  17. Like I said in IM... I'm not sure what to think about this. The Batman thing worked out great... but there's a chance that this could turn out to be just like the Amityville and TCM stuff. Conflicted is I.
  18. Wow, that's just retarded on 15 different levels. Just leave it how it is right now.
  19. Crap. I don't like this at all. I'm just not a fan of people talking that haven't talked before. I dread hearing Link with an actual voice. I have always liked having my own "ideals"
  20. I'm going to be giving this a listen later on tonight for sure. Man Yoda, how lucky are you to have radio people around here! :-P