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  1. They're not going to do the doppelganger are they? With the two being really similar and all.
  2. Cash

    PS3 news

    HA! That's why it looks familiar. That's actually pretty damn funny.
  3. There was a game a long time ago called, Spiritual Warfare that was a Christian based game. As for the whoreing itself out. That's the dumbest thing I've read in a long time.
  4. Never for me unless it's my home connection fucking up like it did earlier today.
  5. I've always found Best Buy to have a better selection and price. We don't have a lot of Best Buys around here
  6. That's actually kind of interesting. Might get it just to see what exactly it's like.
  7. Jesus! That's horrible. I'm glad that my buddies and I fix our computers amongst ourselves. for CC... they rule to buy albums from though.
  8. EDIT: Was it a board update?
  9. I'm all over this like a hobo on a ham sandwich
  10. I LOVE that game~! What is fucking bullshit is SMB 3 coming in at 32. That game ruled on 150000 different levels.
  11. Cash


    I'm a mod! I can't help, I'm just being an ass.
  12. I actually think that's pretty damn smart to use the F4 key to access another page. Trailer looks meh to me. The one thing that looks INCREDIBLE though is Dr. Doom. From what little I could see, he looked freaking awesome.
  13. Basically, mine would go the exact same way as James' story. In this scenario, I don't even think Batman could beat Freddy.
  14. Just finish the Osborne trilogy and then call it a good set of movies... and NEVER DO IT AGAIN.
  15. wow, that's really fucking cool actually.
  16. PERFECT person to play that part too. I'm a huge Malkovich fan
  17. Invest 800K of it and then use 200K for myself on fun things I think. I think I'd probably travel a lot.
  18. Woohoo for us! This deserves a Nixon! :v:
  19. I found mine at the local Movie Gallery. Thanks for reading and if it gets one person to go check it out, then I consider the column a roaring success! Read my new one! /shill I'll have some feedback for Yoda later. I'm dying here of exhaustion
  20. Cash

    Master Yoda

    You saw my gift for you at the Oratory I know you wanted it.
  21. Cash


    I was totally digging this man. If I could ever get money, I would go and pick up some of this ish.