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  1. :punch: HA, that's the greatest smiley ever.
  2. I kind of don't want them to do a movie or anything. Just liked the way it wrapped up.
  3. ASEKJRLALVJABLjlljj~!~1 Ugh.
  4. I'm here, that must mean it rules. Or pities me
  5. Might I suggest, "Cash's Bitch"? I think that would be very nice. As for the tourny, I LOVED it. It was a lot of fun taking stabs at things and debating. Very cool.
  6. I have a man-crush on Patrick Stewart. He's the fucking shit.
  7. I'm happy when I wander in late and can just say: "Read Yoda's post for my reasoning" Mmmm... Nashism
  8. Forgot to do my justification for voting Yoda. As I've looked at it, I've always said, "straight up fight, to the death". 1. Force mastery - Yoda, duh. 2. Lightsaber skills - This is near impossible to call. Luke battling Vader in 1983 vs. Yoda CGI in 2000s. Big difference. I'd like to say that Yoda would take it since he has more experience, but I can't and still be fair. 3. Heart - Luke. One of the only things that I just couldn't take was how Yoda just walked away. I wish he had said something or given an explanation about how he realized he couldn't beat Palpatine or hold him off instead of just kind of walking away. Considering that I think Yoda could stop Luke immediately with the Force (Luke didn't have near the mastery to repel it)... I can give the nod to Yoda. Force mastery is the key and Luke, no matter how you write it, wouldn't have had the mastery Yoda did, even if he had demonstrated all his skills.
  9. Yoda nailed my reasoning with his answer.
  10. Ok, I had utter hell today for like 3 hours. Then I lost my internet and have just now got it back. Just letting you know.
  11. I'm so sleepy, but I really want to see who wins this. Argh.
  12. From the discussion thread: You wouldn't have a clue that happened. It's not movie.
  13. I just wanted to say that this tourney is really freaking cool. I've really enjoyed it thus far.
  14. Also, considering that I see this as a straight up fight to the death, I automatically see Sidious as going to the lightning pretty damn fast. Things that I pondered: 1. Control of the force: Sidious could fight with a saber and control objects at the same time. Skywalker could not. So, Luke would have to contend with a saber duel and taking care of flying objects. Not so easy considering his level. 2. Force lightning - Skywalker has never seen this and, going just off of the movies, would never have known of its existance. That's pretty damn big. Luke getting disarmed would have marked his end via lightning. Just him getting off for a second would have resulted in a single lightning strike which would have stunned him momentarily, enabling "choppy choppy" or "ZZZAP" to finish him. 3. Resolve - I think Skywalker's resolve is unmatched. All there is to it. 4. Saber fighting - Nobody will ever convince me that Sidious wasn't letting Windu win the battle. Nobody. Skywalker was good too, but Sidious was obviously hiding his skills a lot I think. I had to rule this a draw. BUT... Sidious' black hilted saber was freaking AWESOME looking.
  15. I'm really viewing these as straight up fights though and I think Sidious from Episode Three would just own Skywalker all around. Skywalker was too amaturish to know what Sidious was capable of and Sidious knew too many ways to get around Luke. Luke with the loss here. If we were talking EU Luke though... holy shit.
  16. Keep in mind that Kenobi was also probably having to partially look out for Anakin in those confrontations. That's a pretty big deal right there. Completely focused and in a one on one situation, Kenobi wins.
  17. I accidentally didn't vote. All is changed now though!
  18. Cool cool, just checking to make sure
  19. I don't think that Windu actually beat Palpatine. I think that Palpatine allowed himself to go down that much so that Anakin would have to choose... and he knew that Anakin would choose to side with him, thus putting him further on the path to the Dark Side. Vader it is. Windu had a better death scene though!
  20. I have to go with Kenobi here. The guy looked like he would be kind of hard off to beat Tyranus early on in Ep. III, but then Kenobi managed to take down Skywalker, a much more powerful sith (even though he was new to it).
  21. HA, how funny that Sidious and Skywalker lead off. Will we be getting movie Skywalker or later on book version of Skywalker. Monster difference on that one.
  22. WORD. This skin is tizite